• VapeCritic
    when can the rest of us stoners get oneZep4

    lol as soon as humanly possible, current ETA is a few weeks
  • VapeCritic
    Is there any clarification of the ordering process that you can provide while we wait for the first shipment to show up at Ghost USA?EasyToSlip

    Thanks for asking, I will definitely post a new thread detailing exactly how to order to get the perks, and I'll get it posted before they start taking orders.
  • VapeCritic
    I'm wondering if I can put spare crucibles in a caddy for S&B dosing capsules.SkabootchWolf

    unfortunately no but Ghost is currently working on their crucible holder accessory, it should be available pretty soon, I show it briefly near the end of my video

    here's a link to a previous post I made showing the comparison between ghost and s&b capsules: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/comment/21257#Post_21257
  • VapeCritic
    Bud how long w need to w8elopro

    Not much longer is what I'm being told ! Plan is by end of month
  • VapeCritic
    LOL thanks! i think you'll all be impressed with the vapor quality and potency like i am, and the low draw resistance will make it easy for everybody to get good hits right away (Y)
  • VapeCritic
    thanks Mary!! My recommendation for you, and pretty much everybody, would be to start on the default heat level, which is level 2, and take at least a handful of draws at that temperature to get a feel for how it works and how long to draw for, etc...

    On level 2 it won't really be possible to get hits big enough to make you cough or choke, so i feel it's a very good setting for everyone to start on.

    Then bump it up to level 3 and you'll feel how the vapor gets more intense, but still not overwhelming. I'd guess that most people will settle on level 3 as being the most-used setting. Heavy-hitters will like levels 4 and 5 for max effects and intensity.
  • elopro
    Thx bud oh my god waiting to the End of the month i will die in this time xd but thx thx thx :)
  • D. L. Myers
    Hey, I preordered with a link another forum member reposted after Bud. Will that do it or do I have to use the one in this thread? I don't want to miss out on Bud's goodies!
  • Bandit123
    Can I get this product (in the uk) as soon as the product is ready to release ?
  • Texan1967
    @VapeCritic Hey Bud, so I've never used a vape that utilizes a glass stem. I'm a total klutz and I'm trying to figure out if I should order from the jump the "Glass Stems" accessory. Ghost offers a 3 stem kit for $24.99 (for 3 freak'n little pieces of Pyrex glass, total BS btw!). I would hate to break the glass stem on the first day, and ultimately having to self repair the stem and subject myself to inhaling super glue fumes till that damn replacement finally comes. Yup this is my world, and this is exactly the kinda situation that drives me to, to... to vape. I really, really wish that companies would automatically supply a duplicate of the ESSENTIAL glass items needed for the operation of the vaporizers they sell. If it can be broken I WILL break it, WITHOUT even trying, major juggling klutz right here, and I don't even know how to juggle. I'd like to suggest creating the "Klutz Accessory Kit", it would include a extra piece of anything that COULD be easily broken from day one of finally receiving the elusive Ghost MV-1. In your opinion, how durable would you say are these $25 glass stems?
  • Texan1967
    Also on the Ghost website, under the accessories tab, there's this teaser picture of the MV1 inside a travel case, maybe? It's a good thing this Ghost company has all of us use to endlessly waiting, because it is not offered as of yet. Smh, certainly a missed opportunity for both sides of the transaction. Looks kinda cool at least.
  • midas
    If it can be broken I WILL break it, WITHOUT even tryingTexan1967

    I think if you buy the 3 stem pack that it's guaranteed you'll never break one. But if you don't buy it, it will break as you take it out of the package.
  • Texan1967
    Welcome to my world!
  • techvape
    The beginning looked and sounded like you opened a coke and drinked it^^
  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic - Thanks for the answers, Bud. Makes sense now. X-)

    By the by, I can't hear anything at 5:48 either. Some folks hearing is better than others, I suppose. The 'hum' is not an issue for me.
  • Vaporthusiastic
    This video was much better than the first couple so kudos for that.

    Here's a question: Why doesn't the metal lid snap on to the crucible?

