• VapeCritic

    It's an hour long sorry!! :-! :-!
  • MurknyaVapes
    Yessss! Thank you
  • stevieM83
    sweeeetttt :D
  • Skyvaper
    Early bird catching the worm I see @VapeCritic Thanks for the video. It will be my afternoon delight once I'm done with work.
  • Diggy Smalls
    Yeah I'll give it a watch tonight when I get home. An hour, eh?
  • BoomDraws
    Just a suggestion - can't ya upload late afternoon to evenings so I'm not craving to see the reviews when at work in the morning? LOL
  • technoHippie
    Hey @VapeCritic, you're suggesting the NewVape Coarse Grinder for the Ghost? Haven't gotten all the way through yet, watching the Solo part, but I'm considering ordering it.

    On top of the Ghost, I ordered a Flowerpot yesterday, 20mm shower head. Looking forward to that coming in too, and glad that money could go help some hurricane victims (they're in FL). If they got *the* grinder for the Ghost, I'm on it!

    Edit: I've got the following, it's a Kannastor brand, otherwise I've got the 4 piece from puffitup.com, the S&B grinder, and a ton of those cheap plastic grinders that mimic the S&B, but with that magnet in the center. Maybe I'll post a pic of those too. What's your recommendation?


    My options without spending more cash:

  • Chronic Pain

    You did the POCKET TEST!!!!
    Mucho Gracias X-)

    Putt Putt Golf while vaping is more my speed 8-)
  • technoHippie
    Omg, MV-1 in your pocket, or ya just happy to see me? =P
  • VapeCritic
    Before @Magicman gets a chance to do it... :-! :-!

  • BouncingOffClouds
    Get a new Mighty, sissy fingers!
  • technoHippie

    Lol, with the Ghost, why? Haha! Besides, I'm sure a Mighty 2/Crafty 2 are on the horizon. I wouldn't buy an S&B product until the holidays are over, make sure a surprise release doesn't happen by then. Though, they might be shooting for a first or second quarter 2018 release. Guess it depends if they can get finalized design and production ready for the holidays.

    It's been years, you know they're working on successors.
  • Cl4ud3
    the closed captions/subs is translating you saying "cough" as "call" lol and "I like big ribs" needs a better translator.
    So that makes me want to try a ghost to compare it to the Milaana :-O . Glad you liked the Milaana and think it's cool.
  • Upinsmoke

    I just got a Lift Innovations grinder which I am liking very much. Instead of the teeth that all of the other grinders have, the Lift has a sharp blade that cuts the herb rather than grinding. It produces a nice fluffy product. Can order with 3 screen sizes for fine, med., coarse. Four piece version and 3 piece version. The 3 piece version is equivalent to a two piece grinder: no kief screen or container--the middle piece houses the rotating blade. The 4 piece has a screen and a kief catcher, can get different size fine screens, all interchangeable.

    Very nicely made, I like it even better than my NewVape Fine. Take a look:

  • MurknyaVapes
    Now what has me thinking between choosing the Mighty or MV1...im a combustion bong ripper currently, wanting to convert to only vaping. (I've been vaping ejuice nic, off cigs for 3yrs now). Vapecritic says the MV1 is so smooth cause the heat sink capabilities hardly release any heat. He says the Mighty has a little bit more warmth/throat hit to each hit cause the hybrid heating chamber probably.
    Im just wondering if the Mighty would give me that similar experience to a bong hit where it has a little heat with each hit and that lil throat hit that comes w/ a bong hit.
    Will the MV1 be sooo smooth that the experience is similar to say a bag of a volcano? I tried a volcano 5 yrs ago but it was airy and didnt do the job for me. Just fiquring out which to buy. I wish both, but can't.
    Sorry, all this sounds good in my head, but putting it in words is a challenge for me. Hope yall understand.
  • VapeCritic
    the Mighty has a little bit more warmth/throat hit to each hit cause the hybrid heating chamber probablyMurknyaVapes

    cus of less effective cooling!
  • VapeCritic
    my discs come loose a lot with that one for some reason
  • technoHippie


    How is trichome preservation? Could you post a picture of the ground herb?
  • MurknyaVapes
    Yes it does have less effective cooling compared to the MV1. Im just trying to fiqure out these last few things before my turn comes around to buy.
    I mean will that throat hit craving go away when im trying to convert to vaping my herbs? Will it be so smooth/cool that its totally different experience to my bong? Thats worrying me a little. Would the Mighty be similar since its warmer? Or as long as im getting high af frm the MV1 im not going to worry bout the warmth not there?
  • Sue
    i've heard great things about that grinder! Glad you are enjoying it.
  • Baron23
    So, did you notice....Bud, the @VapeCritic was a very young man before all of the MV-1 activity.

