• Wun2R
    I gotta ask this, for the greater good. I bought this vaporizer as my entry device into the world of herb (brand new to the medicine, brand new to vaping, brand new to everything related). I loved everything about the device. Tech savy, streamlined, easy to clean, great reviews on flavor, the Apple pedigree by association with the founder, etc, etc. I got my device and my first 1/8 of state issued medicine. Started vaping with concentrate and didn't like it, and switched to flower. Hmm. No matter how deeply I cleaned it, it was nearly impossible to get a decent draw on it (no matter how I modified my technique over 3 months). Turns out the bowl is clogged and the only way to clean it is send it to the manufacturer. Hmm, well, I kept using it hoping for a solution. So long as I used a slow, hard, draw, I'd still get productive vapor. Time to empty the bowl. Flip it over to shake out the spent herb in a jar I keep for it (brownies ingredients for another day right?). The edge of my new FireFly makes the slightest contact with the edge of the jar....the glass cracks across the top of the device. I can buy a new kitchen appliance for the cost of this little device and it seems to break with the slightest of use. Zero confidence in the design. No longevity. This device needs to be handled with silk gloves and be placed on a spot-lighted mantel in your home with security camera's on it. God forbid something touches it and it breaks. As a back up device for when the inevitable moment comes and FireFly tells me the broken device is all my fault, I bought a Vapor Genie. I can hammer in nails with this thing in between sessions. Learning curve is just as high with it, but for literally 1/5th the cost......I'll never buy another FireFly device. Or any electronic leashed device again. I had to swap batteries every day, and the battery cradle was an additional charge. So now I'm in for about $400 total on this POS, that I can't send to FireFly without basically paying for repairs (which no doubt will be like buying a new one anyway). Lesson learned. It might be the best flavor out there and my short experience taught me what that flavor "can be" if I use the VaporGenie correctly. For that.........was the ONLY REAL VALUE of the FireFly....at the end of the day.
  • Baron23
    There are many who love the FF2, there are a great many....including me...who think its a complete POS. Rather like yourself.

    I'm sorry your first vape experience had to be a f*cking FF2. There are a LOT of good devices out there, but the FF2 is not one in my book.

    Also, I really hate their "life style of the young and beautiful" snob appeal marketing approach.

    Jut me, but I don't want anything to do with those guys.
  • Cl4ud3
    your not the only person here who thinks the FF2 is a POS.
  • StuddlyBud
    Like I said before, looks tedious to mess with. This is why I wanted to wait for other options. Like... I wish this ghost would hurry tf up and get into my hands already lol.
  • Bruce
    I wish I could say otherwise but the bottom line is the Firefly 2, is a low performing vaporizer. I think if it were $150 it would be worth it to use with concentrates. It is a very smooth experience for concentrates.
  • mrluther
    BRUCE!! Where you been?!
  • Bruce
    I was on a witting break. I enjoy reading as a spectator as well. Thanks for asking.
  • Herb
    FF2 Blows
  • Namekian
    The Firefly is hot garbage IMO. Worst vape purchase I have made.
  • Seantagon
    I have not had mine until after all the updates. I am very pleased with it!
  • EasyToSlip
    The recent app and firmware updates for the Firefly are a dramatic improvement and would probably fix most of the issues that disappointed users. It is much harder hitting now. You still have to stir and the draw resistance is annoying, but it works really well now. Very efficient extraction now.
    Anyone who has a FF2 should do these updates before throwing the thing away.
  • Smokin60
    FF2 best in taste ,once you find your way lol great clouds, and efficient ! One person vape IMO....great new updated app......easy to clean .
  • MonsterWithoutBorders
    Love ff2. I always use non ground buds. Pushed down flat in bowl fill bowl. 2 hits. Turn over the whole mass. 2 more hits. Pull the mass out of bowl crush it up with fingers and put back in bowl. 2 more draws. Works great like,this every time.
  • Bufatutu
    I was an early adopter, had my FF2 for a year and a half now. I was very frustrated at first because I couldn't get a great hit and ready to send it back. But FF overnighted me a new cover and at least the thing was decent and sometimes very good after that. Then when they revised the app to allow what's now called "calibration" things got even better. Great taste, easy to clean, and good, sometimes great draws. From straight to stoned in less than a minute. But the great draws are rare, two or three stirring per bowl is tedious and messy, and after many months, the draw resistance started bothering my lungs. I also get very uneven toasting--there seems to be a hot spot--which is why I stir so much. I recently got a Crafty, which is like a breath of fresh air compared to the FF2 in terms of big hits and almost no resistance--and no stirring with the capsules. Now I can worry about the Crafty battery! Because we(vape worldlings!) haven't yet invented the perfect vape machine. But we are definitely getting closer at a rapid pace.

