• Jack-vic
    Thats the rubber tube from the Plenty and the Boundless WPA.

    wpa firefly 2 (90K)
  • Jack-vic
    To make it level, instead of the Boundless WPA use the Ekstreme Q whip.
    The whip tube fits right on the Plenty rubber tube.
  • Gonzo
    How's the draw resistance when adding the tube?
  • Jack-vic
    Not that bad.
  • biohacker
    Was hoping for something without silicone as i'm allergic, but i'd probably use this device more out of the house anyways. Is the airflow really as bad as people complain about? Isn't the 500f concentrate mode a little hot?
  • Jack-vic
    You can change the temp as you wish now, so there is no modes i think.
    It is hard to pull from but I got used to it.
  • Axelfoley415
    I just got one yesterday. Had some getting used to but now I’ve been able to rip it pretty hard. It just take a really long slow draw to get big hits. But it does blow out clouds.
  • biohacker
    Cool I didn't know they changed the firmware to eliminate modes. I'm only interested in using it to vape concentrates. I just can't believe how many people dislike the device!
  • VapeCritic
    I did a quick session with the FF2 in my live stream last night, first time I broke it out in a while and I still haven't done the app update, so I did it last night and tested it out.

    I was impressed with the update process, all I did was open the app and it started updating the firmware, then when it was done there's just a simple control screen now with a slider to pick your temps.

    It was set on 400F and I got a few nice rips, no overheating of the bud, however I neglected to put my mouthpiece screen in so I ended up getting a mouthful of AVB :B

    Nice update though, I'll be sure to test it out some more.
  • Kakarot
    I am about to do yet ANOTHER test/review of it to... My app for iOs did another update last night from the initial update now the firmware is 1.33 and app version is 3.1, hopefully it actually fixed something this time
  • hbwnorthwest
    On Android devices the new firmware version is 3.27 with app version of 2.1.2
  • cvs8floz
    My first post in this forum. I have owned the original Firefly for some time and recently purchased a used Firefly 2 on ebay. I remember holding the F1 for the first time and thinking wow, this is an industrial beast made of steel and stainless metal, heavy, solid, indestructible. My first successful hits felt magical, almost clinical rolling off the large steel surface. But then also came the bad, especially combusting the material when holding the button too long, and the many times when it would produce no vapor at all. I typically got my best hits on the second bowl when the unit was hot, but you have to rush to clean and reload before that window closes. The battery typically died at the end of the second bowl, so I always felt pressured to finish my session quickly.

    When I received the used F2, it had not been updated to the latest firmware and I used it without the app to start. Results were disappointing and very uneven, even when following all the instructions and after watching countless videos. I felt as frustrated as many of the unhappy owners who have posted here. After downloading the app and pairing the F2 to my phone, I adjusted the temperature to 430 and the calibration to +11 and things immediately changed for the better. If you observe the 3 second heat-up time and wait maybe another 3-5 seconds on solid green, you will get a solid hit right from the start. And, even better, at that temperature, you do not have to take super long draws to get a good amount of strong vapor (like everyone is always recommending). My typical draw now lasts 5-10 seconds and the vape finally works as advertised in terms of getting a quality hit in under 20 seconds.

    Nevertheless, although they solved the combustion problem by letting you select a max temperature, many issues remain:
    Quality/build: By making the unit smaller and lighter, you lose the large stainless surface of the F1 and hits don't have the same clinical feel. I wish they had not downsized the unit. The lid also feels flimsy and is just thick enough so it doesn't bend. Every time I clean the lid, I am afraid the gasket will peal off and I am absolutely certain that under daily use, the lid will have to be replaced every six months or so. I am also not a big fan of the new touch sensitive control buttons as my fingers tend to slide off which interrupts the heating. The charging cradle is ok when you are at home and have a spot you can leave it plugged in, I would have preferred a direct connection. I am actually now using my F1 as a charging station, but then you always have to slide open the battery door lid which is even flimsier than the front lid!

    Heat: the unit gets uncomfortably hot very quickly, I wish the control buttons were placed further down and away from the oven.

    Battery life; you read all over the place how battery life is improved on the F2 but I disagree, especially after the updates and if you vape at 430 +11. You still only get 2 bowls before the unit blinks red. Luckily, I now have 3 batteries and the old unit to keep them charged.

    Cleaning: most reviewers rate this vape as one of the easiest to clean, and although I don't necessarily disagree, I still spend just as much time on this one as on all the others I own. (In my opinion, the Volcano is the clear winner in this category). The hits off the F2 will only taste good if the unit is spotless, I find that I have to clean the glass surfaces of both the lid and the main unit after each bowl, and I find that soap and water work much better than alcohol wipes which tend to smear the sticky residue. The new mouthpiece is now removable and has a much appreciated small screen that collects all the small material and needs to be cleaned regularly.

    Overall, it is still an amazing tool unmatched in terms of taste and extraction efficiency, it just doesn't feel like something that should cost $329!
  • Baron23
    welcome to the board X-)
  • VapeCritic

    Welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts so thoroughly!

    I agree that by now the price of the FF2 should've come down to ~$250
  • To the Cloud
    There's been some talks about a price drop. I wouldn't say it's a $249 dollar vape as it's technology is far superior than the others at this Price Point You could argue for $250 if there was a Firefly 3 in the works. I would say $289 is more suitable. Then you'd have two different on demand convection vaporizers with different feels of the vapor delivery with the Firefly and the Ghost.
  • cvs8floz
    Just a quick update: i purchased an Amazon 9W wall charger on Ebay for $6.29, and charging time with this thing is under 45 minutes as advertised.:
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