• Magicman
    I would be afraid to use it. My poor cherry SBJ has some over zealous torch marks around the intake.
  • Futurevapors
    Charactor building and good memories for the future
  • Futurevapors
    Little Sticky bird told me there might be some Olivewood JR's on sale coming soon?
  • Baron23
    hahaha...already got a maple Jr that I like. Not as attractive but works great.

  • Futurevapors
    You shouldn't speak about your partner like that Mr Baron23 :rofl:

    Jokes! No the're all Beautiful, I haven't seen an ugly to date!

    But Jokes aside I believe Olivetree JR's could be available soon for the Exotic loving guys!
  • juxt
    Wow that one's hot...
  • Magicman
    A lot of battery charging, oven changing, screen adjusting, and fancy grinding. These are none of the things that make this box roll. This device takes a knee to none.
  • Futurevapors
    0-60 in A flash

    100% Butane Power :fire:
  • Taz
    Love my new addition.

    It's a bit tricky. But when I get it right it's sooo good!
  • Futurevapors
    Mate them Zebrawood JR's are Hot of the Press!!!!!

    Literally stunning.

    Starting drawing slowly as soon as you feel the vapour/heat coming.

    You will have that nailed in no time.
  • Trix

    Beautiful Brick Congratulations!!!
    You might of bought the last Zebrawood JR as they seem to be out of stock currently.
    It doesn't take long to master the brick. Find the right technique that works for you and voila.
    Such an amazing vaping experience. My #1 go to vape right now and I do have choices.
  • Futurevapors
    One thing I always say to people when starting out with Sticky Brick Products is the small leaning curve require like with most new things, but on top of that you're also going need to dial into your Senses as alot of the getting the perfect Hit requires you to be in tune with what's happening inside while you're surfing that Vapour.

    I lean something new on every Hit :fire:
  • Baron23
    One thing I always say to people when starting out with Sticky Brick Products is the small leaning curve require like with most new thingsFuturevapors

    I found it was very helpful to select and stick with one particular lighter as this allowed me to develop a technique (really just where to put the flame) that I can use consistently.

    My only issue is that I still occasionally look and think to myself "there is one small hit left" when there really isn't anything of value and I end up charring the load a bit. Not combustion, just a bit more charred (so, maybe some level of combustion but I don't get that thick smoke like full combustion).

    Glad you are still liking your SB products.
  • Futurevapors
    Bang on the money Baron, I agree getting used to your torch is another discipline a fellow Butaner needs to acquire in time.

    When I was starting out with my OG i was always watching the videos online trying to work out what length everyone had their Flames, I was obsessed with getting it right, i had the flipping ruler out and everything? BUT in the end i found it didn't matter as much as i learned because with a nice steady flame "Not to small or too big" works as long as you aren't drawing hard from the start.

    the Power of the torch also help push the vapour through the brick also "important for people struggling with low flames!!!!

    Obviously it's best to start from High up and work the flame down slowly towards the intake until you see vapour building, then stop the torch dead!! Then use your Draw to compensate from combusting, in this position combusitng is nearly impossible as the flame is in a position far enough away not to reach combusting temps and your steady drawing is now acting as Vapour Temp brake, ie if you pick up speed with your draw you are cooling the chamber down or sometimes i slow my draw down to dial back into vapour and someone in the middle of all this is the Perfect Vapour Wave :fire:

    Combusting only taught me valuable lessons so never be afraid to try anything you feel might improve you Rip because these bricks are unbreakable.

    @Baron23 Yes the JR is slightly harder to get that last hit compared to the OG, for me there's a taste i get that helps me to understand where i am with my bowl in my JR. and you say it best when you say: stop then you think there's one more, that advise have 100% help me.
  • Magicman
    This vape is pro.
  • zancru

    Stay vaped...
  • Magicman
    Cherry is best, until you get so toasted that you torch the wood.8lm5iy7rblhlxwrw.jpg
  • Futurevapors
    Try turning the bent intake So the torch approaches the side, not end of JR.

    I don’t think you get a good view point when the intake is in that postion IMO.

    That should sand out :cool:

    SBL have so many new wood I can’t keep up
  • Magicman
    I think the problem is that I have a right handed jr. and I am left handed.
  • bum karacho
    @nsa we`ve found the lefthanded !
  • Vapeur Rogue
    @ MagicMan....I'm an ambi - I played with the directions of the glass on mine...seemed doable in either hand? My failing is that I am still solidly right dominant regarding lighters however, so ymmv.
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