• Kuzko
    There are Firefly 2s on eBay for like $230-$250 , they say they are authentic obviously but it's such a huge price discount that I don't know what to think. I know Firefly 1 had a ton of fakes but I haven't heard about that being a problem with 2s.

    What do you guys think? Are they even worth considering? How can you know if you are buying authentic unless it's from Firefly directly?
  • Namekian
    If it was a fake, it wouldn't work with the app, right? I wouldn't buy it from anyone who didn't have a return policy.
  • Kuzko
    Good thinking... think I'll try it, the seller has good reviews and a 30 day return policy. If it doesn't work with app or have a serial number I can register I'll just send it back.
  • Namekian
    If the seller doesn't have 100% positive feedback go look at the negatives and see if anyone mentions fakes. If the seller has 100% then you are probably good to go.
  • Cl4ud3
    The problem with finding places that sell cheap is there is often no warranty as they aren't officially licensed sellers, it's why you should be careful of places offering cheap S&B products too.
  • SkabootchWolf
    Well are they being sold as new or not?

    A used FF2 for that price is incredibly believable. Could also be vendors getting rid of excess stock, as I think the FF2 rep is not very high anymore.
  • Kuzko
    Yes, being sold as new. And listing says authorized dealer, but could be bs. In his reviews it shows positive feedback from many people who bought the same product so I'm hopeful.
  • Namekian
    Have you tried the Firefly 2? Reason I ask is most people on here regret buying it. I bought the first one and absolutely hated it. :/
  • Kuzko
    I haven't tried it but I've done a ton of research, I know users are divided but I live and die by convection and I don't mind some technique. I'll probably save up for the MV1 next after initial customer reviews are out.
  • Bud
    Wow damn that's not a good sign if those are real, that means legitimate dealers are now diverting some of their stock to anonymous (unauthorized) sellers on ebay, similar thing happened to Arizer. Then what happens next is we find out whether or not FF honors warranties for these vapes, but yea $250 is where it should really be priced now anyway.
  • Baron23
    that means legitimate dealers are now diverting some of their stock to anonymous (unauthorized) sellers on ebay,VapeCritic

    And why would they do that...perhaps cause they aren't selling?
  • VapeFully
    Rule #256: don't you ever buy vapes on eBay!
  • To the Cloud
    Some recent news, the Fake Firefly 2 is now a thing which is odd given the Firelfy 2 has been out for almost three years now. What it was, was they could not tie the counterfeit device into the app,but now they can which is scary. The Chinese somehow hacked the app. Right now there is no serial, but they always change that. It's just crazy they were able to hack the app.
  • bum karacho
    and is the fake same bad as the authentic?
    maybe the chinesye guys solved some problems?
  • Deleted User
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  • Other Side
    what's crazy is they made the choice to counterfeit this vape. With all the great on demand convection vapes available now, why would anyone buy this?
  • To the Cloud
    I think people are buying them cause they think they're getting the real deal for $220. It makes sense now with everyone's guards down, hasn't been any fakes on these in three years and now they sync with the app. It's actually smart of them I think with the timing.
  • EconMan

    I love my FF2. It's a bit finicky and and requires some grooming, but it produces a very tasty hit, and is a very convenient device for concentrates. I don't use it's portability much.... it sits in its charging dock always clean until I need it. I love that it came with an extra battery.... Can charge one while using the other.

    Regarding "fakes".

    Don't forget chinese corruption in the form of "excess production" quantities. They are known for "making more" units than required to fill their orders. So although such units are not "valid" from the owning company's perspective, they are nevertheless 100% identical to the ones that are "valid". Not the same as a true "knock-off". Apple has spent millions policing this.

    oh, and I paid $264.77 for my FF2, about six months ago.
  • EconMan

    We facilitate payment apps to merchants who desire them, but they are very secure... hard to hack.

    But the FF2 basic bluetooth connection isn't even encrypted, there is no "private key" merely a tokenized "handshake". As the NSA says: ""Never use standard commercial Bluetooth." In fact, the core specification for Bluetooth Low Energy states explicitly "The overall goal of keeping the cost of the Controller and the complexity of a slave device to a minimum was used in making compromises on security capabilities in LE."

    I've taken control of another FF2 (just hold down both sensors while connecting)... I was in a mood and tricked my friend into combusting on his. :joke:
  • To the Cloud
    Isn't the PAX the same then ? Why can't they hack that one and why did it take so long for them to do it with the Firefly 2 ?
  • EconMan

    I don't know. I think it uses bluetooth too? And I suspect it's just as fragile in that respect. Bluetooth even when done very well, is not known for high security. A more secure (and more expensive) way for them to have accomplished this was to use wifi-enabled VPN's which would have let them control who is a "validated" user entitled to use the software (similar to a payment gateway). Tesla does this with their cars. They can turn one "off" (de-certify) anytime they want from a centralized server.

    Regardless, just like merchants "pay" fraudulent "chargeback" charges by the banks rather than dispute them, they probably concluded it was cheaper to live with the piracy than to attempt an abatement?

    As a rant, I feel about the PAX about the same way some judge the FF2 -- I'm a hater. I actually bought one I want to say in 2012'ish (first model) and gave it away. I hated it so much I refused to screw someone over so I gave it to someone who oddly loved it. Anyway, I never vaped again until bumping into @VapeCritic. I'm told they got better but I recently tried a PAX3 and I still im unimpressed. If someone gave me one, I would in turn give it away.

    But I've never really met a conduction vape I liked much.... the Mighty is ok.... but not great taste IMO.... And I will say this. By far the single best hits I ever take on a vape come from the FF2 (I need to order a Ghost and give it a try). Oh, and the most annoying vape I have is ALSO the FF2. lol

    What I do find utterly amazing is that so many FF2 owners (ok, I know four) seem to think the airflow goes INTO the bowl.... it does not... it flows OUT of the bowl. Clogs are solved by pulling out debris not pushing it through the very tiny "holes". They need to be tiny precisely because air-flow flows out of the bowl, not in. The FF2 should never be packed. Even when I clean my bowl, which is often, I do so with the bowl upside down (so micro-materials flow out of the bowl, not into it).
    Yes, it is as temperamental as my ex-wife, but wow!, she good in bed :)
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