• StuddlyBud
    Who is crazy enough to buy one for over 1k when it comes out next month?? The face recognition is supposedly unhackable and is military grade.

    Quite honestly I've never been a fanchild of iPhone, but that's a big step up, especially if they are making sure nobody can copy this flagship. If I had money to just toss around, I'd definitely get it just to see what I'm missing as I've never owned an iPhone out of sheer nonconformity. But never will I sleep in line to get ANYTHING!

    Lol anyways post at your own will your thoughts. Also if you have any insight of what you think Samsung will come up with, I'm definitely all ...EYES.
    Stoners don't even like face recognition and won't use it.

    Wireless charging is ok.
    Edge to edge screen isn't all that.
    Not that much new IMHO.
    Gorilla glass 5 will be nice if it uses that.

    No 512gb means I won't upgrade yet.
  • BoomDraws
    I don't know guys but I find it ridiculous and an absolute waste - why are we paying 600-800 every 2 years for a new device? I say this because I can buy a computer and use it for 4-6 before it gets outdated - just my two cents......
  • Chronic Pain
    Don't hate me... but I'm getting the New iPhone X. I travel a lot!
    (over 30 times a year) and my phone is my computer.

    Plus what I have spent over the years on weed paraphernalia I could buy at least 10 iPhones. OUCH!
  • VapeCritic
    I have an iphone 6s but am admittedly not a huge fan of apple, i just like android less lol

    The facial recognition shit creeps me out, I'm that borderline generation where I embrace technology but I'm still super skeptical of it :-!
  • Sue
    note 8 ordered over here ....... i just feel like you get much more for your $$
  • BoomDraws
    omg dude me too!!!! So I was using android for 4 years - first smartphone was 2013 - hated it so just switched to apple 2/3 months ago. Love the iPhone for simplicity - what bugs the living shit outta me - how it learns eventually what's my work, home, where I parked my car. Nice for some sure but for tech to learn and adapt gives me a creepy feeling and vibe. your case is different then from most since your need it as a work tool ;)
  • Chronic Pain

    I'm also heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem. I own LOTS of Apple stuff. I do think they make quality stuff and when I've had an issue they exchanged stuff, no questions asked.

    The FaceID stuff creeps me out too. It will be the first thing I turn off. :-!
    in the same way brother. Down to avoiding frontal pictures, and having ny laptop and phone cams taped over lol.

    I don't even farm/slang anymore after 2nd felony but the paranoid habits are still there lol
  • StuddlyBud
    Lol very interesting hmmm...I for one agree that these over priced gadgets are ridiculous. The face recognition I'm neither too drawn or paranoid about it; I mean with the cams we have on our phones/devices for years...foe all we know they've been spying on all you're doing (even the perv acts) lol. But supposedly it's only used to unlock your phone and make sure nobody can get in.

    But I want to know what do you think will be the next big thing to top iPhone 10's face reader? Regardless if you like the face recognition or not, what do you think is or should top that?
  • Bruce
    I switched to the iPhone 7 Plus, I had the Note 6 when it was blowing up. I really like the Android operating system there are apps that are on Android that is not on iPhone. Like Showbox. So I have an Android Tablet.

    I have to draw the line at $1000. I won't buy the iPhone X. But I will stay with the 7 Plus.
  • AaronOZ
    It was easier to justify upgrading every 2 years when the top storage iPhone was under 1K, now it has creeped up to over 1K I will wait for my phone to stop working before i upgrade. I don't know if it is just me, but once it goes over that magical $1K i pay more attention. Paying $1500-$1800 AUD for a phone I just won't be able to justify. My iPhone 6 is still powering on which is good.
  • Big Red
    Not a fan with the cropped content on the iPhone X.
  • Aj85
    I've always preferred apple to android but I think my profile pic shows that. lol

    I definitely won't be upgrading to the iPhone x or the iPhone 8!

    I have an iPhone SE and I'm very happy with it.

    I never got into the trend of massive phones or phablets caused by Android.

    I like my phone to be my phone and I use an iPad Pro as my portable media consumption device and a dedicated workstation for work.

    I Much prefer smaller phones and the iPhone SE has the same internal chipset and camera package as the iPhone 6s. The iPhone SE is the most powerful phone of its size.

    I recently brought a 10.5inch iPad Pro 512gb wifi and cellular (replacing my old iPad 3) and I love it. Its definitely the best tablet there is and everyone should have one IMO! I can't wait for iOS 11 and all the new features.

    I really don't know what apple where vaping when they decided on £1000 for the 64gb iPhone x. The 10.5 inch iPad Pro with 512gb wifi and cellular is only £19 more!

    And it definitely feels as if Apple are behind the curve lately. I mean didn't the Samsung galaxy s7 edge have most those basic features like two yrs ago!?

    Also I don't like the way the company do business since Steve Jobs passed.

    They make their own products obsolete after less than 6 months these days. It's ridiculous!

    I brought my iPhone SE April last year and April this year they released a storage hike making my 16gb iPhone SE an obsolete model.

    My iPad Pro 10.5 is just over 2 months old (brought the week of release) and the A10x Fusion chip inside has already been replaced by the A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone x and before the proper software for the fusion chip (ios11) has even been released. It's ridiculous!

    They also seem to have lost some quality control lately as well.

    I am impressed by the specs of the new Apple 4K TV using the same crazy powerfull A10x fusion chip as the iPad Pro though, and I'll probably upgrade especially for £200 for the 64gb version.

    Sorry....that's my Apple rant over for now. lol

    All the best,

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