• Bruce
    I also hit it as soon as it was available...

    Probably that Dang Vape Critics fault, he has been vaping on the job...........
  • VapeCritic
    I got a copy of Buds daily schedule.

    9 AM - 12 PM - Test the MV1
    12 PM -1 PM - Munchies Run
    1PM - 5PM - Test the MV1
    5 PM - 6 PM - Munchies Run
    6 PM - 10 PM Test MV1

    :-! :-! :-!

    Not too far off! LOL
  • Bruce
    I signed up the first day the Ghost MV1 waiting list was available. I wanted Rose Gold. I understand you don't have that ready yet. Can I get the Nickel? Because I don't want to have to wait 2 weeks.
  • VapeCritic
    gotta wait for Nickel too brotha, the black and silver are awesome u don't like those?
  • technoHippie
    I am in love with the black chrome, I don't know why everyone isn't buying that one lol. Not a fan of satin, and rose gold feels gaudy to me (just an opinion, no offense to those that like it, just not my style).

    That black chrome reminds me of like, a Star Wars droid or something. Like if K2-SO was shiny haha!
  • Skyvaper
    I felt the same way. I even requested black chrome initially. I ended up purchasing the satin silver. I just kept being drawn to that one more while watching the videos. I wasn't so sure I'd like the gloss even though bud says it's not as shiny in person l.

    Also very nice Star wars reference. Skyvaper/Skywalker
  • BoomDraws
    with the sound it makes u have a weed light saber!
  • technoHippie

    I'm typically against glossy products myself. I said gaudy for rose gold, but most glossy stuff comes off gaudy to me. For some reason that I can't explain, this doesn't feel that way to me.

    The satin finish will probably uphold a lot better, though. I don't imagine that gloss holding up against keys or other things it might come into contact with.

    Can't wait for that carrying case to release.

    @ghostvapesofficial When the carrying case is released, will it have room for the crucible dispenser inside next to the vape?

    @BoomDraws omfg, yes!
  • Skyvaper
    Great question with the case. I was also wondering if it had room to store your blends.
  • Naked Paradox
    It does look like they've intentionally made it that way, I imagine the case will end up being quite large, but i'd definitely want it if I was going travelling. I can already see myself carrying this thing around in a sock until it's released!
  • Bruce
    I like the Black or silver! I like them all!

    Does the Ghost MV1 out perform a balloon session with the Extreme Q or Volcano ?
  • mponi
    i find today this post... i'm in late for reserve a chrome black one, right? :-D
    i try to follow the link.. but i see only "coming soon" not "add to cart" :s
    ghost vape ship to italy?
    thank you
  • technoHippie

    From what I can tell, it's probably way more efficient with small amounts, but bag vapes are gonna give a different experience. I'm vaping from my Volcano as I type, and as much as I like it, I'm thinking the Ghost will out perform.

    AVB from Volcano at 446F vs AVB from Air at 410F (left and right, respectively):


    Now, the Air has some conduction, which explains why it's so dark, the Volcano is pure convection and very, very light. From the images Bud posted in the videos, the Ghost AVB is somewhere in the middle, closer to the Air in darkness, but is also pure convection like the Volcano.

    I have a feeling the Volcano is gonna get retired except for groups of people, which is kinda sad, since I just got the EV set with the reducer and capsules (btw, found a WAY more efficient method of using those capsules in the reducer, will post a video after I do my Ghost unboxing and review.)

    Still working on my branding! =P

    Edit: max Volcano temperature fix, mixed 230c and 446f to get 430f lol
  • BawlmerMerlin
    Long-time lurker and apparent early signee on the waiting list as I was able to place my order (for the satin silver model) yesterday. Thank you to Bud for putting up with everyone's antics during the prolonged build-up.


    Before I placed my order (# 200000111) within the first hour or so yesterday, I updated my shipping address to be my workplace once I was assured that the packaging would be "innocent," as I find shipping to be marginally faster (and more secure) when going to a business. The issue I have is that my order confirmation also had that business address as my billing address, which I would think will cause issues with Visa processing the charge. I responded with that information to the order confirmation email as well as sending the same note via your website under the "support," without any response back so far, no doubt because you are being inundated with correspondence. At this point my order shows on the Ghost website as "processing." I'm not terribly concerned, as both addresses are listed correctly on your website under "account information," but if you have the opportunity to check in on this I would be most appreciative.

