• Goddess
    I've been vaping for a few years now, and I've primarily used the Crafty and Volcano.

    Our Crafty has broken many times, and usually the company replaces it, but the last break was due to water damage, so we weren't eligible for another. I purchased a Pinnacle water tool, and used it with the Crafty with pretty good success. Obviously, it led to water damage, so it wasn't perfect.

    We decided to "upgrade" and get a Volcano for our next vape. While effective at getting us the most out of our herb, I found it to be extremely irritating to my lungs. More so than the Crafty.

    The Crafty did irritate our throats more, as direct heat would hit our throats when we used it. But it wasn't as harsh on my lungs as the Volcano was. My theory is that the Volcano vapor was too dry. Further, even the second-hand vapor from my spouse would irritate my lungs.

    I have moderate-to-severe asthma, triggered by irritants like dry air, or spicy foods. I'd love to switch to oral or other non-inhalation methods of herb consumption, but those are not yet practical options for me. My spouse and I also suffer from ADHD varying degrees of depression, and chronic pain. The herb is wonderful at treating the symptoms of our conditions, so we need to use it in some capacity. Again, oral or other non-inhalation methods won't be possible/viable for us just yet.

    So, we are looking for the successor to our Volcano. The irritation it does to my lungs is just not acceptable, and that's a shame because we have heard so much praise for the Volcano. The irritation it causes me is akin to deeply breathing cold, outside air on a winter's day. It's like a burny, tightening of my chest.

    I'm looking at the Herbalizer, because it has the bag option (however flimsy), which my non-asthamtic spouse prefers. It also is purported to have a cooling component and a whip extension that might more closely match my experience with the Crafty in that the irritation will be more in our throats than lungs.

    The Plenty is also on our shortlist. The shape of its tube is supposed to be cooling, and again I'd imagine the irritation would be more throat-based. This is preferable to lung irritation (although no irritation at all would be amazing, if unrealistic).

    Am I missing a different vape that could be good for me? I want to minimize the impact on my lungs/airways as much as possible. The Volcano is extremely irritating to my airways, and the Crafty was only mildly irritating to them. What can give me a power closer to the Volcano, without all the lung pain? Maybe I could even find something that irritates less than the Crafty did? What are folks' experience with the Plenty/Herbalizer, in regards to airway irritation vs throat irritation?

    I'm hoping to hear from anyone, but I'd especially like to hear from folks who have sensitive airways/lungs. Strong smells, cold air, dry air, spicy foods, etc, send my lungs into twitchy spasms. If anyone else has similar symptoms, I'd love to know what vape(s) have worked best (or worst) for you.

    Thanks for reading.

  • biohacker
    This is easy, the Supreme v3.. it's the only vape I use now as nothing can compete with its vapour quality and comfort IMO especially with respect to thick tasty lower temp hits that actually have density. I find most vapes quite irritating, but grind matters greatly IME, and that's another reason the Supreme is so awesome with comfortable vapour - no need to grind!
  • Herb
    The Plenty is really a great vape, I have used to daily for 5 months almost and not had a single problem with it and it's super easy to clean.. it really does not get dirty and the vapor is super smooth.. It really does not even get hot to the back of the throat. I always look for the coolest and smoothest vapor to, I just had lung surgery in January so I hear ya.
  • howie105Accepted Answer
    Smoothest hit I can currently get are from a high diffusion piece of glass and a small load (around .03g) out of my E-Nano. The air path is fairly (not totally) clean and the small load size gives me what I am looking for without needing to be hit it too often and have it overcook. Downsides, diffusion eats flavour for me and not cooking the load as far as I can go is means a bit of waste. Wish I had better suggestions but I am limited when it comes to your type of respiratory problems. Good Luck
  • Baron23
    I'm with Howie. Sounds like you and your husband are at home medical users and not looking to go to field parties and get all of your friends buzzed (nothing wrong with that, but it does go to what vape is perhaps best suited).

    I think the Epic Vape's Enano is an outstanding log vape that is extremely efficient with your herbs, can be put on a water pipe with Epic's gong (glass on glass adapter...its basically a bowl built into a glass adapter to allow the WP to fit on one side and the log on the other...way easier and simpler than it sounds). The Enano can be left on all day long so its ready and able to be used. If you medicate frequently during the day, this is a real advantage.

    The Enano is simple and hence reliable and robust. If you don't feel like using a WP that day, the straight stems are still great and I don't find the vapor harsh at all. You can also get stems from 3rd parties in different material and lengths (but I just use Epic's glass stems).

    Another one to look at is the VapeXHale EVO with a Hydrotube. This is also a vape built pretty much to be used with water pipe and is a fast and heavy hitter IME. But its mo' money also (but I adore my EVO LOL)

    If you are finding bag vapes to give you harsh vapor (and I have a Volcano and have some experience with that also....its not that the vapor is hot, but it does seem to have some harsh aspect to it for many and perhaps you are right...its lack of moisture) then I think you may well find the same from the Herbie.

    I also am not a big fan of whips. Yes, if the vapor is too hot, a whip will cool it, but as we both seemed to observe...with the Cano its not really a heat issue as much as something else, IMO.

