• Ed's TnT
    Hello everyone, I am still in the process of moving and making it happen. Gosh its been tough, took me 3 - 4 days to get the wife moved and even had to deal with a potential school shooting a week ago yesterday. What a day that was, got a call from my ex saying not to worry but a social media post said that it was going down and would be bloody. My mouth hit the ground and my foot floored the pedal of my car, was doing 100 trying to get to the Jr high. My boys are spread out in age so I have one in all three schools elementary, jr high, and high. Got them out after a few hours and the scare was over, nothing happened thank God and no one was hurt. We began the move and all went well just go go go. The boys school was shut down again the following monday from another post and just yesterday they nailed the idiot 16 year old for the posts. Ohhhh I so hope they get a hellova lot more than a slap on the wrist. Moving to this other county is requiring so much to get my buildings in place. I gotta have permits, gotta measure off property lines, gotta have inspectors out, have been in touch with the call before you dig to get others out to make sure there are no other buried wires or cables, gotta wait for for approval and have to explain everything from start to finish before approval, gosh what a PITA its been but I am getting closer. Had a blast in New Orleans, met my sister from another mother after many several long years we finally got to hug and do time. Was a good time walking the streets and doing the eats. She had never had crawfish, had her sucking heads and eating tails haha. Have been there several times in my life and once you have done Bourbon st. once you have done it enough. Did some strolling of the side streets and saw some great street performers and niche stores. Got some great content on my IG feed if you havent seen it. Saw this young gal with a beautiful soulful sound that was amazing, got a video of her there also. My boys love the Big Bang Theory, its a good show, was in a store and found Clue the game BBT themed, hahah had to buy it for them. They were playing it finding out who did Sheldon wrong lol. I am so stinking jealous sitting here knowing what I do, seems several of our great members here are at Spannibis this year and I am not ughhhhhh. Really really hate that but hope they will all be there next year as my guy there in France says its a must for me and the WS to make it. He is there now as my rep making way and starting to build the future of the WS for the world. We are working still on the CE which we have more info on and like the permits they want so much info and this and that and this more than that. Its kinda like buying a house but a hellova lot harder and way more frustrating. Reading what is need and trying to go through it is like microwave instructions and protocal ughhhh. Oh btw how bout this, seems I am an inventor now and the WS is patented, thats right!!!! I am hoping to be setup and turning in the shops next month and will be rolling out the 2018 and be doing a 11th annual/420 celebration all in one. Shooting sports has begun so we are putting rounds down range. Really excited to see how the boys do this year ecspecially my youngest. Last weekend he was nailing the bullseye, looking for a few 1st places out of him this year.

    @Magicman I appreciate and will do my man, thanks for the encouragement.

    @revolution yes sir that's correct am working on it still. My guy is at Spannibis this weekend doing his thing but also speaking with a guy yo help in this process. Just taking longer than I anticipated is all. Pls hang in there with me and it'll happen. Thanks for your interest and I wish you well.
  • Antcv
    what a beauties!! Would love to add one of these to my small collection. It’d be awesome
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning and thank you @Antcv I appreciate the kind words.

    Check out the first production piece in Cocobolo for the 2018 model






    I freaking love how Cocobolo finishes, the sleek feel, the varying tones rrrrr sexy sexy! I like the wide open upper bore with the sharp edge sloping down to the beaded groove. Really like this model and hope you all do as well.
  • BobCat
    Love it Ed! Will you still be turning Milaana stems? Perhaps in koa? How's the move?
  • Ed's TnT
    The move is going, just got my drawing and measurements finished last night for the permits that I gotta submit today, so hope its approved so I can get the shops in. Yes sir I will be back turning some of those once I get settled in and turning again but gotta get 2018 WS going first. I have some Koa and many other great species I could do em in but will probably be a custom kinda thing. Hit me back in a couple weeks or so and we can talk more about it you like. Thanks for the interest and I wish you all the best!
  • Antcv
    Wow!! Just fell in love
  • VapeCritic

    Cocobolo is HOT! :ok:
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