    PS: I was using my FF2 the other day and gave it a good cleaning. After nearly 18 months of near daily(or eveningly) use, the thing cleans up almost like new. In fact if you didn't look at the bottom door, you'd think it was brand new.
  • Smokin60
    I had 2 Crafties easy to use but short battery life and long heat up time ....only issues for me ...... bought the FF2 took a week to dial in and learn the technique .... great taste ever ..... good clouds and no issues except it’s a one person vape ! Just need to find it’s g spot
  • Dreamlike
    FF2 with the new app/firmware has been a good performer for me, but I had to crank the heat up to 410 to get really good vapor clouds.
  • Herb
    Ok, I never thought I would be saying this as I have had the FF2 for almost a year and up until like a month and a half ago is a was a piece of shit that just collected dust... Since ioS has released the new app this vape is like a completely new vape.. Power tuned to 111 temp at 390 gives me about 4 or 5 really big clouds.... Never thought I would say that about this vape.. Gonna do a Video on the MONSTER RIPS SOON AIGHTY...... lol anyway yeah vape is 110% better
  • VapeCritic
    Wowwww nice job Firefly only about a year late!!! :-! :-!

    So maybe my review will be accurate now? lol
  • EasyToSlip
    I am able to get big clouds at 390 and power tuned to 105%.
    Three or four draws, stir, three or four draws.

    Herb is completely roasted after... dark brown.
  • EasyToSlip
    Your initial FF2 review was accurate and fair. People freaked out. Everyone is looking for something different. You described what it was very well – even better than Firefly could do.
  • Herb
    Revisit since the app came out... beware I am insane....
  • Steelers
    I joined the firefly2 party late. Many issues had been fixed by the time I got one.

    .15ish in chamber, medium grind, medium temp, 10 focused, slow draws of good flavor with small clouds. Lighter ABV and make no mistake, it will medicate WELL, just take your time.
  • Bruce
    I am also sorry your first vape is the FF2. Trust me I tried hundreds of times. I have spent a lot of time on this site, trying to make others aware. I consider myself an expert on the FF2 and you might like it for a bit, but when you realize after a session, the AVB is still pretty green, and then compare the effects to anything else and you will realize that you have been ripped off.

    An excellent guide is the vapecritic.com the rankings and videos are the best tool for you to find the vape that is best for you.

  • Bruce
    That doesn't sound fun and enjoyable. I would rather sleep on a bed of nails.
  • Steelers
    'Tis but just one of the reasons I gave it away.
  • Seantagon
    I would say the only thing not accurate about the review is being able to smack it around a little bit instead of having to stir. Maybe I'm putting in too much but it works great! Is it even a good idea to be smacking around a vape that much anyway lol.
  • Steelers
    I used less so by the 3rd draw it became slightly loose. Tried the smack method and it worked. Like you I stopped as I worried about breaking it. I got real good at open, stir and close.
  • hbwnorthwest
    As others have found out, the new updated app and firmware are incredible. It's not only a smooth and elegant interface, it has now transformed my FF into a new vaporizer. Nice job Firefly!!
  • Jack-vic
    You should try the FF2 through a bong. :-) it really rips with concentrate.

  • biohacker
    How do you connect to a bong? Doesn't it need to stay "level"?
  • Steelers
    It would be nice as I watched a video of FF2 through water and it looked awesome. I couldn't see how it was connected, guessing some 3/8" silicone tube squished over the mouthpiece?
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