• bkrieger
    Which one is better, this Ghost MV1 or the Firefly 2?
  • elopro
    both are great but now for me mv1 ;)
  • EasyToSlip
    Have both. I prefer the MV1. The FF2 recently upped their game with app and firmware updates. So I thought my FF2 would sit in a drawer once I got the MV1 dialed in, but I still use the FF2 and it is also good. The MV1 is more flexible. There is a wide range of usage styles with the MV1. But I think it comes down to personal preference.
    I recommend that you get BOTH.
  • bkrieger
    Thanks. If I could afford both, I would. I have to choose 1. Leaning toward the MV1. I am switching from the V2Pro Series 7. Had to warranty it to many times due to liquid leaking causing the magnet piece to break off.
  • Gonzo
    I have both. The MV1 would probably be my first choice, because the draw resistance on the FF2 is much higher and the MV1 has the crucible dispenser. Flavor on the FF2 is slightly better than the MV1 and is more portable (have put in my pocket and taken hits on demand).
  • Kinick23
    @bkrieger just my 2 cents, I owned a FF2 for 18 months as my first convection style vape and did like it generally though wasn’t a fan of the draw resistance: you really need to pull from the gut if you know what I mean. On days when I had a headache I couldn’t use it. Got the MV1 last month and most recently tried picking up the FF2 again for a session but the draw resistance felt 10x worse after getting used to the MV1. I’ve made up my mind to sell FF2 at this point. Auction going up on eBay later. Anyone interested just PM me.
  • bkrieger
    Thank you kinick23. Most likely I will get the MV1, I just want to read more reviews due to it being a new company and new product.

  • johnwillyums
    Does anyone know anything about Ghost redesigning the heatsink, or is that old news?
    I just spoke to a guy at Vapefiend, and he said there were some MV1's at UK customs, but that this redesign will mean a further wait for that to arrive..
  • Cl4ud3
    going to tag @ghostvapesofficial here and see what's happening.
  • johnwillyums
    The email from Vapefienddgxiyh9qm900bq87.png
  • ghostvapesofficial
    We will shortly be releasing new components for the Heat Sink and these will be available free of charge for all existing customers.

    We have redesigned the ceramic sleeve, gasket and stem.

    It shouldn't be possible to detach the top lid by adjusting the stem anymore and it glides up and down like a knife through butter.

    In addition to the above you get a perfect seal everytime.

    We will be making an official announcement next month and as soon as the parts are in stock.

    Would appreciate it if we don't get bombarded by people asking for an exact date as I don't have one yet.

    What I can say is that tooling is in place and tests have gone very well.

    We will be releasing parts to our Beta Testers soon.

    We will obviously do everything we can to get these parts released as quickly as possible.

    Hope this helps.


  • barnangel

    You all are awesome. Thanks for taking such good care of your customers
  • Baron23
    Thanks Patrick...great news and it would appear that this may well clean up a lot of CS inquiries and customer complaints. Well done.
  • Lucic and Chong
    So, last night I was having a lot of troubles putting my crucible in my MV!. Every time that I tried to slide it in, it felt like something was blocking it. I was having a hell of a time, and started to get quite frustrated.

    That's when I realized that I was trying to slide it in through the side, like I would if I was putting it in the crucible dispenser, instead of just dropping it in through the open hole at the top, where it is supposed to go. I decided it was time for bed after that, probably over medicated already.
  • barnangel

    Don’t feel alone. Many times I pick up my Ghost, turn it on but forget to press the vape button and wonder why I’m not getting any vapor. I’ve also tried to use it when I forget to load a crucible. I think that tells me I’ve had enough. Lol.
  • Rockytdogg

    I’ve been known to vape a hollow Ghost.... good thing I was able to identify the problem quickly before freaking out online about lack of consistency or something... ;)
  • barnangel

    I know what you mean. I keep hitting it, then I freak out and then I finally open the chamber. At that point I seriously consider if I need more:) Love this vape!
  • SirCrackKillaH
    Yeahhh.. you and me both for sure. Starting low, taking hits at medium, blasting it at level 5 and then checking the heatsink assembly, gaskets, everything, taking it apart, putting it back together again, then realizing there's either no crucible or the crucible you put in is empty >.<
    Shoot lol, i guess we're not the only ones haaaaaa
  • Baron23
    hehehe...I haven't done that yet but I have been known to suck on a EVO/HT with the ELB still sitting on the table! haha
  • barnangel
    I am so glad I’m not the only one that does this. Lol.
  • bgrpph
    ha- glad i'm far from alone on this- done it few times with the EVO- wow feeling hot air but no taste- pull off glass to find ELB not in- same with MV1 - oh no not another hit with no vape- but wait the pull has feels different/little resistance- whats wrong- open door to empty chamber- oops no crucible in place-. ok i'm not going to do that again, but.....
  • barnangel
    Maybe we should start a thread on screwups while medicated:) Could be good for laughs.
  • Baron23
    My favorite is the first night I had my EVO I got so baked so fast they I put the ELB in. Without the top on and immediately filled the HT with fine ground herb. Haha

    I was so high I panicked (cause it ain’t easy to get that stuff out of the bottom section LOL). I’ve actually done that twice in the last year haha
  • barnangel

    Lol. Too funny! At that point, do you ever stop and wonder if you’ve had enough?
  • Lucic and Chong
    My 2 most common ones are by trying to use MV1 functions on a different vape:

    - hitting the power button on my IQ 3 times and wondering why it won't turn on

    - having a mad coughing fit after waiting for the vibrate to tell me to stop drawing from my Plenty
  • Steelers
    Not more than 15mins ago I packed the dynavap, no cap, lit the torch and combusted like was doing a one hitter ~ S T O N E R
  • Zep4
    Great review of the one that got away...I sent it back to you and you said the holes were too small on both lids, I think. Anyway I’m going to wait for your masterpiece to come out, since I’m big on portability and I have others. But just wanted to let you know I’d be getting this one again if money were no object, thanks to your revised review. Thanks a lot:(
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