• Bruce
    Attached is MY VC Collection. Soon the MV1 will make one of these babies retire.

    #1 The Vape Critic's recommendation. I have a collection of great vapes and all VC recommendation. So I am really comfortable knowing what I am getting.

    #2 GLASS gets me every time and high-grade metal.

    #3 Battery Life

    #4 This is probably the best vaporizer on the market.

    #5 $295 (for a vape on level with the Mighty)

    #6 Fast Charger - Great Battery Life

    #7 Pocketable

    #8 The Vape Critic Guarantee - Really a no brainer.

    #9 A Ghost in time for Halloween

    #10 The App

    #11 It must be strong, Bud hasn't left the Vape Cave.

    #12 Micro USB (Crucial)

    #13 Pass through charging.

    #14 It's sleek. Sleek works for me. This looks like the IQ's bigger brother. lol

    #15 It looks like a Star Wars Droid.

    #18 Convection (still not sold on it) Give me the best and purest vape production don't care how its done lol

  • Rhys
    I thought I remember Bud saying it doesn't support pass through charging? Could be wrong, but I remember thinking that was my only gripe with it.

    I'm looking forward to the reduction in material used to achieve the effects that I want. It'll also be great to have my first fully convection enabled vape. :)
  • Baron23
    I thought I remember Bud saying it doesn't support pass through charging? Could be wrong, but I remember thinking that was my only gripe with it.Rhys

    I believe you are right, coupled with long recharge time, this gave rise to the interest (need?) for the external fast charger.
  • VapeCritic
    Nice collection! The only on-demand one you have right now is the Launch Box, but I know you had the FF2 also, you'll like this one better.

    Rhys and Baron23 are correct, no pass-thru charging with this one b/c it doesn't charge fast enough via usb
  • Namekian
    Morning Bud, is today the day?! That would be a great Labor Day surprise! ;)
    Oh, and its the extraction capabilities I'm looking forward to most.
  • Bruce
    They are my Vabies, My children. I tuck them in at night. LOL
  • Toni Montana
    which one are you using the most?
  • AtMyVakeSale
    Sick collection! The Air is my personal favorite. I'm borrowing one from a friend who's on a t break. It's the only vape I've got that's competing with my HydroBrick for attention. But I'm looking forward to what that ceramic and glass can do for the flavor! Bud says the flavor's good, so I'm pumped for that.
  • highasakite
    The lack of pass through charging doesn't matter to me at all. It just means the only time I can't charge it is during the 15 seconds I'm puffing on it. Can't figure out why everyone doesn't feel this way lol
  • StuddlyBud
    Out of the choices I could understand, and if I may add on:

    Battery life (100+ draws before needing charging)
    Extraction efficiency (half a dozen draws from .12 herb)
    FLAVOR (all the fuckin way through even on high settings)

    I'm the type that loves to embody the whole experience of vapin' (or anything I'm doin for that matter) so these are the things I'm looking forward to.

    At one point somebody thought I was you hahaha. If you had a garage sale and had them vapes out, most of your money would be made just from them; nice set up doode. Lol once you get the MV1, which vape is the first to retire?
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