• mastervape
    for me, desktop: e-nano and cloud evo, portable: mighty,crafty,iq

    for you??
  • VapeCritic
    lol i removed a few question marks from your post title, eeeaaasy boy 8-)
  • techvape
    Lol, there are still a lot of them
  • VapeCritic
    Dropped it to 2 lol
  • howie105
    Solo at home Nano too.
    Group at home LSV.
    On the go MFLB.
  • duff
    This is definitely a four question mark question!
  • mastervape
    whats wrong guys need some good staff :P ?
  • Kuzko
  • Dazza78
    Out of mine home vape the plenty and portable is my iQ small but a powerful stealthy vape
  • Sue
    Solo 2 for me
  • duff
    Any of the stem vapes, Tubo, Milaana, Solo 2, logs have to be at the top for efficiency.

    IMO, any conduction vapes would be towards the bottom.

    Vapcap is right up near the top if not the very top.
  • mastervape
    @duff i have milaana & solo 2 and i think crafty and mighty is still better than this vapes but they are really good vapes but not better than mighty in my opinion.
  • Cl4ud3
    IMO, any conduction vapes would be towards the bottom.duff

    Battery conduction yep, butane as you said with the VapCap are extremely high efficiency. It's down to the super quick heat up time I guess. The Vapman for instance is super efficient too.

    Agree with you on stem vapes and convection on demand. NO Battery conduction or hybrid portable is going to beat a log style vape for efficiency as you can remove the load at any time and it never heats up.

    i have milaana & solo 2 and i think crafty and mighty is still better than this vapes but they are really good vapes but not better than mighty in my opinionmastervape

    Can't disagree more than with this, hybrid conduction vape with a slow heatup is not efficient.
  • mastervape
    @Cl4ud3 i can;t disagree with you cause i sad i have all this vapes and i know what vape gives me better and stronger high man when i use milana or solo 2 i feeling like smoke a joint when i use mighty i feel like smoke a big bong with purple kush but its your opinion ;)
  • Cl4ud3
    Potency and efficiency are not the same thing >:O especially when a Milaana stem is under .1 gram and the mighty is what .3 lol
  • mastervape
    @Cl4ud3 with dosing capsules i can use 0,1 g in mighty and it works great for me try man ;)
  • Cl4ud3
    Used one a couple of times, never with a dosing cap though. I can say it's a good vape but I think it's old tech and overpriced not as efficient as people are making out, just my opinion.
  • mastervape
    @Cl4ud3 efficent for you is use a smalll amount of herb with best results yes ????? for me best efficent is when vaporizer gives me a high like waaling the moon i love really strong high : )
  • Cl4ud3
    I look at efficiency like I would look at efficiency in a car - not how quick it goes from 0-60 but how long you can go on the same amount of fuel.
    I think your describing potency more than how efficient something is. Sticky Brick for instance is a very potent vape but not sure where I would put it on the efficiency scale, it is very good though.
  • Gilljos99
    I have a Crafty and a Milaana, and in my opinion, judging by efficiency only, the Milaana wins hands down.
  • funnywhite
    I find a nice mod named Smoant Charon TS 218 Touch Screen Mod, it is really amazing, believe vapors will love it, it have a prefect UI design and the sensitive touch feeling i had never see before!
    unbox video here: https://youtu.be/KxrqIHEfb9w
  • mastervape
    @Gilljos99 for me crafty is definitely better than Milaana simple vape nothing special obły vape in 190 degress and potency is really worst than crafty effinency is the same
  • techvape
    didn’t read title in „post title“
  • Diggy Smalls
    I find my log Vapes to be the most efficient. The vapcap is pretty efficient, but I always use more than I do with my logs, so I don't see it as quite as efficient.
  • UbarDog
    Rather than make a new tread im gonna open this one up again, Its a Year on so things may have changed for some people + new tech.

    So What do you think is the MOST efficient Vape.

    To clear it up . you have 1g and need to get the MOST out of it,
  • Chronicles22
    Either Firewood 5 or Ghost MV1
  • Baron23
    Enano or VapCap, IMO
  • BestBuds
    Ditto on the 4 above but I would still say Splinter Z is a super efficient vape. If I made 2 small piles of herb both weighing .5 and vaped one with the Z and the other with the eNano I think they would give me about the same efficiency. It's gotta be damn hard to beat the above mentioned vapes for efficiency.
  • Dr green thumb
    dynavap with titanium tip and screen all the way forward. Would get you three sessions with the .1
  • LabPong
    I can suggest 2 extremes.
    1. vapcap
    2. flowerpot
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