• Cntric
    I'm a daily toker and I currently own the OG Pax that I got back in 2014. I recently got back into vaping after losing my charger about a year ago before moving. Now that I'm back into it and have tried to educate myself I see all the flaws in my Pax. I have solo sessions for the most part with an occasional group of three or four. During my solo sessions I sometimes take a couple hits in order to do my school work while other times I'll pack two or three full ovens within a couple hours.

    I have narrowed down my list to the Volcano and Plenty. The Volcano is great to me since I'd be able to walk around while medicating instead of planted like I assume I'd be with the Plenty. However, the Plenty is said to produce denser vape and also allow you to control your draws and how fast your pulling the air up.

    My main concern is efficiency and which will allow me to micro-dose if need-be. While I am aware that there are WAY more efficient vapes (VapCap M, logs, etc), these are the vapes that currently call out to me the most. I'm aware of the Mighty and its might (i had to), but the mixed customer service reviews and the fact that every Mighty owner seems to have sent their Mighty in at least once makes me overthink it.

    If there are better vaporizers for my use, please, go ahead and give suggestions! Especially those of you that have experience with both. I'm also aware of the Arizer Solo II and Air II but I've heard about the airway running through electronics and I'm not fond of that idea at all. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks for your time and any comments you give are much appreciated:)

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  • MurknyaVapes
    I didnt like my Volcano back years ago when i 1st bought 1. Sold it. Wasnt a similar experience for me as smoking back then. Didn't get into the loud bag filling system. And me personally didn't always have high quality herbs so the Volcano seemed airy to me. In the end, i sold after about 3 months of use. Now, im bout to get the MV1 when my turn comes around. It suppose to better mostly all around then the volcano and plenty to my understanding.
  • VapeFully
    I'd choose Plenty out of those two. Bags become a little bit boring after some time of use. Neither of those two is good for microdosing. I guess that Mighty would be your best best - using dosing capsules you can pack around .1 and this vape is a beast!
  • Baron23Accepted Answer
    I'm aware of the Mighty and its might (i had to), but the mixed customer service reviews and the fact that every Mighty owner seems to have sent their Mighty in at least once makes me overthink it.Cntric

    I don't really agree with this statement. Crafty had a large number of RMA's which seems (emphasis on 'seems') to have been significantly improved. Mighty? It seems to just keep on trucking with very few failures as far as I can tell.

    I agree, neither Cano nor Plenty will really suit you for your smaller doses.

    I personally like the Mighty as I can put a half load in there, top it with a liquid pad, and it still vapes wonderfully.
  • Namekian
    The chambers on the Volcano and Plenty are huge, micro-dosing pretty much not a option. Might want to look at an e-nano or cloud evo.
  • Baron23

    Might want to look at an e-nano or cloud evo.Namekian

    Now these are great vapes and can run small loads effectively, especially the Enano and the EVO can also run fairly small loads but a bit bigger IMO than the Enano (EVO, I'm like at .1 g minimum....Enano, .05 g).

    If the OP can live with a plug, both of these are great suggestions, I think.
  • Cloudburst
    I haven't tried the Plenty but a friend of mine had a Volcano that I liked quite a bit. This was probably about 6 years ago and I only used it on a couple of occasions but it definitely put me in a nice space.
  • MurknyaVapes
    Dang, a lot of ppl saying how they like the volcano. ...i wonder if i was doing something wrong or just not high quality herbs? The volcano wasn't it for me.
  • Baron23
    Dunno....I also like my Volcano very much. Its not used as often as some others, but in particular for a cook out or having people over its perfect. Also, I use the reduced chamber and a dosing capsule with an herb/concentrate sandwich and run it at 440. Get two bags and its "Say goodnight, Grace" X-)

    More often, I just use it to extract at 385. Many folks don't care for bag vapes because the vapor is diluted by the fan, but if you look at what you exhale, there is plenty of vapor density, IME.

    I hope you get a chance to use one again...perhaps with different flower?? Dunno, mate.
  • Cntric
    I appreciate all your feedback! I was in class so I'm sorry for the late reply.

