• Ed's TnT
    Hello everyone, I am still in the process of moving and making it happen. Gosh its been tough, took me 3 - 4 days to get the wife moved and even had to deal with a potential school shooting a week ago yesterday. What a day that was, got a call from my ex saying not to worry but a social media post said that it was going down and would be bloody. My mouth hit the ground and my foot floored the pedal of my car, was doing 100 trying to get to the Jr high. My boys are spread out in age so I have one in all three schools elementary, jr high, and high. Got them out after a few hours and the scare was over, nothing happened thank God and no one was hurt. We began the move and all went well just go go go. The boys school was shut down again the following monday from another post and just yesterday they nailed the idiot 16 year old for the posts. Ohhhh I so hope they get a hellova lot more than a slap on the wrist. Moving to this other county is requiring so much to get my buildings in place. I gotta have permits, gotta measure off property lines, gotta have inspectors out, have been in touch with the call before you dig to get others out to make sure there are no other buried wires or cables, gotta wait for for approval and have to explain everything from start to finish before approval, gosh what a PITA its been but I am getting closer. Had a blast in New Orleans, met my sister from another mother after many several long years we finally got to hug and do time. Was a good time walking the streets and doing the eats. She had never had crawfish, had her sucking heads and eating tails haha. Have been there several times in my life and once you have done Bourbon st. once you have done it enough. Did some strolling of the side streets and saw some great street performers and niche stores. Got some great content on my IG feed if you havent seen it. Saw this young gal with a beautiful soulful sound that was amazing, got a video of her there also. My boys love the Big Bang Theory, its a good show, was in a store and found Clue the game BBT themed, hahah had to buy it for them. They were playing it finding out who did Sheldon wrong lol. I am so stinking jealous sitting here knowing what I do, seems several of our great members here are at Spannibis this year and I am not ughhhhhh. Really really hate that but hope they will all be there next year as my guy there in France says its a must for me and the WS to make it. He is there now as my rep making way and starting to build the future of the WS for the world. We are working still on the CE which we have more info on and like the permits they want so much info and this and that and this more than that. Its kinda like buying a house but a hellova lot harder and way more frustrating. Reading what is need and trying to go through it is like microwave instructions and protocal ughhhh. Oh btw how bout this, seems I am an inventor now and the WS is patented, thats right!!!! I am hoping to be setup and turning in the shops next month and will be rolling out the 2018 and be doing a 11th annual/420 celebration all in one. Shooting sports has begun so we are putting rounds down range. Really excited to see how the boys do this year ecspecially my youngest. Last weekend he was nailing the bullseye, looking for a few 1st places out of him this year.

    @Magicman I appreciate and will do my man, thanks for the encouragement.

    @revolution yes sir that's correct am working on it still. My guy is at Spannibis this weekend doing his thing but also speaking with a guy yo help in this process. Just taking longer than I anticipated is all. Pls hang in there with me and it'll happen. Thanks for your interest and I wish you well.
  • Antcv
    what a beauties!! Would love to add one of these to my small collection. It’d be awesome
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning and thank you @Antcv I appreciate the kind words.

    Check out the first production piece in Cocobolo for the 2018 model






    I freaking love how Cocobolo finishes, the sleek feel, the varying tones rrrrr sexy sexy! I like the wide open upper bore with the sharp edge sloping down to the beaded groove. Really like this model and hope you all do as well.
  • BobCat
    Love it Ed! Will you still be turning Milaana stems? Perhaps in koa? How's the move?
  • Ed's TnT
    The move is going, just got my drawing and measurements finished last night for the permits that I gotta submit today, so hope its approved so I can get the shops in. Yes sir I will be back turning some of those once I get settled in and turning again but gotta get 2018 WS going first. I have some Koa and many other great species I could do em in but will probably be a custom kinda thing. Hit me back in a couple weeks or so and we can talk more about it you like. Thanks for the interest and I wish you all the best!
  • Antcv
    Wow!! Just fell in love
  • VapeCritic