    Very much looking forward to a portable replacement for my Pax 2, which still works fine, that will give my home Evo a run for its money in the "cerebral impact" department!
  • Rob Frank
    How can anyone still have any belief in this Ghost vape product. They have been ready to ship any day since July. And once again there is a delay are you kidding me. I'm ordering a Mighty and calling it a day.
  • technoHippie

    Bro, emails are going out. Watch the videos, man. They did 3 months of field testing to make sure it was what they wanted it to be. And trust me, the engineering here is, as Bud says, next level.

    Give it a chance. Besides, Mighty 2 is probably coming soon, so getting a Mighty now would probably give you buyers remorse.

    Also, check out Bud's video from this morning. His Mighty is having big issues and he's retiring it.

    @ghostvapesofficial and @VapeCritic are taking care of us, and providing us the best device possible.
  • Baron23
    Thsi is an interesting subject that is often debated: does AVB color absolutely reflect the degree of extraction and I rather favor the side that says that after a point....no. That really dark AVB, particularly from a conduction type vape, only reflects further oxidation over all (and all chlorophyll in particular).

    Here's a challenge....take the Cano poo and run some of it through your Solo. Any effects left in there?

    I'm suggesting this seriously and if you get a chance, please give it a shot and let us know. My experience is that when I try to further vape AVB from my Mighty (without liquid pad on top of the load) or my Volcano, there really ain't that much useful in there. Your experience may be different.

    I also note that in any given vape, the strain being vaped has a lot to do with the color of the resulting AVB (well, it does if you don't take it to the point of charring). For example, I have some Sour Tangie that no matter what its run through, if not burnt a bit, will always come out lighter (its a very light mint green to start with).

  • Baron23
    How can anyone still have any belief in this Ghost vape product. They have been ready to ship any day since July. And once again there is a delay are you kidding me. I'm ordering a Mighty and calling it a day.Rob Frank

    Please do...its a great vape.
  • technoHippie

    I've actually tried it, put the Volcano avb in my Air at level 5, went a whole session and couldn't get a single thing. But I wonder if whatever it is that darkens it more helps with the medicinal effects, as I feel better relief from the Air than the Volcano, though the Volcano feels cleaner. I don't smoke at all anymore, so difficult to compare the effects, but there's something there, and I think some professional research should be done in this area. Maybe take the AVB from multiple devices, do CO2 extraction at all levels for known compounds, and see what comes out?

    But, the MOST interesting thing I found is even after that full session in the Air, it was still the lighter color from the Volcano. I have no idea how to explain that.
  • Baron23
    But I wonder if whatever it is that darkens it more helps with the medicinal effectstechnoHippie

    Wow, I don't know and this is one more reason to wish we had real scientific and industry research on these subjects. I agree with you entirely on that.

    I think it would be easy to test...but cost $$. That is, the proper lab can extract whatever is in the AVB with solvents and then do a fractional distillation and they can tell what is left in there....but again, $$. Or perhaps gas chromatography...not really my area but I believe that there are well proved processes to do this if you are a proper lab.

    I hear you...I to often think that the darker loads give me a more sedative effect (I medicate for pain and resulting inability to sleep...almost all at night) but I can't prove it and the placebo effect is indeed very powerful.

    I'm with you, I have no idea why cycling it through the Solo didn't darken the Cano AVB. Its a MYSTERY! LOL;) >:O
  • Spog
    Has anyone seen the second round of emails today?
  • Derek
    Nothing here I ordered day one right away
  • GhostMV1User
    No emails yet for me, however I might not be in today's batch
  • Pablo
    Received a UPS email tracking notice this morning. A package from Elite Logistics & Fulfillment out of Ontario, CA is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. That's it!
  • BlueDream310
    That's amazing that's Super close forme
  • Triple6
    Anyone from the UK put there order in yet? Or anyone from any part of the world apart from the USA put there order in? I was wondering what the p&p charges were? Still waiting in vain here for my email but I'm sure it will be worth the wait
  • Naked Paradox
    I did, it was $30 for shopping to the UK. Not sure if I'm going to get slapped a customs charge though, hopefully not.
  • GhostMV1User
    Looks like another 24 hours until I might get an email.

    Batch releases are not fun in my opinion. :(
  • gemgirl
    Me too, its so close. But at least when it does ship we will get it super fast. :)
  • casualcrown
    I thought the email batches were going to be released yesterday and today only? I have horrible insomnia and i can't keep waking up super early with only three hours of sleep :( This is really disappointing for me.