• Bud
    Just bought this!


    It's a WoodScents Log Vape from Ed's TnT, I went with the Ancient Bog Oak :-$ :-$ :-O

    I know a few of you have one and I'm lookin forward to it!

    (also to saying my vape is older than Jesus LOL)
  • Namekian
    Awesome! I am currently trying to decide between this and the e-nano. Let us know what you think and how they compare! :)
  • koepen
    looks really beautiful!
  • Cl4ud3
    Oooh nice one !
  • Other Side
    Nice choice!!! You are going to love it!
  • Baron23
    And Ed is a GREAT guy. Really like him. Did you get a chance to talk or text with him. Ed's a hoot and my kind of guy. Loves his son, does a lot of outdoor stuff with him, and is very positive, upbeat, and high energy. All things I aspire to but tend to fall short on.

    He also makes a bunch of after market stems and other very useful stuff.

    Can't go wrong with anything Ed's TnT: https://edstnt.com/

    Only reason I have not gotten a WS is that I'm just not a fan of wood in my vapor path. Just me, but I prefer the Enano for that reason. I think he has a glass stem, but his forte and one of the reasons people like his stuff so much is his woodwork. If you ever want a dugout, he makes really wonderful ones.

    Now, if others haven't noticed, the chamber on one of the stems in Bud's pic is a Dynavap Ti tip.
    Works so why not.
  • Cl4ud3
    They do come with glass stems yes but the main selling point is you can use a vapcap as the stem. The wood stems provided can be fully fitted with a condenser or you can use your existing ones :)
  • mastervape
    e nano or Ed's WoodScents Log Vape which is better ????? Or they have same quality could you say something about this ???
  • Kuzko
    I have an Underdog that I won but never really use.
    IMG_1648 (992K)
  • Cl4ud3
    Heat up time is extremely quick for a log too, your looking at a couple of minutes to reach temp 6 or so.
  • Ed's TnT
    Hey hey, good morning everyone! Wow great grab Bud, am sure you will be very happy with your piece, am very thankful for the biz. I appreciate all the kind words from all above as well! I am excited to hear what you have to say about the Bog Oak WS. I was just holding this piece the other day, got caught up in its beauty and feel, rrrr I like wood lol! Your piece is much darker than the one pictured, when you look close has some dark green tones to it as well. I will get it out to you first of the week, you should have it by middle of it. Got some shop time to get in this morning, wish you all well and a great weekend!
  • Diggy Smalls
    Looking forward to your review of the Woodscents, and I'm excited to see this ancient bog oak.
    @kuzko That's one beautiful dog, I wish I had it cause I would wear it in good.
  • Jen
    I LOVE my walnut woodscents! Looking forward to reading your review.
  • Bud
    Hey Ed I can't wait to get it and I was hoping it would be a dark one!! 8-)
  • Bud
    So I went in my backyard and drained this ancient bog I had down there and check out this sick ass vape I found! :-! :-!


    As you can see the different lighting and camera angles bring out different colors in the wood, I'm happy to have it in my collection :D

    Haven't fired it up yet so I'm gonna figure out how to do that now lol 8-)

    Nicely done Ed!
  • Ed's TnT
    Wow, beautiful pics bro! Hope you have had some time with it since this post. The log itself has character, the varying tones really shine in different light. I am sure you noticed the stem/wpa is darker. They are actually even older than the log by twice. Its so hard to get the blocks large enough for woodscents bodies, there is now way I can get one large enough for the log and the stem/wpa. I had gotten a bunch of Bog Oak blanks a while back that make the accessories.

    I spent yesterday in the shop working up new wood for the WS, have a few big eye Camphor Burl blocks that are stunning and a few other species yet seen in the WS.

    Anxious to hear how it works for you my man, will keep an out for that post!
  • Bud
    Been using mine all the time, I leave it on my desk and take puffs throughout the day it's awesome, gonna get it in a video real soon.

    Dynavap just sent me the one on the left, yowza!