    I've thought long and hard about the Mighty. So I appreciate you clarifying that the Crafty was the culprit of the RMAs. If it's improved that much then I'll go ahead and put it in my list of vapes I'm considering. But what about the warranty and customer service? It's probably due to Pax owners being spoiled with a 10 year warranty, but when I see the Mighty only having a 2 year I kind of got bummed out. Personally, 3 years is my minimum.

    My main gripe with choosing between the Mighty and Plenty is that the Mighty is $100 more and I just can't seem to justify that. It's a little more annoying to clean from the videos I've seen, it's completely made of plastic (yes i know it's medical grade) and it's batteries are bound to die eventually.
    Unless the Mighty undoubtedly outperforms the Plenty, I don't think I'll be able to justify the extra cash.

    The only thing making me consider the Mighty is puffitup and the accessories it comes with (glass adapter and mighty stand). Other than that I've been gravitating toward the Plenty and Volcano.

    As for efficiency, I know the Volcano and Plenty have huge chambers but I thought there were ways to use less trees? Like using the liquid pad to cover the flower? As long as I can vape 0.3 or less without any issues, I'm sold. I think that's how much I pack in a Pax? Correct me if its more/less.
    And aren't there also the Chamber Reducers and dosing capsules? Are those lame or are they just bad for performance?

    I'm also very interested in the EVO but what made me turn away was the glassware. I know that without the glass, I wouldn't be satisfied lol. And that glass brings it up to Volcano pricing and then I'd have to decide between them haha.

    I apologize for my indecisiveness. I'm just hesitant to go in without feeling secure about the product. I want to spend my money on something that will last me a long while, and even if it does have a hiccup I know the customer service will back me up or do their best to do so.

    Thanks again!

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    ...man I really am indecisive
  • Kuzko
    Volcano for sure, you can use as much material as u want, it doesn't have to be packed full, you could put 1 little leaf in there and it will vape it, the beauty of convection
  • Baron23
    Yes, indeed you can get away with about as little as .2 g in a Volcano standard chamber and still get good performance....not sure about a little leaf (haha) but maybe. We all vape for slightly different reasons and have our personal preferences in vapor quality/density/whatever.

    Now, I found the Volcano Reduced Chamber (RC) didn't really work that well for me until it used it with a dosing capsule (DC). The DC holds right at about .15 g max (depending on grind, moisture, all the rest of the standard caveats) and with the RC worked pretty well. Like I said, make an herb concentrate sandwich in it, run at fairly high temp, and it will smack you in the face (or at least it will if you have my pansy ass tolerance! haha).

    I know nothing about the Plenty as I have never used one but understand that because the chamber is vertical when in the vaping position, you need to either fill it or use a liquid pad to keep the herb from falling to the bottom side. But this is not first hand experience and others can tell you better.

    if .3 g is what you consider a small load and is ok for you, that opens things up quite a bit.
  • Cntric

    I'm going to stop bugging so many people and just get the Volcano lmao. I've asked a lot of questions and I appreciate every answer! Thanks everyone! Thank you Baron for being super helpful and always being attentive to every post:)
  • Baron23
    You are quite welcome, mate.

    Me...I'm a two edge sword...I try to be helpful and some see it that way but many others see me as abrasive and sharp tongued. Truth is, I'm often in pain and am indeed inpatient and sharp at times, not what I would like to be but "I yam what I yam" LOL

    Glad you found answers to your questions on Vape Life and ask that you please keep coming back and participating. When you get your Cano, do please let us know how you like it.

  • BlueDream310
    I got a volcano digit when I was on my last crafty RMA and I do not like it over all its very nice when friends are over. But I have a hard time really feeling it And my herb use has x2 good luck to you
  • Jperez2019
    I have a plenty and the vapor production and density is amazing. I love packing it full and vaping for an hour and a half. This vape seriously packs a punch and I low key think it is one of the best desktop vapes on the market. Bags are not for me I like to just keep inhaling effortlessly through the plenty since it has virtually no draw resistance. Also you will.have no problem packing .3 with the liquid pad. I pack tiny amounts with the liquid pad and have no issues. Just make sure you Clean it regually with the included cleaning brush to avoid buildup.
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