• Zep4
    I liked it at first. Tho it used more product than my Pax 3, the ABV was just as brown and finished and it was a cool mild hitter. Now after using it no more 25 times, I had to send it back because it is blocked and won't hit at all. I've cleaned it right along, and I'm ready to ditch it, hoping the Ghost MV1 will be as great as Bud says. They won't give me my money back, just a store credit. All I want is an MV1:( Anyone else have problems with the Cloud9?
  • Cloudburst
    Sucks to hear that. I was on the fence about getting the Cloudious 9 but mainly because I just thought it looked cool - kind of a 2001: A Space Odyssey vibe to it. No point in fashion if the function can't back it up.
  • Zep4
    I agree with the futuristic look. I'll make sure to post here what I hear back from them about this problem.
  • 0ursisthefury
    I had it but ended up selling on eBay. It looks cool and all but once the novelty wears off it is a complicated vape. Also it's not really portable. I'd rather use the Evo or mighty for heavier hits. Also I did notice it was not as functional as it was when I first used it. I hope they can refine it because it is a cool idea
  • Cl4ud3
    Gimmick vape, bad airflow, I have tried steering people away from it :(
  • Bud
    ^ Also not a fan
  • Big Red
    yea... its just style with no apparent quality. blink blink :P
  • Zep4
    I sent my Cloudious9 back about a week ago because it was blocked up somehow. Hydrology got back to me and is refunding me $159 saying the heating element was faulty, so I'm afraid there's still bugs to be worked out. I'm putting my refund towards the Ghost MV1
  • To the Cloud
    I noticed I am getting very inconsistent results with my Hydrology 9. The chamber has to be full and I get really good rips, but it's an herb hog for sure. I tried it with just a pinch of herb and basically got nothing.
  • Zep4
    Update on Cloudious 9 reimbursement. They gave me ALL my money back $249 after saying I'd only get $159!:) And it was past 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Jperez2019
    I got this vape instead of the mighty and I can't believe how crappy it is. It broke within a week. I would fill it with water and within 30seconds it would all leak out everywhere and also it would leak into the heating element and electronics. After showing pictures to their Facebook team they sent me a new one no questions asked and I didnt have to send the original back.

    The second vape I received worked for 3 days then stopped charging. After this I asked for my money back and they ended up refunding me $350aud and I used that to get a mighty. Very dissapointed with this peice of scrap metal I bought and I still have both of the faulty hydrogoly 9 units sitting in my room next to my plenty and eq haha. They are such a gimmic. Is anyone else seeing all their bullshit Facebook posts saying that its the best vape ever ect?
    Their product sucks I would never reccomend it but at least they provided me with great customer service.
  • n0rb33r7
    Weird, I've been using my hydrology vape since end of May and I am freaking happy with it! I am a heavy smoker due to diabetes (like 2gr a day) and I love it, that the vape is water filtered and I am not coughing up anything!
  • Zep4
    I too sent mine back due to total vapor obstruction which Cloudious said was a faulty heating element...and totally refunded my money as well. My new Crafty is awwwwesome as has been my Plenty.
  • To the Cloud
    At least they have good customer service and are refunding the money without issue. I have noticed on my Hydrology 9 that how tight I have it screwed together affects the draw resistance. This really sucks as loosening can make the water leak out. I do find the set up to be the biggest pain, but love the large rips and built in water purification. Keeping the pic and chamber clean , have had no issues over 4 months.
  • Dick Cheney
    This was my first vaporizer, so I don't have a lot to compare to. It worked well and seemed to be economical on the herb.
    I took it apart ,and could not get it to stop leaking, wrote to them and they sent me new seals and an acrylic glass for no charge. That fixed that problem, but I really had to torque the ends down to prevent leaks.
    Then a week later, the lights were all off sync, you never know what was going on, if anything, and it was nothing but nice to look at. I have written and waiting to hear from them.
  • metalmancpa
    I got mine from Bud as part of his sell-off. I don't use it much. The Mighty, Crafty, and Omnivap XL Ti have spoiled me. The Hydrology 9 just doesn't draw as well, and it's just not as easy to get a free flowing solid hit.
  • Majincraft
    I made an account just to post here. BUYER BEWARE. This product is absolute shite. Sure it looks pretty but it will just burn up all your precious flower and not hit properly no matter what tweaks you try. I got mine from CL in NY. I’m going to call them today and attempt a refund. Buyers remorse times a thousand. You are better off going to a head/smoke shop and buy an analog bong or bubbler with some hemp wick. The fact that the CL staff raves about this inferior vaporizer makes me question the companies morals. I’ll update you guys after I call today.
  • Cl4ud3
    I hope you can get that refund. Very few people have anything good to say about this vape. I know when Bud had one he wasn't at all impressed with it. It's a gimmick product where they should have concentrated on performance rather than the flashing lights and water.
  • Baron23
    @Majincraft - I agree

    Someone gave me one....and I gave it away quickly myself.

    Total junk, IMO.
  • Bruce

    Happy New Year.

    I gifted mine to someone a while back.

    It leaks,,, the AVB is moist smelly. I was sent a replacement, exact same thing, I have freinds, exact same thing.
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