• Trix

    Ed gives you everything you would ever need when you buy one of his WoodScent packages.
    The stem could be used with the Dyna tip and cap for out about on the go vaping.

    When at home the same tip can connect to a smaller adapter to fit directly into your glass rig and use the Log as the heating source.

    I think the Dynavap titanium tip works better with the WoodScent over the straight glass piece with screen.
    Never tried an Enano and probably never will as this is the Log vape for me.
    Hard hitting, amazingly flavorful, and most importantly efficient.

    I’m in :heart: love :heart: with my new Woodscents and wouldn’t trade it for anything but another WoodScent!

  • Mangu
    With the Dynavap stems you can swap the tip and use any stem you like. If you already happen to own many Dynavap stems and would like to use a log vape then this will be an especially appealing feature....if not then I guess you might not consider it to grant any advantage at all in comparison to your enano.
  • Deleted User
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  • Alexis
    nice bump bruv. Woodscents has some stern competition and testament to it seeing some usage. I have been hitting my own 2017 model more than any of my other vapes recently.

    I discovered it was underpowered by the socket I used, too many plugs. Changing to a better outlet and sockets/lead, really improved the performance.

    But also, I switched my vapcap Ti tip to the DDave Ti mesg screens. That really improved the air flow which was one of my biggest difficulties really enjoying the Woodscents experience.

    The mesh screens really noticeably improved the airflow, speed of extraction and hitting potential, especially ease of use for myself to medicate to the level I like fairly quickly.

    Have a great weekend bro with that awsome lineup.
  • Ed's TnT
    Good morning everyone, my bad for not getting over here as much as I should. I get lost in all my duties and miss out where I should be alot.

    I have reached out to Bud and am sure many of you have seen the 3rd Annual Make A Wish Fundraiser/Raffle I have put together with many great makers in our industry. I am posting the details below along with pics of the prize offerings.


    Being a part of this great community has been such a blessing to me. I have come to know so many here, made friends and even grown so close I would call a lot of you family. I have had immense support with much encouragement from all those here. My love for what I do has been appreciated and enjoyed by so many within this community and elsewhere that I have wanted to give back in some way.

    Started this 3 years ago with the thought of how I could give back and how we could as a whole. I have been blessed with 4 healthy amazing sons, having 4 it’s almost impossible for them to all be happy at the same time but hey that's life and I will take healthy over happy any day. Many children aren't so and have to deal with illness or diseases that can take such a toll on their lives.

    Event will take place Nov. 1st – 30th 2019

    What is the prize: I have been in touch with some great makers in the vapor industry and teamed up with them to make this year the best prize package yet.


    Grand Prize: Consists of several offerings from makers below. The grand prize totals more than $2,500 making this one amazing package like none other ever awarded to one person.

    ● Ed's TnT
    ● PhattPiggie
    ● AezhennWood
    ● FutoDugouts
    ● FC MeltingPot
    ● TimberHead Designs
    ● DynaVap
    ● Galloway Glass
    ● VaporAsylum
    ● lv82all


    18 Runner-up Prizes:
    ● DynaVap 2019 'M' / DV Lanyard / DV & VA Stickers awarded to those drawn from 2nd place to 19th place.


    Where to enter: The contest will be held here at VaporAsylum and will be open to all members. You must be a member to enter this raffle.

    How to enter: This is fund raiser is for the Make A Wish foundation. To enter participants will go to the Make A Wish donations page. Participants may choose to donate to National, Local, or International. The minimum donation amount to enter this contest is $10 and entry and participation for this contest will be based on the honor system. Once payment for the donation has been made, you will see a confirmation page.

    Participant should copy and save or take a screen shot of their receipt and black out any personal information before uploading the image here. The transaction ID and date must be clearly visible to validate your donation, or the donation will not be counted. It only takes 1 single entry of $10 or more to register for this contest. However, as an incentive, we will be implementing the following:

    Single donation of $10 = 1 raffle entry

    Single donation of $50 = 6 raffle entries

    Single donation of $100 = 13 raffle entries

    Single donation of $150 = 20 raffle entries

    Single donation of $200 = 28 raffle entries

    You can donate as many times as you like. Donate the first day great, donate again the 2nd week even better, donate one more time day before it ends to give yourself better odds, it’s all on you. The more you donate the more chances you have to win. Good luck!

    Raffle length: Raffle will run from Nov. 1st to the 30th. and will close at midnight on the 30th.

    How is the winner selected: Each donation will be assigned a number in an Excel spreadsheet for example, if a member donates $50, they will get 6 numbers (line entries) assigned to them. The winner will be chosen by a random number draw.

    When/where be winner be announced: Winner will be announced and posted here the following day, Dec. 1st. After announcing the winners, I will reach out to that person by private message here at Vapor Asylum, notifying them of their win. The winner will have two weeks to respond and collect their prize. If they do not respond within that two weeks, they forfeit their win and another winner be selected through the same process as above.

    It's that simple, donate to help MAW give a wish to a deserving child & put a smile on their face, put a precious memory in the mind of a parent that may be the most priceless gift they may ever receive.
  • Other Side
    Gotta bump this thread anyway!

    We just got the updated 2020 bodies for the Mango Woodscents! Mango wood is exclusive to VGoodiez. This batch is straight fire!!!!

  • SirSixPence
    Ed has the best wood!
  • TraphouseTraplay
    I absolutely love my Karelian birch burl beauty I was lucky enough to get. It is the last of the first 4 or maybe 5 that were made from this species. I say lucky because the second I saw this species posted on his Instagram I was in love but I thought I had missed my opportunity to get one by the time I had decided to call to inquire about the species available at that time. I saw he had a ready to ship amboyna burl unit and wanted to know whether it was a golden or a red colored one and when speaking to him I mentioned that I would have been thrilled to have gotten a Karelian burl unit. Low and behold apparently when doing something around the shop he'd stumbled across the last of the blanks of Karelian burl he'd gotten which fell and was hidden behind his work bench. He said that he would be happy to make it as a custom order for me when he was able to find the time. I agreed and asked if I could have a accessory stand made as well to help me keep track of the many pieces that come in the kit and after a few more messages and photos I settled on a awesome slice of live edge golden amboyna burl. Then came the most excruciating wait I think I have ever indureed!. Somehow I managed to survive the wait and once I finally received it I couldn't have been happier with it and it quickly became my daily driver. The rest as they say is history.
  • Cl4ud3
    Ed certainly picks up some great wood and his skills are always on point. I have a very early Buckeye burl, around number 50, which I picked out of a set of blanks he had. It was a long wait for me also as I was in the UK and he needed to get some certification to be able to send them here.

    If you want to post a picture of it use the upload files option and then insert the picture. Sometimes the forum software is a little funny with other ways of trying to get pictures up here.
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