• VapeCritic
    Here it is guys I hope you like it be honest!!

  • KKush
    Loved the video. i mean besides the firefly being well made, the editing was too
  • robby
    nice review as usual. seeing your eyeballs freaked me out..lol....it's not for me, would be too many refills, but sounds excellent for those who enjoy small loads. need a new portable and was waiting for this review but think I will go with the new haze instead.
  • Flipz
    Great honest review with lots of information. I'm liking the new video presentation or whatever you wanna call it (Y)

    I just pre-ordered the black firefly 2 but a lil bummed that I can't use it sooner. It's ok though... the grasshopper prepared me extremely well on how to wait for your vaporizer LMAO 8-) :-O :D


    Which pre-order will I get first? Get your vote in!
  • VapeCritic
    apparently the first batch sold out so the new shipping ETA for pre-orders is late May
  • Aj85
    Great review vid as always, but where'd VapeCritic go?

    This time it's some normal looking dude with eyeballs, how can we trust what he's saying when he's got eyeballs? I get all my vaporizer facts from reputable people in sunglasses and occasionally hoodies!

    :) :-O 8-) see I know which emoji I trust more!

    Man, I got to stop hitting my Sublimator before posting. I think it's possibly having an effect on my maturity!

    All the best,

  • VapeCritic
    Lololol the emoji thing killed me
  • Mat
    Hey Man, great review! Loved this product, but since I cannot get this product till late may and I´ve never tried any of these products, since I´m a weed smoking beginner, I´m interested in finding a portable vapo pen, to start with, something that is smooth and doesn´t burn my throut. Also I´ve never been a smoker, so it´s all new to me. I did mange to check out your review on the KandyPens Galaxy which I thought they were really cool too, but you cannot smoke weed with those right? That seemed like an excelent choice for me and my wife. So what could you recommend for me? Pretty much, I just want a vapo pen to get high, weed, and something that does not leave much smell. Cheers :)
  • VapeCritic
    hey what's up man! How much u looking to spend?

    You are correct, the Galaxy pen is for concentrates only, no bud.
  • Mat
    Close to what a pen like galaxy could cost... Could you guide into some options no matter the price? I'm New to all of this. Thanks man
  • VapeCritic
    Ok cool, on the cheaper end around $100 i would go with something like the Astral by Vapeur, or even a Flowermate. They're not the best but for the price they're a good value and the vapor quality is acceptable.

    Right now the 3 portable vapes that I think are the best and i rate the highest are the Firefly 2 ($330), Crafty ($340), and PAX 2 ($280), those are all very good.

    What do u think?

    I have videos and a new comparison for those if u want more deets
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