• G-Code
    VapCap, IMO. 1g is like 10-12 bowls at 2 hits per bowl for me. Only the Enano gives me similar results. Although since my Enano is always on, I hit it over and over again for no real reason other than convenience. It makes my Enano very inefficient :rofl:
  • To the Cloud
    I hate to be redundant and don't have experience with the Wooden vapes or anything that requires me to use a lighter to get vapor, but the most efficient IME is the Mighty.

    I have taken buds where I can get anymore from pretty much all the vapes and thrown them in the Mighty and still get a few more draws ( and it's not total garbage taste either) When trying to reverse the testing ,such as taking spent herb from the Mighty and putting it in the Firefly 2 , I get absolutely nothing. Mighty is the king extractor
  • bum karacho
    for me at the momenent i´ve this vapes:

    dynavap m 2018
    magic flight launch box
    muad - dib
    og brick cherry
    vapocan with sugarcane
    hydrobrick maxxxx
    vapexhale with hydrabomb

    if i want to be xtra efficent and fast .....
    i use butan vapes and i love it.
    but all storz and bickls are also xtra efficent.
    but butan works with 1300watt, no other vape has so much power
  • acstorfer
    My Firefly 2 was my most efficient, but it required constant stirring. For most convenient, my Mighty takes it.
  • EconMan

    Yep. If you don't like to stir, don't get a FF2 :)
  • Dr green thumb
    or if you arent musically inclined the ff2 isnt for you.

  • EconMan

    Whew! That means it is for me. :party:

    Of course, there is always the joke..."you're not a musician, you're a drummer". :joke:

    And then I break out my glockenspiel :)

    Interesting. I need to get a conduction vape. I have not used one since I got mad and threw my PAX away 7 years or so ago. The ones I've tried have not had very good draw. I can take a restricted draw, but the pax was like I had been poisoned and only the pax had the antidote. At some point, sucking on it is pointless.

    Can you take "single hits" ?

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  • UbarDog

    And you think the most efficient is? :D
  • EconMan

    I honestly don't know. Even defining "efficiency" here would be controversial -- I suspect many people think of it as the ratio of outputs to inputs but what precisely is the "output" of vaping for us to go try and measure? Is it the amount of "high" vs the amount of "flower" inputted? The amount of fun outputted?..... It is confusing to me.

    That's why I depend on professional Critics who have the time (it's their business) to teach me about the possibilities, data, feelings, judgements, etc. Also, I'm not qualified since my exposure to all production vapes is still rather limited --more I've not used than used. And then lastly, and I just realized it (so thank you!), but I truly don't care if my vape/squish/dab is "efficient" (odd given my education and profession). What I do care about is that it is TASTY, has some mental intensity, and is FUN with friends.

    ex. I know with metaphysical certainty that four .25g dabs provide more total happiness than one 1g dab (I don't even finish the 1g dab but hand it off to a friend who can't stand waste). Likewise, every friend I have tells me doing four .25g dabs is certainly more efficient than a big one "wasted", regardless, the latter is nevertheless much more fun:party: and leaves me with this wonderful feeling of what Thorstein Veblen called, the "Ceremonial Disposal of Surplus".
  • UbarDog

    WOW what a way to make something simple, friendly and informative and turn it on its head. You are being overly awkward and overly complicating things. I feel from your other posts that you are NOT a stupid man THEREFORE You Do understand my post and what this tread is ASKing. Also being a thinker YOU do have an oppion and dont need a Critic to tell you that . You have made a inetellegent decision to be disruptive. I Have explained My definition of efficient. I was not asking you to explain that, just give your most well informed opinion. But you knew this and chose to reply like that, instead of helping other and spreading good info. If there is a vote or tread I feel I can't imput to I just DON'T imput. I do not jack the tread explain how I can't help.
  • evolve
    My most efficient vapes are the Vapcap, Flowerpot Showerhead, and Milaana. The Mighty is definitely not an efficient type of vape compared with those others. If I take the Mighty out, I need to take more material out with me to achieve the same level of effects.
  • EconMan

    "Overly" is a term of judgement, that to be blunt, you possess no valid right to make. "Simple" is probably not applicable to me in many ways at all, however I am generally a friendly and informative person. Thank you for saying you feel I'm "not stupid" but I don't participate on this forum to impress or please any particular person, or to perform like a circus dog -- rather I am here to learn and have fun and make friends, something I've done and am grateful for.
    So keep your passive aggressiveness to yourself. At least keep it away from me.