    Cocobolo is HOT! :ok:
  • Ed's TnT
    Hello all, wow finally got approval for the shops at my new place, was a big deal and took them a whole lot longer to approve em. Had one of the shops setup and in place friday, omgosh what a relief that one is in place. Not to empty the other and have it moved. Got another big load moved from my place to the new house. So much to do and only having help on the weekend from my sons is slowing me down. They are great help and if not for them I would be a bad way. Spent Saturday morning on the range with them. I am so excited our first big shoot is the 7th. I am eager to see how they all perform. My youngest is spot on, I know he will place. My middle one all depends on if hes having a good day or not for skeet. Same with my oldest for skeet, but for .22 rifle and pistol its on for real. He is putting 30 rounds down range open sights at 50 yards. Most point you can get at rifle is 300. He scored 265 this last practice. Thats solid and can advance to state on that for sure. My wife is getting the house in order and being pregnant is taking a toll on her. I havent been able to get any turning done and it sucks. I am so ready to get back to what I love and do. Not that I havent been doing nothing with wood, I have gotten my hands on a few sure fire winners

    Super Curly Satinwood

    Super Burly Asian Afzelia

    Quilted Big Leaf Maple Burl

    And now for a money shot, WoodScents is the only log on the market utilizing Titanium Med grade 2 components in the air path and tip, no other!

    Just came out the water jet

    @Antcv Glad you like.

    @VapeCritic you know you right bro!

    As I said there is always something happening here at Ed's TnT!
  • Magicman

    This cat doesn't seem impressed....
  • Ed's TnT

    Haha IKR Mr. Biscuits is a cool as a cucumber, I know inside he's eat up with awe but on the outside he's stone cold as a stealthy put away kinda guy, he ain't got time for dat.
  • VapeCritic

    Super cool thanks for the updates Ed!! :ok:
  • juxt

    I'll put in an order for that satinwood or afzelia right now...
  • Ed's TnT
    Hit my email bro at no one has claimed either yet. They are running on the high side, wanna be up front. Thanks
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning, not really happy about whats going on with the move and getting the biz up. Have been running into delay after delay on the shop setup. This is really causing me a lot of distress and must frustration. Week before this one I rented a trencher to run the 70’ of electrical.


    I am kinda in a low spot where my place is and it has this thick freaking clay below the surface. No way was I going to be able to dig it by hand. A day later a big rain came through and dumper a butt load of rain on us. After a week the trench is still dang near full of water.


    Yes I am running the wire in electrical PVC but I cant submerge it in this trench. I have already been through hoops getting the permits to have the buildings in place and gotta have the county approve the electrical work I have done before they will let the power company turn it on. I got the shop mover guys out yesterday to look at my existing building so they would know what I have in order to move it. I told them I would pay extra to have the one they already set moved closer to my service pole and up on higher ground near the existing and you know if you're willing to pay they will do the work so I gotta come off some more cash and loose more time. I cant stress enough how much this is killing me. I am almost at the point of putting my lathes on a couple saw horses on the back deck to turn. We have hella bad weather coming in today, possible tornadoes and hail moving quick maybe 1-2" rain but after that the whole week looks nice and dry so hoping I haven't jinxed it and the shop movers can get my other in place end of next week then I can get power going very very soon after and get my butt to turning.

    I will say its not all bad, my wife's last day of work was a week ago yesterday. She was a Jr. High special needs teachers assistant for a couple of years. I cant even imagine how she did it day in day out with 11 boys with all sorts of conditions and boys none the less at jr high age, gosh. You can only imagine what would come out of their mouths and what they would get themselves into but she handled them well with a compassionate heart and caring voice. She would tell me how there were another assistant or two for other classes that couldn't get it through their heads that getting loud and frustrated with the kids didn't help them in any way. She told me her way was to get eye level with them and in a calm voice capture their attention and focus on counting coins or drawing circles when she could. Yes she did have to raise her voice from time to time but for the most part the kids loved her and were going to miss her except for the one boy she told that it was her last day and he said "Yeah well I am a getting a hair cut today" lol. All good boys I got a chance to go bowling with them on one of their Thursday trips. We are getting close to Lane's arrival, doing long days on her feet wasn't good. She is really happy to be home nesting and getting everything in order for him and I am happy to see her smile and be a new mom again.