    Best of luck and I hope this was somewhat helpful.
  • Goddess
    Wow, this is a rugged one! I actually emailed the manufacturers, and they suggested I not get this vape as it's intended to produce such large amounts of vapor that it would probably irritate my lungs. Interesting design, though! And that blowtorch... wow. It looks cool, but I'd be afraid of burning myself xD We'd have to worry about refilling the blowtorch as well, which is starting to feel like more trouble than it's worth (since it's not a common household item for us). Thank you for the suggestion!

    Thanks for the feedback, this was really helpful. We looked more into the Plenty, and it apparently has an herb chamber that's even bigger than the Volcano's, which we worry will encourage us to pack more than we need (ah, portion control). Even if we had the fortitude to pack it lightly, we'd still have to finagle with it more to make it viable (i.e. put the liquid pad on top). Surprised you say it doesn't need much cleaning. My issue with cleaning S&B products is that they tend to have hard-to-reach places when the cleaning does need to happen. Maybe The Plenty is different? Still, the only real plus this vape seems to have for us is that it's designed to cool down the vapor. I'm still curious about it, but not enough to try it out just yet. I hope your lung(s) are healing okay! It's really interesting that it doesn't irritate them.

    & We just got the E-nano a couple days ago! I waited to respond to everyone's posts until after we tried the winning vape, and we really love the E-nano. I managed to trade our Volcano for one, and it performs really, really well. Very small loading "chamber" (really just the tube), which is a plus for us. It's also simple, which is nice because it seems very unlikely to break or need repairs. It's small, and can handle huge hits or really small ones (which is what we need, since my wife -- yes two wives haha -- prefers the bigger hits). The vapor doesn't irritate my lungs at all, and while it does make my throat a little sore, using a bubbler or water tool minimizes that irritation significantly. My only qualm is that since the unit is so small -- and must be plugged in to a wall outlet -- it can be a little unstable if the cord gets tugged. But it's a very minor issue, and the manufacturer sells little stands/holders that we'll try out. Overall we're so happy with this vape. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • Baron23
    We just got the E-nano a couple days ago! I waited to respond to everyone's posts until after we tried the winning vape, and we really love the E-nano.Goddess

    Yeah!! I'm so glad that this is working out for you folks. Terrific!! X-)


    Now, the stand is good. I have one and you are right, that long cord will tend to drag the Enano off the table top. Also, the dial on the temp control rheostat can turn easily and change temp when you are not noticing. Upon receiving suggestions, this is what I did:


    So, there are a lot of these kinds of cable organizers/weights but I got this one from Amazon:


    Then just used some wide rubber bands to secure the cord in the cable org and over the dial on the rheostat. Very stable now.
  • Cloudburst
    I'm fairly new to vaping but have been recommended a Silver Surfer by my friend who's been using one for years. Does anyone know how well that one works for lung health? I'm curious since I think the best Silver Surfer vaporizers are supposed to be the older models.
  • howie105
    ...I use an LSV with is very similar to the Silver Surfer in function if not form. Given that I suspect my opinion is somewhat on target, the LSV is very adaptible and can produce big dry kicking hits or dialed back for smaller moister easier hits. So It is really up to the user on how they want to go at the process.
  • Baron23
    @Goddess - another thought, since you like water tools, this is a carb'd adapter that I use most often with my Enano and a DHGate Mobius knockoff


    Bit overpriced, but invaluable tool, IMO

    In 18 mm: https://vapefiend.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=bridge+adapter

    In 14 and 18 MM: http://www.planetvape.ca/megashot-glass-double-bowl-offset-adapter.html
  • Cloudburst
    - thanks! How do you like your LSV? Would you recommend it? I'm trying to keep my options open in case getting an older model Silver Surfer is a challenge.
  • howie105
    I really Like the LSV but to be honest its has its share of advantages disadvantages. Its a cylindrical shaped vape with a cord so you have to keep that in mind when you set it down or you will be picking it up off the floor. Factory glass is pricey and its quality varies from time to time. I am sure there are more negatives but I have used the vape long enough to either have gotten over them or found a work around. So, bottom line I still like the vape enough to still be using it years after I bought it.
  • Cloudburst
    - thanks for the response! I'm pretty clumsy so I'll read up more on it and see if I can handle it - literally. LOL
  • vaporghost
    @GoddessI would recommend to go with something like LSV (light saber vaporizer 7th floor labs) It was designed for the use with water rigs(some provide total smoothness with very little terp taste lost). The taste compared to mighty for example is very smooth, it does not give that irritation-
  • vaporghost
    do you use your LSV with water rig? or just wand? I found out that its best to leave it in case or make a simple stand for it so it wont break or slide
  • howie105
    My apologies, I missed the notification and your post. Most times I run my LSV dry with a reduced load (Arizer basket screen) and the shortest air path I can get along with, but that’s just the current preference. On the other hand if it is a party then a moderate size, high diffusion water piece seems to be popular with some folks. I agree with you on the care that needs to be taken with the LSV. I have a commercial stand (support small manufactures) But I actually like to bungee cord it down for groups. Once again sorry for not replying sooner.
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