    I did not understand your post, nor did I see your definition... I came into this thread because Dr Green tagged me on the FF2 and music, and I never even realized the thread went back. Never saw your reboot post. I said something fun and silly, then you asked my thought on the efficiency question, and I honestly did/do not know, nor do I think I'm qualified to make much of an opinion and stated why -- that I rarely think of efficiency in my vapes anyway (perhaps the Plenty?), and being that I don't own nor have used very many, I stand on my statement I'm not qualified to say. There are many here who, on this subject, have experience greatly exceeding my own... I tend to really listen to them. To me they are experts. Every vape I own is somehow linked to this forum, and my education has been contributed to by many of the "elders" here.

    Debunking your insulting Judgement Engine further, since it is my thinking under discussion, and I am certainly an authority on myself, I made no such "intelligent decision" to be "disruptive". I gave and will continue to make an emotional decision to be mySELF, and at that moment of composition, I was being silly and having fun with the "music" post. I did apply my mind to your question, and I still, even after reading your first post in the thread just now, don't believe you defined efficiency well -- "getting the most out of it" requires knowing what "most" means in this context -- which is what started my mind to "thinking" about efficiency more seriously than I was in the first place.

    Lastly, no thread was "jacked" here, except perhaps by you. Your expectations of how I should behave according to your standards notwithstanding, you could have "intelligently chosen" to write me privately, or herded the thread in a more focused direction of your liking... yet, you chose to put out public drama and public personal insults dripping with passive aggressiveness. Hope the "payoff" received was worth it to you?

    Regardless, let me make something VERY clear. I do not live for you, nor desire to, and I will not be bullied by your expectations of how I think and speak. I need to be me and will defend that right. So either accept me, perceived personality warts and all, and stop judging my intentions, or ignore me and leave me alone, and perhaps go attempt an anatomically impossible act of self-gratification.
  • UbarDog

    Dude i just wanted people opions . Sorry to have caused all this . Please stay off this thread now thank you
  • acstorfer
    Just to be clear, I define efficiency as having the ability to draw out more yumminess than anything else without combusting. You know there is just nothing left in there. My definition has nothing to do with effect. If that’s the definition people are looking for, I’d say my Omnivap takes it.
  • Dr green thumb
    I agree but with dynavap as a good choice but the M hits as hard as the omnivap. I have put a titanium tip on my M and I use it with the carb plugged it is no different than the omnivap in getting results but it is $90 cheaper. Dynavap is the only company who has an entry level vape that performs as well as the top tier vape. If I was down to my last bit if herb this is the company I would turn to.
  • UbarDog
    I define efficiency as having the ability to draw out more yumminess than anything else without combustingacstorfer

    Yea thats what im getting at, I think most people grasped that.

    Oki to clear things up alittle more ..... my wife is poorly. I dont want to go in to details. She reacts badly to alot of pharmcicals/painkillers

    We live in a illegal country , I get her CBD's ect but nothing works like flower. I used to work and support her up entill recently. i have had to give up work and care for her and even more recently have had major health issues myself.
    So things are VERY tight right now. Is very hard keep up with medical costs, daily living and flower.

    So I can't afford much for my famliey. So what i do buy, my wife needs to get as much out of the flowers as possable with the most medical benfit and a complete extraction.

    I Do not wish to debate what is Efficency here.

    -my question is What do you guys think is the best vape for complete extraction and can give the most medical benfit from a set amount of flower?

    Out of my own personal expericance I would say the M is the most efficaint vape that i have tried. If i use my IQ all day i could eazy use 1-1.5g a day but not be satified for most of the day, but with my M . I will be satified with 0.5 for a day. Wich is about the same as my m8's Underdog for daily use.

