• Elizabeth
    Whassup Bud! : )

    I'm going to be purchasing my very first vaporizer & I was hoping to get your expert advice (love your site btw! It's very easy to navigate, very user friendly). ; ) Eventually I'm definitely going to be investing in a nice desktop piece when the fundage becomes available, but for now I'll be sticking with the cheaper portable unit. It needs to be able to vape dry herbs since that's…well, I just need it to be able vape dry herbs hehe. Riddle me this, Bud: out of all the vaporizers you've tried that fit my needs, which is the easiest to take a hit from/has the least resistance? I'm a [relatively] healthy 23 y.o. with great lungs, but often when I'm smoking it's for the good herb's analgesic effects because one or more ribs are either subluxated or dislocated; because of this I'm looking for something that's crazy easy to take a hit from. Really the easier the better! If there existed a portable, dry herb vaporizer that hit like merely inhaling, I would be so stoked. If there was one in the lower end of the price spectrum, I'd be beyond ecstatic haha. Appreciate your time! :D Hopefully you haven't answered this question already, I looked in the forums but couldn't find it :P

  • Flipz
    Hey Elizabeth and welcome! I can relate with looking for a vaporizer that's easy to draw from. You didn't mention your budget but the 2 vapes I'd recommend if it falls within your price range are

    GoBoof ALFA - $199.99 - This sounds right up your alley because it's made to give vapor hits from a short quick pull. I think it's very easy to draw on without much resistance.

    Vapium Summit - $149.99 - If the ALFA is a bit too much $$$, the summit would be your next best bet IMO. The draw resistance isn't as easy like the alfa but it's still easy on the lungs.

    There are other portable choices if dropping to the $100 range but besides the MFLB (magic flight launch box)... I personally don't like how they hit or taste at all :D

    Any other info you could give will help me help you the best I can. Take it easy.
  • Bud
    hey what's up! Really glad u like the site thank u, here's my thoughts:

    "cheap" and "portable" are dangerous words to use in the same sentence, if u catch my drift.

    the cheapest portable for dry herbs that i recommend with fairly low draw resistance is the Astral, but it's still not completely free flowing

    Now something like the K-Vape or G Pro is very cheap at $100 and has very little draw resistance, but vapor quality is rough if u don't use it with a water pipe, but then it's not very portable anymore

    The Crafty is the best portable vape with low draw resistance, it feels very natural and i am also someone whose sensitive in this area, but it's $340

    The Plenty is a plugin unit for $300 but has the absolute lowest draw resistance of any vape i've reviewed so far, it's practically just like breathing in normally
  • Elizabeth
    Hey Flipz, thanks for the warm welcome and fast response! :D I don't have a budget per-se, but really the cheaper the better, so long as the quality doesn't suffer because of it (that's the catch haha). After researching both your suggestions and Bud's, I've decided to go with the Astral. I really dig that it comes with the 10 year warranty, the pull's supposed to be quite easy, and you can't beat that price! ;) Just ordered it a bit ago, should be here in 1-3 days...so excited to try it out!
  • ElizabethAccepted Answer
    Oh I so dig the site, thank you! ;) Thank you for responding so fast, too! I agree, cheap and portable are kinda scary when put together when speaking of portable vaporizers, which is why I thought I'd ask you since you've already weeded out the crappy ones for me and so many others hehe. :P After reading up on yours and Flipz's suggestions, I've finally decided on the Astral. The warranty, easy pull, and price all appealed to me. I like its simplicity as well, makes it much less intimidating than some of the more complex ones. Should be nice and easy to keep clean, which is also incredibly appealing...currently I've been having to smoke joints instead of using this bomb ass bubbler; the bubbler's waaaay smoother but having to thoroughly clean it after each use is often too much physically (picture shaking it about with rubbing alcohol with a rib that's out lol), so hopefully keeping it nice and clean isn't a deterrent to my using it.... I watched your mini review vid and read your full review on the astral, those were both helpful in my decision! I dig how you showed a really close-up view of the "screen" for another commenter, I was wondering myself what it was like. I ordered an Astral a bit ago through the link on the review from your site, it should be here in 1-3 days...so stoked to try it! :D
  • Elizabeth
    Hey again. :) So I'll be finding this out firsthand shortly, but until it arrives I'm curious: how smelly is the Astral when you've used it? I'm really wanting to use it indoors if possible. Are dry herb vaporizers like concentrate vape pens in terms of odor? (I've never used the former but I have used the latter. That'll give me some kind of reference…) If it's like the pen I've used then it won't be an issue at all, what little vapor isn't absorbed by my lungs dissipates quite fast. Thanks in advance! :D
  • Flipz
    The astral does give off some smell as any portable herb vaporizer will. It's a unique smell that is noticeable but not one that people will think your smoking straight up. From my experience, herb vapes don't give off a smell anywhere near as strong/bad like most concentrate pens would.

    You should take a look at the sploofy which is a really cool, cheap costing product that does a amazing job at eliminating/reducing the odor from herb & wax pens. Last time I checked, I believe the sploofy was only like $20 bucks - just a idea 8-) Keep us updated!
  • Bud
    hey it might smell a little more than a wax pen! Definitely let us know what you think!
  • blackwidowyuki
    Volcano must be the best desktop vaporizer, if you want to try a portable vaporizer, BWV is a good choice..I bought it a week ago.
  • duff
    Isn't the company that manufacturers the Astral out of business?
  • Bodhi Naut
    This post is from a year ago
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