• VapeCritic
    First, I can't thank you all enough for your patience, support and enthusiasm during this whole process, you've been incredible.

    If you haven't seen it, Ghost posted a final announcement today saying that stock is starting to arrive and orders will soon start shipping out, you can read their update here.


    All forum members who registered with Ghost are receiving priority treatment and will be given the opportunity to place an order before the general public.

    Ghost sent out an email today (8/31) to everyone on their reservation list, if you received this email then that is the confirmation that you are on the priority list (check your spam to make sure).

    If you are on the list you will be receiving a second email from Ghost very soon, and this email will include the link to place your order on their website.

    All forum members have been cross-checked with their list and the link Ghost puts in their email to order is being treated as my referral link.

    If you are on Ghost's priority reservation list, and you received an email from them today, you are GOOD TO GO and simply need to sit tight for that second email from Ghost. When you click the link in their email and make a purchase it will be tracked and I'll get credit for referring you. This also means you will receive the free or half-price fast charger (depending on your spot in line) and be eligible for my personal buy-back guarantee.


    All this means is that you didn't get in early enough to be on the VIP list, but I'll still be posting updates here and will let everybody know the second their store goes live to the public.

    The fast charger promo is limited to the first 2000 people who order, but my buy-back guarantee applies to everyone who orders through my referral link during the month of September.

    To ensure your order gets tracked as a referral please make sure to click my link in a web browser that does not have an ad-blocker or content blocker installed, they sometimes block affiliate links and prevent them from being tracked. I hate to even have to ask!


    If you buy the MV1 through me during the month of September and you don't like it for any reason whatsoever after 3 days of using it then I will personally buy it back from you for full price ($295).


    You'll have 3 days (72 hours) to try it out once it gets delivered to your address. If for any reason you don't want it simply send me an email or PM and I'll send you a pre-paid return label right away (inside U.S.).

    For people outside the U.S. I unfortunately won't be able to pay you back the original shipping charge, but I will give you $15 extra towards the cost of return shipping.

    If you decide to return the vape you'll need to also return the fast charger if you received it for free or half price. I will pay you back the amount you paid for the charger.

    The vape will come with multiple crucibles - PLEASE ONLY USE ONE to test out the vape, and then if you decide to return it you can keep the one you used and return the others.

    You must return the vape in LIKE-NEW condition, meaning you didn't scratch it or scuff it or otherwise affect its appearance or performance. If you think there's a chance you might return it I would advise unboxing it and using it over a carpeted floor, JUST IN CASE.

    If I receive a vape return that has visible damage I'll handle it in the fairest way I can think of - I'll post pictures of it on the forum and let you guys decide what condition it's in, and then my refund will depend on the extent of the damage.

    If you use the vape more than just a few times I may also ask you to clean the heat sink before sending it to me, as shown in my most recent review video.

    I can't send you any money up-front, I'll have to get the vape back and quickly inspect it before paying you. I'm going to do my absolute best to inspect any returns within 48 hours. The most convenient way for me to send money will be PayPal, but I may be able to accommodate sending a paper check as well.

    Just to be crystal clear this is not a guarantee by Ghost Vapes and they are not involved in this, nor are they giving me any kind of special kickback to do this. So it's actually NOT a refund from Ghost, I will be sending you the money separately from my own account. Basically, I'm buying the vape back from you.

    Lastly, I don't think any of you will do this, but if anyone returns the vape to me and I pay you and then you go try and do a chargeback to Ghost I will personally beat your ass 8-)


    Thank you and STAY UP!
  • BouncingOffClouds
  • BobaTheFett
    So if we got an email today does that mean we made the reserve list to be amongst the first?
  • Jeff
    Thanks Bud!!
  • Baron23
    So if we got an email today does that mean we made the reserve list to be amongst the first?BobaTheFett

    WTF....did you read Bud's post at the top of this thread :-}

    if you received this email then that is the confirmation that you are on the priority listVapeCritic
  • BobaTheFett
    I'm reading while at work lol thanks just confirming I think you may need to vape :P
  • ghostvapesofficial
    You are most welcome and thanks to everyone for your patience. We are truly as excited as you are and can't wait to get our product into your hands
  • Sue
    sounds great Bud!! can't wait!
  • Baron23
    And I apologize...there was no need for me to be that short with you.

  • BobaTheFett
    no worries I appreciate you answering my question lol I only signed up a week or so ago so was surprised I made priority I have my money ready :D
  • JCasco
    Not sure what I did wrong but enjoy the vape guys I am not one of the lucky ones that got the email today so I may wind up buying one of Bud's buybacks if he gets any. Disappointed cuz I registered the minute the Ghost site went live and others who have just registered recently got the email which I dont completely understand.
  • Baron23
    Write to Whitney at GHOST and ask them.