  • frandemarco

    It reminds me of the good old classic enano
  • Summer
    The wood on the one Dynavap sent you is outstanding. Lucky dog, you have 2 now!
  • Chronic Pain
    Welcome to the WoodScents Club!
  • elykpeace
    you could always get condensers for your wooden wpa or DD stem and then your airpath is just ti and SS

    I seriously don't know what I would do without my WS. It's idiot proof and keeps on chugging

    Ed is a saint
  • Temple ov truth
    idiot proof I like that Lots. Temple ov truth,rave on
  • elykpeace
    @Temple ov truth

    Trust me .

    I'm an idiot. And it's been a dream since DAY 1... I do have an underdog VVPS and never used the stock dimmer rotary... 11.1 thru water ;)
  • Summer

    I just came across this pic posted back in August by Ed on the dynaverse FB page:


    Wow, you got 1 of only 4! Make sure you add to you homeowner's.
  • Bud
    Make sure you add to you homeowner'sSummer

    LOL i'm dying, yes another unique one i love it!

    I gotta post this review soon!
  • Ed's TnT
    Good afternoon everyone, wow seems its been a bit since I have had tome to get still and round here, forgive me. Alot to speak of here, looks like we are finally signing the papers on the house this coming Friday, about freaking time. So ready to be under the same roof with my wife. All the fun that comes with moving is soon to come. Gotta move us both from 2 house and gotta move the shop again. Gotta get another shop so am paying the guy I am buying it from to move my other after he sets the new one, yall know a hand full of $100 bills goes along way to greasing wheels. This will be my 3rd building, gosh knows I need it. Next saturday we are going to New Orleans for 2 nights and 3 days, meeting a great great friend of mine for several years now. We have never met but have been really tight going back to my start here. Its their 50th Bday celebration and I had this custom hand burned WS done for them.


    Has 4 sugar skulls wrapped all the way around it. The detailing is outa sight.


    I know I dont have the time to sit still nor the patience to make it happen.


    Going to be a great time had down there. But as soon as we get back its moving time. Gotta get the wife in ASAP I will be in soon after. Gotta get a nice fence put up and all that for Major & Daly. Its not in the country but not in the city, cant have them running around unattended at all. Hope Mr. Biscuits stays put. My fiance from way way back and I had a cat, was a great cat, he was wild but we tamed him, he was such a great cat. Took him from one home to another and when he got out of the car and feet hit the ground he went to running and never came back, Titty was gone.

    The new website is up and is working properly, my guy did a great job, its simple and to the point. Gots just what you need where ya need it, well for the most part it does. I have been so busy with all thats been going on with the move and papers and lender and dealer orders coming out the wazu, BTW if anyone wants a WS in Canada hit up TheHerbCafe that I am still not ready to get the new WS out for 2018. Hes going to have a few listed very soon. I got a POTV order to do, a France order, another Brazil dealer and I believe its one more omgosh. Havent heard from most of them for a minute and then they all hit at the same time. I am a heckofa lot closer than I was as far as the WS goes and feel like I am going to do a 11th year and 420 all wrapped into one. BTW was my 11th year in Biz this month, still going strong yall, how many cats are still doing it after 11 years, hmmmmm cant say its many I bet.

    I am moving some 2017 stock now, got a couple of certified stunners in Blackwood


    Look how sleek they are from the inside out, was so hoping it would be some sun out to show you how the Ti shines up the big bore.


    I have another in Cocobolo left and will have a few other in Maple, Cherry, Canary, and Goncalo, I think a few others just cant be certain. I also have a piece to honor Rick at AromaZap for setting a fire in me. He gave me this Myrtlewood from his stash long ago. Are there any old school Zappers around in here. This piece is ready and fitted with all WS internals. Outside it almost identical in size and shape as the original.


    Am doing it at a discounted price, the stem and WPA will be straight no frills no thrills but will be every bit WS with a little AZ flavor from the past.


    First one to hit me bout it is theirs.


    Going to do my best to get my butt over here more often. Appreciate all the post and enthusiasm above, keep an eye out for all to come and will be back with more I assure you.
  • Deleted User
    This user has been deleted and all their posts removed.
  • revolution
    Hi Ed, really impressed by your work. Any chance that your woodscents are available in Europe in the near future? I read at FC that you're in the process of certification and that really made me dreaming that somehow I could by one without custom controls and stuff.
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