    Now look at all of the grey hair in his beard! LOL

    Bud, be careful....product launches will prematurely age you! haha

    Watched first 20 minutes and will catch the rest later.

    Since your Mighty is out of warranty...and broken...might you want to do a tear down vid? LOL And, I would bet your problem is that little power on/off button and that may well be easily fixable, no?

    Thanks for the vid, will check the rest out later.

    Oh, just a thought.....not just about the MV-1 but say the Mighty/Crafty cooling unit and some others...baffles to create a longer vapor path for cooling indeed does result in...yeah, cooling. But what happens as vapor gets cool...it desublimates (or called deposition). This is also why many of us don't like to use ice or even cold water in our water tools. I'm not saying that this is wrong of them to do...quite the opposite, but there is a limit to the usefulness of cooling the vapor. A trade-off, if you will, between cooling and maintaining vapor integrity (hahaha...just made that up LOL)
  • technoHippie

    Yeah, but all that condensate comes in handy. I salvage it with 99% Iso. If it's clean (no/little plant material) it'll produce a nice, dabbable concentrate. If it's dirty, then I'll use it as an RSO or to make topicals. Some people have luck making eliquid with it.

    I use to just hold a lighter under the glass stems of my old Solo, and it would vaporize all that condensate, but it's really harsh that way and damaging to the stems.

    After collecting, I run it through a super fine mesh metal coffee filter, then let that drip through a paper coffee filter, then once it's evaporated off for 24-48 hours, I'll put it in the oven at 170f (lowest mine goes) for like 60-90min to get the last of the ISO out of it.

    End result is always really pure, but the dirty stuff has a lot more plant waxes and stuff like that in it, making it much darker and better for eating/topical application.

    Edit: I'll salvage reclaim from dabbing too as an RSO replacement when I'm out. I have separate jars for each type of cleaning. I even have a jar I clean my NYX coils in that I'll use to salvage any concentrate in containers that I can't get out and kief that clogged a super fine mesh screen I use for dry sift refinement. That jar produces a really nice concentrate.

  • Chronic Pain
    Now look at all of the grey hair in his beard! LOLBaron23

    I noticed the greying beard too. Wasn't going to mention it to Bud... but since you did X-)

    @VapeCritic Want me to send you my latest copy of AARP magazine, High Times Edition? :-*
    "Those young whipper snappers and their vaping... I remember when..." LOL
  • Baron23
    Yeah, but all that condensate comes in handy. I salvage it with 99% Iso. If it's clean (no/little plant material) it'll produce a nice, dabbable concentrate.technoHippie

    Do you have and use a vacuum pump (and heat) to purge the ISO? I only ask as some guys in the bio-scientific field have opined that you cannot get all of the ISO out without vacuum and vaping ISO is very not good.

    I get you about reclaim, I also consume reclaim to some extent as its very effective, but as I said....its a trade off with limits.

  • Zep4
    Loved the video greeting me this morning, Bud. We have matching gold Pax3s:) I am literally craving my reserved MV1, just waiting for an email from Ghost. Love my Plenty as well.
  • EasyToSlip
    What herb were you vaping in that video?

    And is there a certain type of herb that works particularly well with one vape or another?
    Conduction vapes good with heavy Indicas?
    Convection vapes good for Sativas even on low temps?

    What is you personal preference?

    Vaping while golfing? Wow. Can't do it myself. Much respect. 8-)
  • StuddlyBud

    Thanks for the video Bud, will watch it probably tonight or bits of it during break.
  • Upinsmoke

    It may be that yours is one of the earlier models, produced right after their kickstarter program. I think they refined the design in the current model.
  • Upinsmoke

    I have the 3 piece no-kief model so I can't say. They have 3 interchangeable screens though.
    Sorry I can't seem to paste in a picture.
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