    Registering an account on the site is not the issue.

    You needed to respond to a link Bud posted that was the reservation list (now closed). Did you do that?
  • JCasco

    Sure did Barron followed the directions to the letter funny thing is that I am recieving all other emails from Ghost except the one I really want. I did email Whitney again poor girl shes probably going nuts cuz of guys like me so we will see what she has to say...she has been great thus far. I have also checked all the likely sources that the email would go into if not direct to my inbox and nothing. Wonder if its got something to do with yahoo. Thanks for your input Barron
  • BobaTheFett
    To clerify I did use buds referral link and not the direct ghost website
  • Other Side
    I wonder if color choice had anything to do with it? I certainly wasn't the first in the list but I registered a week ago or so. If people who registered a couple days ago are getting confirmation then my suspicious is color choice played into this or perhaps the process is simply broken.
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Please PM us the email address that you registered with. We will check on our servers and once verified enter you into the system manually so you don't lose out.
  • Baron23
    Now THAT ^^ is responsiveness. X-)
  • JCasco
    Everybody @ Ghost thus far has been a great help they are currently working on "my issue" and I am confident they will get it squared away.
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Thanks and we promise to keep it up once we start shipping. Whitney is doing a great job at getting our customer service center fully operational and we are almost there.
  • Magicman
  • triadx
    i got my email and i was thoroughly offended. 24 hour window after all this waiting, who do these guys think they are?

    i'm sorry that's just bush league, i really really really do not appreciate the arrogance this company displays. like i should feel so fortunate after months of monitoring the situation to be given a tiny 24 hour window to submit my order WHEN they ALLOW me to. no one else has a problem with this? is it just me that feels like these guys are out of their minds with this launch structure? i rolled my eyes at the email i got today, "oh that thing is still coming out?" zzz. get ready for the next email if you're lucky we will take your money now.... what a joke i'm sorry. last time i emailed them they said rudely i would have to resubmit my order through the referral link to get the bundled fast charger. the guy sounded truly irritated when i mentioned the offer. i don't know about this man, even if it is the best vape ever which is unlikely, im not happy with the attitude purveyed. there's no apology for the delays, idk it just rubs me wrong. not sure if i will even buy one now. i can only imagine how the rma process would go if i were to have a problem. these are not the kind of people i'd want to deal with. it's cool that some of you are excited. i feel insulted. sucks for vc the most how they put you in position to cheer lead and create demand for their product. with all the delays that's been a lot of extra work i hope they've been taking care of you. seems like they are taking advantage of this the longer we wait the more content and excitement he's forced to generate and maintain. when i think about that it's just dirty, these people are out of touch. "hey let's go on tour guys! these clowns will buy it when we tell them to." f that
  • midas
    It could be color choice. I just assume that everybody did what I did and signed up for all the colors. I don't really give a damn what it looks like. I'm not trying to impress anybody. I'm just looking for a good vape.
  • VapeCritic
    you're off base i'm sorry
  • Erikson
    Agreed. It's the only way to slowly fullfill reservations.
  • BouncingOffClouds
    *shrug* I'm still excited. I don't think I'm entitled to having the vape at any time, I haven't paid a single penny for it yet. Delays happen, oh well.
  • Toni Montana
    I got the email but I used my phone when I was registering so it probably didn't go thru your link? how can I be sure that when I buy it gives you a credit and gives me a free charger?
  • SpudBob
    Or maybe there isn't all that much interest except on Vapelife? Time will tell!
  • Spog
    He's got 33,xxx subscribers.. plus the people that follow but don't subscribe. I bet there's a bunch on that list. He knows more about vapes and has tried and put his hands onpretty much all of the good ones. If this is buds top pick, I'm in and I bet a bunch of others that haven't posted here are too. I could easily see 2k people wanting this right out of the gate!
  • Dave
    K cool. That's pretty awesome. I registered before finding your link and then registered twice more just in case after clicking the link. I'm sure that Ghost has that all logged somewheres. That fast charger deal is worthwhile.

    I'm torn right now between the Gold vs Black. Curious though, can I kinda palm that gold one so it's a little more discreet outside? Is it magnetic? I wouldn't attach stickers to it, maybe a wraparound custom cut magnet. I would lean more towards the black if it's the case where you think this gold one would be a beacon.

    Crucible holder thingamajig.. K so this is needed. What can we use to substitute in the meantime? With the Mighty and the Crafty we have those capsules. Capsules may leak a little bit with a fine grind but they are easily storable without worrying about the lid simply popping off. What would you use until that crucible holder comes out?