• standingsideways
    I'm a big fan of the solo 2, so much so I wrote a review for it on Bud's vape critic site that can be seen through the links above. Mine has been used daily for nearly 18 months but recently ran into some issues. I had just started a session and enjoyed the tasty first couple of draws when I went in for another hit, did not get any vapour and found the screen was blank. At first I just thought I had zoned out and the device must have gone to auto shut off, so I checked the bowl, still green, that's weird. I powered up the device to restart the session and when trying to heat up a error code 5 message appeared on the screen and the device shut down. Dam, that's not good. I emptied the bowl into my sticky brick to finish it off and tried to power up again, error code 5!
    I recharged it and tried several times over the next 2 days to get it going but nothing worked, same error code 5 message every time.
    I emailed vapefiend.co.uk the retailer I had bought the unit from and they requested I send it back so they could investigate. A few days later they emailed to say it was faulty and they would be sending a warranty replacement.
    I was hugely impressed with the service from both vapefiend and arizer, they really stand behind their products and Adam at vapefiend is super friendly to deal with.
    My new device is awesome and it was really great to have been so well looked after as a customer by both the manufacturer and the retailer. Things sometimes inevitably go wrong but it's great to know these companies look after their customers when they do. Many thanks to both from one very happy vaper.
  • MrGreen
    My solo ll was replaced after a year due to an error 7. My experience dealing directly with Arizer was also excellent.
  • To the Cloud
    Funny just read this all these years later. The SOLO 2 is better than the new overpriced AirMax.
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