• DarthVapor
    I recently decided I was going to stop combustion and go about 90% of the time with vapor... Needless to say I went a little nuts and ordered a full setup of products.

    One of them was the Crafy and due to all the issues I threw a few more bucks at the extended warranty from Vapornation with a 2 year deal. @bud do you have any experience with the additional warranty stuff the offer? Hopefully that allows me to keep getting replacements with less questions until the finally sort it out and make a rock solid version. I think I have 4 years total coverage now.
  • Bud
    Oh man excellent choice!!

    I have 4 years experience with that store and if they give you any lip about fixing or replacing yours (unlikely) then you come to me and I'll straighten them out (Y)

    They've always been good though I've received very few complaints, I try to only send my viewers to stores I fully trust and buy from myself, you are all precious to me.
  • DarthVapor
    Thanks Bud, I ordered the volcano digit and the crafty from them today using your link. I also got the FF2 on pre-order for May delivery and a pen for wax. I went balls deep on the vapes because it seems so logical. I ended up buying all the best reviewed stuff from your site. Can't keep going with combustion when I'm already spending so much time and money to be active with running/cycling and eating healthy foods. I'm sure I will burn herbs now and then with the neighborhood guys but it can't be a lifestyle anymore! Keep up the honest reviews and the good work dude!
  • Bud
    You my friend are in for quite a treat, you know how to pick em (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y)

    And thank u for your support i really really really appreciate it man!

    Report back on what u think about the vapes
  • Flipz
    If it helps, over the past 2 years I've ordered from vapornation many times without issues. Everything was genuine, legit and customer service has been fine. They aren't going anywhere soon lol.
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