    My wife hates the M I try to hate her for it, but i can't :D

    I'm not sure if its in my head somtimes because it take longer to comsume and more effot than simpley loading the IQ and puffing away

    Im not good with the written word - I like to keep things short and sweet and close to my chest. All of thats gone out window in this one post.
  • acstorfer
    I had no intention in implying in any way that the Dynavap didn’t pack the same punch. I had an M which came with a titanium tip as a promotion. I loved it! I was blessed with an Omnivap and I gave away my Dynavap. When I previously said Omnivap it was just because that’s what I own now. I should make a point to say vapcap so everything is covered.
  • acstorfer
    I am very sorry to read about your circumstances, but you seem to be handling everything as well as can be expected.
  • Dr green thumb
    I'm sorry, I wasnt writing that as anything other than letting people who may not be familiar with dynavap know that only cosmetic and material changes exist between models unlike other manufacturers that have low end and high end vapes.

    Personally I wish they would redesign the omnivap so that it is more exotic and not just titanium with an adjustable carb. But I have a feeling we will see something different real soon.
  • Dr green thumb
    my heart goes out to you, I completely understand what you are going through. And sometimes the best way to get through is to let others take some of the burden off of you. I wish you and your wife well and hope things improve quickly.
  • EconMan
    Please stay off this thread now thank youUbarDog

    I have no idea where you got your sense of entitlement relating to me, but you, again, do NOT own me, or this forum, and you do not regulate which threads I participate or do not participate in. You don't get to tell me what, when, and how to respond, to regulate my personality, and/or judge intentions you understand nothing about. This doesn't fly with me. The world does NOT revolve around you and I know I certainly do not either.

    You also did NOT "just want opinions". I gave you my sincere opinion as it was in my head at the moment. Apparently, it was insufficiently stated for you. What you did do was scold, lecture, and personally insult me, and I'm not going to tolerate it unanswered. I'll bite back.

    If you want me to avoid you personally, I am happy to do so, but I'll participate in whatever discussions hook me into them until the owners or their delegates tell me otherwise.
  • Magicman
    @EconMan @UbarDog
    You guys do realize that after about 3 paragraphs without any pictures, I just push the back button.
  • UbarDog

    Oh my , Econ Do wha you like , itt was a request. i dont want to be mean to you , please stop
  • Cl4ud3
    Guys you need to take this argument elsewhere.

    I don't need a reply to this mod note either, please get back to the thread topic
  • Alexis
    you mean pictures of black eyes, cuts and bruises right? :wink:
  • martinstraka8282
    I don't have a lot to compare it too, but this Ghost vape seems pretty damn efficient to me. I'm using about 25% of what I used to when I was combusting exclusively and I love being able to take a hit or two and walk away until later.

    Shout out to Bud. I had never really researched vaping but i found this site a few days after falling for TVape and their marketing reviews and preordering the Zeus Arc. Thank god i found this site and instead of throwing away $300 I have a killer MV1! Use it every day.
  • UbarDog

    These are some i think i seen most mentioned here, Few other chucked in as well.
    Ty all for imput I would also like to ask the E-Nano users if they have tried the other log style ie
    Ed's TnT-underdog- or possably a Heat Island and how they compare. Intrested in HI by alan coz i see he dose UK cords.

    @Dr green thumb @acstorfer ty both for kind words.
  • Baron23
    WOW what a way to make something simple, friendly and informative and turn it on its head.UbarDog

    I kind of agree....efficiency of vapes is not a deep philosophical question. Our objective is to extract cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, etc out of whole botanical material.

    The more I extract with a given vape out of a given amount of a given sample of flower, the more efficient it is.

    Being able to run on small loads...such as the VC, Enano, etc....while often confused a bit with efficiency, really isn't to my mind. Its just suitability for a specific use case, to me.

    Thanks, @Cl4ud3 !! I was about to threaten the entire thread with a air strike (I was thinking napalm) if they didn't cheer up and get friendly! :rofl:

    Carry on, gents :-)
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