    Had a big multi-county shoot last Saturday, was tough conditions for the boys. 50 degrees, winds at 15-20mph gusting and misting rain most of the time. They boys all nutted up and advanced to their district shoot. Oldest placed 2nd in .22 pistol one arm iron sights/3rd place .22 rifle iron sights(even though they gave scope/optics back to them all this year and more than half of the kids were shooting scopes at 6th power)/13 out of 15 at skeet. My 14 year old got 12 out of 15 at skeet. Youngest got 1st place in 10m Air pistol. He would have done better at rifle had he not been shivering cold. Really proud of all our kids in our club and look forward to our district shoot on the 28th. Had one today get canceled due to the weather.

    Still working on gathering parts though and coordinating all that. When I do get to turning I should have everything in place. Still working on getting wood as well. My wood dealer a slab on Buckeye 5'x3'x3"


    Its by far one of the most expensive pieces of wood I have ever bought, there has only been one time I have spent this much money for a slab or chunk. Thing is its wet and is going to need some drying ughh. I know there are other people out there selling this in slabs but I dont have relationships with most and the few others I do I cant trust the pieces they have and have been burned in the past. Its awful hard to drop this kinda dough on a piece and it not be what its supposed to be. I trust my guy and will just have to wait it out for it to dry. Going to get it in, slab it up a bit over size and hope it dries quicker. Also got my other guy the gem hunter searching for jewels, cant wait to see what he comes up with.

    Yeah not turning is killing me, the longest I have gone without doing so was when I did the road trip with the boys. Yes getting behind on the work load sucks a whole lot but sitting on these stunner blanks knowing that they will turn out amazing pieces and the joy in doing that is what bothers me the most. My heart is at the lathe and my mind is always turning wood.
  • revolution
    Hi Ed, nice to hear from you. Any news on the certification process?
  • Ed's TnT
    My guy should be getting in touch with me soon on that. Last week I heard from him saying that the paper work is coming along and hes hoping it will be awful soon that its done.
  • Trix
    Hi Ed,
    I recently picked up a titanium vapcap and then stumbled upon your woodscent log Vapes.
    I'm very intrigued and really like the concept and I have searched your website but unfortunately cannot find a log without a full kit.
    Will there ever be a chance of purchasing just the log and power cord minus the vapcap?
    Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  • Ed's TnT
    hello and thanks for the interest in my work. The WS package is standard. I am sure you wouldn't have any trouble moving anything in it that is not useful for you. I am still setting up from the move and will be turning more soon.
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning everyone, am making a little progress after Mother Nature held off on the rain for the week. I dug another trench closer to the service pole, was sure not excited about it after the first dig of the shovel into the ground. Water began to fill it and was like hey this is it, gotta make it happen. As I said I have done residential electrical before but never in water. Had a lurker here email me, he is a master electrician and gave me some encouraging info and advise so I gave it hell. My trench is about 26' x 2' deep. Was up to my knees in water shoveling clay mud and water from it only to have it full of water for a couple days but as the wind kept blowing and the sun stayed out it dropped to about 3-6" of water so by end of the week I had my oldest helping to bend the 4 awg wire while I slipped on the PVC pipe and fittings. I put a few heavy concrete blocks on top of the pipe just to hold it in place since I have a big storm coming last night and covered it up.


    Ill tie it in the meter base this week and hopefully the shop movers will get my other building moved this coming week where they said they were slammed all last week.

    I have been snagging more eye popping burl blocks last week, if you wanna have a look check out my IG for the posts and if there is anything you may wanna do hit me up and lets go from there.

    My guy in France is working to find out cost and process for the 3rd party CE testing right now, we are about to nail it down and get that ball rolling ASAP. Its the biggest part of this process for the CE and once its done it should be down hill then. Going to be a big investment but one that I am sure will pay off in no time at all.

