• Dimladris
    I'm looking to buy my first vape. While the Ghost looks interesting (I've been following for about a week now), my plan is to start at a lower tier due to budget constraints and look at it next year once it's been out for a while. I plan to use it as a session device, with my SO and possibly some friends (1 or 2 other people at a time max). What I've currently managed to narrow towards are the Boundless CFX and the Arizer Air. I've been trying to decide from a pros/cons sort of list, but I just can't decide. Do any of you guys have any light to shed that would help me decide? I'm open to different ideas as well, it's just that these seem like the best sub $175 range.
  • StuddlyBud
    I have the arizer air, I promise you'll be happy with it. Just the battery lasts only an hour and in order for it to be more convenient, you have to prepare ahead of time. It comes with a vacuum seal container for your grinded herb, a nice grinder, and a sleeve and case. The mouth piece tends do get hot on the high settings, but I don't mind it... At first I did but got used to it. Flavor is yummy, you'll think you're going crazy at first for tasting what you do from your product but it's almost like your body craves it once you use it. Overall it really does do the job and hit the spot. One thing that you've heard is that it's not that portable and that's correct. But if you prepare and find a way that works for you, it really isn't bad to take around. It is best used in the house.

    This as a first vape is easy to use, easy to clean and you most likely will stick with it for a long while. And paying $164 is well worth it because it will last you even if you drop it a couple times. I don't know about the max, but I do know about the air and I can tell you that it's not a
    bad choice and it's well worth the $164. Think about how many meals you've paid for that amounted to over 200 bucks in two weeks lol the air will surpass that and then some just so as long as you have the batteries for it.
  • Baron23
    I have no used any Arizer products but many really like it, particularly the Solo II which was just released.

    If a session vape, why an Air which I thought was their most portable version. If not vaping while out and about, you may want a more home based vape.

    I have used the CFX and suspect that it would be much easier to pass around with another few people as you alluded to. Check it out.

    Oh, as to the Solo II and Air, they uses glass stems, right? There are some after market stems with some small slots to improve airflow and others have told me that they work well. Like this, look at the 70 mm straight stem pic:

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