• voyciz
    Well...I did it! It has been 20 days since I last smoked. Was smoking blunts for over 10 years, and this is a new experience for me. I've had to quit weed before altogether, and that was waaayyy worse. The switch to vaping has been really pleasant all around.

    I knew that change was a long time coming. I was sick of coughing up black stuff all the time, always hacking a lung. I like to exercise, and I always hated the damage I was doing to my lungs, but I loved my weed, and smoking was part of my life. At times I could control it somewhat...but there were plenty of days when I would roll and smoke up a quarter ounce of top shelf, and repeat the next day. I am not a rapper, and I was going broke.

    I've known or heard about vaping since before I was smoking. When I was a teenager, I had even built a prototype vape out of a soldering iron and some sheet metal, and brass fittings. So why was I always smoking and never even tried vaping? Maybe just habits, or my environment, or me being an idiot, I don't really know. Honestly, I guess I didn't realize how far the technology had come since first hearing of it. Nonetheless, 20 days ago, I made the switch.

    I thought I was just going to have to quit weed, that's how stupid I was. I then realized that I had an old Vapor Bros box laying around, so I gave that a retest, and oh man I was happy. That's when I decided to start vaping instead. Every day I came home, and instead of rolling up swishers, I waited as late as I could wait and then vaped a bowl. I was cool, no problems relaxing/sleeping/anything, I couldn't believe it! That got me by until my CFX vape came, and with those 2, I have not looked back. I'm now looking for a new desktop vape, but we'll see how the money goes.

    Vaping is the future! I'm happier, healthier, wealthier, and have gained some self control back. Weed itself is addictive, so the war is not over, but I am in a better spot now. Hell I've gone from consuming 3-7g's a day, down to about half a gram.I'm around people who still smoke daily, so the temptation is there, but I will not give in. My wife still smokes and I am working on converting her.

    These forums have also really helped me in making the switch. It eases my mind to come on here and read other peoples' thoughts on all of this, and I have learned so much as well.
  • okla68m
    47 years Combusting, 3 months Vaping... ...soo much better !
  • voyciz
    Congratulations brother! What vape helped you make the switch?
  • okla68m
    First Vape was the AirVape XS, then a VapCap OG(don't like) and just received an E-NANO yesterday.
    Vaping is a Different world than Combusting, totally different Head space, at least IMO.
    My XS will provide a very Clear, yet, Intense head, yet capable of doing almost any task, so far, I've found the ENANO to get you FUKED UP/WASTED/STONEDTOTHEBONE type experience, lol....
    I can see MORE Vapes in my Future......OMG, I'm developing VAS !
  • Baron23
    've found the E-nano to get you FUKED UP/WASTED/STONEDTOTHEBONE type experienceokla68m

    :D (Y) :D
  • voyciz
    That's another great thing about vaping - the ability to control your experience by changing the temperature. Much different than smoking which only has 1 speed! I think I will get an E-nano. The Evo is out of stock right now, and also too much money.
  • elopro
    Lol evo is better than nano i have both and is
    available on website you have bad info about stock man : )
  • voyciz
    Oh it is back in stock again awesome! When I checked a few days ago they were all out. Damn I wish I had the money right now.
  • gemgirl

    My XS will provide a very Clear, yet, Intense head, yet capable of doing almost any task, so far,okla68m

    This is interesting to me, I just got my first vape about 3 months ago, and I went with the airvape xs. I thought that feeling was the product. I feel like I can only get so high on it, even with a new pack. I thought it was my product. I am looking into getting a second vape, I want something that will knock me on my ass, but do love that I can stay clear with the xs if I want too. Thanks for that, I would have kept thinging it was my product, But I did feel like it was the vape. I am just learning first timer here. So not sure what product vs method is yet.
  • okla68m
    I just got an E-Nano.....Amazingly Efficient and one hit can get you Fried, Same product provides a Different Head in the XS....Even at 205C....I Normally vape to 185C, save the ABV, then go back and 205C it at Night or when I'm Out.
    ENANO is More akin to smoking a Multihit One Hitter, if that makes sense.
  • okla68m
    I'm New at it also, still experimenting with the Analog dial.
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