    Have the big district shoot with the boys this coming saturday, so anxious and excited for the boys as my oldest 2 if they do well with advance to state. We have never been there so will be fun to make it and if not there is always next year and the ones after that. Did some honey do's yesterday afternoon for the wife. We were sitting yesterday talking about Lane and his arrival. Its been a while for both of us having a tiny little baby in our hands, we are so looking forward to this again. I love the smell of the baby lotion and feeling his soft skin on my nose and looking at his teeny toes lol, what a blessing he will be. I look forward to him wanting to be held and sitting next to me and reaching for me and his mom. My other boys are way to big for that and youngest says he is too big for that lol. Its coming up on concert and festival season woot woot, going to grab a couple ticket to a local festival first of June to see Leftover Salmon, Hard Working Americans, Moon Taxi and others. Then end of June its Tedeschi Trucks and word is Marcus King maybe there with em, ohh so hope so!

    This is it, still going at it, slowly making it happen.
  • Ed's TnT
    So I got some work done in the shop this past week, has been a lot of fun getting back in the groove and I must say the first day was a bit weird and took me a while to get the steps back down but by the second day I was making chips by and covering the floor in em. Yall have no idea how bad my habit is of wood hoarding. I have found all kinds of gems again when unboxing and setting back up. Even found a couple more pieces of Myrtlewood from the ZapMan and a few other absolute stunners. Here's another live edge Myrtlewood


    I know some of you follow me over at IG, if not I made a post there showing a Thuya burl piece that had a crack and separated while I was sawing it. You may not know how spiky and pointed they can be, some can even hurt ya if you got jabbed by one. I was turning a piece of Thuya and wouldn't ya know it, dang it tore out and a piece flew off. I couldn't just trash it, this piece has way to much character, just finished working it, sanded and waxed it to what we have here


    Other 3 sides are incredible with bright vibrant eyes. Now for this show stopper I found a long piece of Asian Afzelia Xylay figured blank, there again you can see before shots over at IG. You could see it was going to be a unique piece but wow finished its a molten stunner. Looks to me like lava rising up


    I cant say how happy and excited I am to have my new son but also to be back in the shop doing what I have missed and love so much has really put my mind and heart to ease. I have been filling custom and back orders as well as turning new inventory every day. I will be putting all these together and releasing new stuff I am shooting for first of July. Am going to do a back at work sale / 2018 release then as well so pls keep an eye out. Oh btw these pieces above are nice but gosh there is so much more to come, its only getting better!

    I want to thank you all again for the patience and understanding you all have had these past few months during the move and delays, I am anxious to get these new pieces out there and to hear what you all think.
  • Baron23
    I cant say how happy and excited I am to have my new sonEd's TnT

    THIS ^^ should have been the lede, Ed!! Name, size, health, PICS!! So glad for you, your wife, and your boys to have yet another brother. So happy for you all.

    Glad the shop is back in business!! I'm sure you won't miss a beat getting sales and shipments going again.

    Probably need to reach out to you via PM, but I bought a dugout from you some time back as a gift for a friend and, yeah...I know...combustion...but I'm thinking about getting one for myself. But its going to have to be some kind of spectacular piece of wood. You know from shotgun stock pics that I love highly figured wood.

    Let me reach out to you via PM and of course it would be no rush. I know you have plenty of back orders and I'm not in a hurry for this. Let's talk.

    By the by, getting any sleep? hahaha

    Take care, Ed. ALWAYS good hearing from you.
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning my man, thanks so much and likewise its always good to hear from you. Feels like we have been old friends going back a long time. Check my IG page for pics and such pls sir. Omgosh so glad to be back working cant say how much I have missed it. Yeah hit me up sometime by email if you like and lets talk about dugouts. Bro I aint mad at ya, its hard to beat a dugout, just twist the top out pops the bat dig it for a load and your off and hitting it in no time at all on the go. Its a great tool to have. All is good we getting sleep here and there. Still gotta get my new shop insulated and an AC gets awful hot in there bout 2-3pm. I hope all is well for you and look to hear from you soon!
  • PuffItUp

    Hope all is well Ed, just wanted to share that the burl you have been showing off on your IG this week is stunning. Everyone should check it out.