    It seems like you could accomplish that with a tiny ridge on the rim and improve the functionality of the loading system x1000
  • Supercoppo
    Can't it's gonna be my first and a new chapter in my life
  • cob
    Hey bud, so I noticed that the MV1 (which I plan on purchasing) is initially being sold only through the website. I also noticed that there are certain shipping restrictions on tobacco products in certain states, so for example, if I were to try ordering a PAX 3 (from the website) to Louisiana (or most places on the gulf coast) they would not be able to ship it to me and say that I need to buy one through an authorized retailer.

    Will this be the same for the MV1? I understand that they do not advertise it as a product for tobacco use so will they only be shipping to legal states? The fact that the product is also 21+ also is what makes me think this. I would love to buy one but I am also worried about the logistics of getting an MV1 in the first place as it could potentially be more trouble than it's worth?.
  • Namekian
    Great follow up review man, think I'm back on board. :)
  • StuddlyBud
    , ik you're used to using the grinder to break up your herb to keep the sticky goodies off your fingers, but now I'm curious to see how ghost works when you break up the herb with your fingers. Do you think you can do a video, or when you do a comparison video, add using the manual break up technique (breaking up with fingers) to see the results you get? I'm thinking doing this will not only allow you to use a little more (thin but slightly bigger pieces...really depends on how people break it up) but maybe one load lasts longer and more draws in one sitting/vapor production. Also, want to see the end result of the herb being used and how evenly the extraction is at the end. Want to see if there's any difference in doing this at all according to your trial in using the manual technique. I would like to see the results when using the ghost with this technique.

    Thanks if you can add this somewhere in a vid. If not, I do understand, but I think it would be interesting to test...at least for me anyway lol..others might roll their eyes and say that's stupid, but you'll be surprised on how lil tweaks here and there make a world of difference if you experiment and try them out. And personal as I have said here before on this forum, I love the hands on approach with my herb, the whole process (am young but old school) the smell the look of the herb, the form...and when using the pipe I break up herb with my hands it's just relaxing and pleasurable and I also use a lot less while still getting great effects. Before going to Vegas, I haven't rolled a J or a fattyB in years but have plenty of grinders that I have used when I did smoke that way. But to preserve my lungs for the sport I do and to be frugal, I have used them way less and vape/pipe more cus I can control the intake/impact. Lol anyways to cut this rather trivial topic short, yes this is why I would like you to demonstrate and see the results. Thanks again Bud for caring.
  • Chronic Pain
    I did notice having a BIG battery makes it HEAVY vape. Almost 0.75 lbs
    Now where are those dumbbells? X-)

  • justjustin
    damn that's a hefty vape but I like it! I don't mind the weight so much, especially since I plan to use this vape as my main home, portable vape. I'd take a little extra weight in order to have a better built vape with better materials than some super light, plastic vape. I'm hoping that its still "portable" and light enough to take on short excursions out of the house.....maybe not so much pocket portable but definitely backpack portable.
  • TheHulliCopter
    @VapeCritic hey can the mv1 be used while its charging?
  • TheHulliCopter
    Damn well geuss ill buy an extra battery and give it that slow usb charge. Thanks for the help
  • justjustin
    Bud, any news on the app? When can we see more on that?
  • dmonster
    @VapeCritic So there is a lot of controversy over your review of this device going around various other forums. I've yet to see you address these, and I agree that maybe not addressing them is probably the best approach. Let the device speak for itself. When it gets into others hands, you'll be redeemed for your reviews. The controversy, for those wondering, is Bud's affiliation with this product. So what I'm wondering is, has anyone else, friends or family, used this vape and what are their thoughts. I'd love to hear from someone else what their experience is with this. So I'd like to make you an offer. If you'd like, ship me one of the few units you have, let me use it for a few days and post my own review here. I'm a fan of the unit, I believe I'm one of the first in line to reserve the unit, and I intend on purchasing one on day one, but I'd like to experience it and give the nay sayers another opinion to go off of. Now maybe the unit sucks, maybe it doesn't. I'm a believer that you're being honest and this vape is all you say it is and then some, but why not pass it to someone like me, and have some novice reviewer give it a go?
  • Namekian
    Wouldn't really be fair to the rest of us now would it? Hey Bud! Give me one as well! Not going to happen man. :)
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