  • Ed's TnT
    my man, I appreciate the kind words, was alot of fun making those pieces and look forward to getting out to hear back from users. Been a while down, am ready to rock and roll and get some wood out. Thanks again Zakk
  • PuffItUp
    No problem. You deserve it.

    This is the piece I am talking about if anyone is curious. Absolute stunner.

  • VapeCritic

    Hey Ed great to see you and hear you're doing well, and btw those pics you just posted are incredible! :strong:
  • Ed's TnT
    Thanks much bro, appreciate you stopping by and posting up, all is well hope same for you bro, take care and keep an eye out for the 2018 release
  • Ed's TnT
    Hello and good morning everyone, in my second week of shop time and really making a showing. Have quite a few WS done and am turning wongs and stems now. got some back orders, retail catch up and alot of wholesale going on also. Always something to do round here. Getting awful freaking hot down here too feeling like 108 yesterday. I have had several back order pieces that were one offs that I either havent done in a while or never in a WS yet.

    1st ever Red Mallee Burl


    1st in Koa


    1st in curly Asian Satinwood


    And a couple in a golden oldie Afzelia Burl


    Not the same piece


    I am so thankful to be back out in the shops doing what I so enjoy and love. Its so fun coming inside from a while out there with a box full of my work and showing off to the wife. Having her say wow those look beautiful and you did good! Thats what its all about and also why I love what I do.

    As I said I am going to be doing a sitewide sale, I am shooting for sometime next week for it to start but not set on a day yet as I still have to do a photo shoot and all that comes with it. Still have to turn a few more pieces of course so getting closer than I was. This sale is going to run for 7 days at least and will be for 11% off to celebrate my 11th year in the biz as well as several other missed reasons for sales that I missed since the start of the move. You all know me well and know I am giving it hell while I am not helping out with Lane and the wife. I will post a flyer here when I nail down the dates a little closer to time so keep an eye out.

    My little one just hit 3 weeks old this past wednesday, hes sleeping a little better but still has those restless times where he isnt having any of that, hes upset and wants everyone to know until he is cried out. He is for sure a riding baby and surprisingly the couple times the wife has taken him out shopping for a bit he would sleep the entire time in his car seat moving around the store in the cart never waking. He hasnt smiled yet, were still looking for one of those. The bottoms of his feet and just under his neck are ticklish and not something he likes much yet lol.

    So all this work is great and fun but does make me a dull boy, that being said I am going with my BF and his wife and his daughter my little red head princess Ruby tomorrow night to see the young and amazing band of Marcus King

    Wow this guy has one hella voice and his band can lay it down. He will probably be opening the show followed by Drive By Truckers and headlining the great Tedeschi Trucks Band. Gotta tell you I super excited to see Marcus King, I have this show tomorrow ang have already scored tickets to see him again in August. WOOT WOOT cant wait!! Ohh and I got this bad ass new S9+ unlocked too for video, its so on, stay posted for that!

    I am looking forward to the sale next week, I am anxious to get these pieces out and to hear feedback.

    On the CE as well, have nailed down the way we are going. There are companies that will help advise you and give assistance in the process. Its alot cheaper this route, rather than $10K will be bout $1500 or so. We have been doing our research to make sure we get what we are paying for rather than loose and not get anywhere. This is a big deal and everything has to be correct and accurate or it doesnt go through. I cant afford to throw this dough away and not get the cert. I know it has taken a long time and still hasnt happened just yet but who wants to just throw money away when you dont have it? Hang in there with me.

    Thats it yall, getting out to the shops now, take care and keep an eye out!
  • warren0728
    like i said on that other forum ... seeing marcus king tonight in jacksonville (with drive by truckers and tedeschi trucks band) ... seen him several times and he is the real deal!
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