• Bud
    You might wanna get a vape ready for this one, it's over an hour long :-O

    The Crafty, Firefly 2 and PAX 2 are currently my top 3 rated portable vaporizers.

    This is my in-depth analysis and review:

  • Hitz
    Thanks for this, was looking for an in depth comparison between the P2 & FF2. Look forward to watching this later
  • Flipz
    I got one of your top 3 vapes heating up before I hit that play button. This should be exciting! 8-)


    Keep (Y) the good work @VapeCritic
  • Aj85
    Great vid, I actually vaped a chamber in my Mighty and then one in my Pax2 while I watched it!

    So high, so very very high! lol

    All the best,

  • Homer Preserve
    THE CRAFTY IS CRAPPY. It has a manufacturer's defect in the charging mechanism that causes the unit to fail. I sent mine in within one month for repairs and they did replace it, but the new unit failed at the charger receptacle within two months. I sent that unit to them and they charged me hundreds to fix it. The third unit failed within 30 days at the charging receptacle. I sent the third unit back and they are now trying to charge m hundreds again to fix it. Its been only 8 months and I have spent $800 on this unit with repairs and shipping. Why do you recommend the Crafty it is CRAPPY.
  • Flipz
    [post removed by @VapeCritic]
  • Hitz
    @Homer Preserve I don't know why you paid for a repair while it was still under warranty :s
  • Homer Preserve
    Hey Flip. No need to be insulting to your members. With so many vape review sites and quite frankly many much better than this one, I would think you would have learned to treat your membership with respect.
  • Flipz
    [post removed by @VapeCritic]
  • Bud
    Hey I totally understand your frustration, I haven't heard of a situation quite like yours so I'm not sure what to make of it but in my comparison video I posted above I fully explain the defect issue and why I still rate it high and recommend it - I understand you disagree but there are many factors I consider in my ratings: http://www.vapecritic.com/vaporizers/ratings/

    P.S. I apologize for the contention and made Flipz sit in the corner :-x
  • Ander
    [post removed by VapeCritic]
    uh..! I missed The Flipz's Show...

    Never tired to see you endorsing the simple qualities of the Pax2!
    But hey... what are you saying about the smell produced outside the oven..? If all the materials are of medical grade, I can't believe that "strange" odor (or better, different from the taste) can be an health hazard... could it be?! Because I somewhat like it!
    One question on the charging: Pax Labs suggest to recharge the device even between the sessions (without exhausting the battery, as you suggest to do with the FF2 if I'm not wrong); do you think it is the right way?
    Anyway, speaking about portability while charging, Delta 3D Studios produces an interesting charging dock for the Pax2.

    Last... my newvape kit is shipped in town today... tomorrow I'll have it... I can't wait!
    And soon I'll post some photos of my customized Pax2; with newvape stuff and some extras I think I'll reach the ripping experience I was looking for...
  • Gaius Baltar
    Did Mr. VapeCritic perform any drop tests? Leaning strongly to FF2, but sometimes one loses concentration and may drop things.
  • davidwells
    I just got my firefly 2. Thank for your review here. Already using Pax 2 vaporizer and now playing with firefly 2. I was googling to see if any of them are water-proof and found one vaporizer comparison post saying that heat quickly and impossible to make waterproof vaporizer. Would love to have vaporizer that are waterproof.
  • Baron23
    Please open a new discussion topic on your FF2 and provide us some feedback on a real production unit in a users hands. Would love to know how its working for you and your impressions.

    Don't know why this thread is on the 3rd page of the Forum....since you updated two days ago I would have thought it would go to the top.
  • Collegekid
    Hey Bud @VapeCritic

    As someone who will be vaping in their dorm (apartment style) typically solo or with one other person, which would be stealthier for my needs between the pax 2 and the ff 2? I know I can buy the pax 2 caps and apparently leaving those on while heating reduces smell to normal vaporizer realm. The pax 2 would require more after market accessories it seems (grinder, caps, screen/pusher) where as it seems the FF 2 is ready to go upon arrival, although it is a bit pricier than the pax 2. If i typically smoke once a week on a friday night in a session and then go on with my evening which would you think best suits my needs both performance and stealth wise? I like the form factor of the pax but the on demand concection of the ff 2 is also pretty attractive

    TL;DR College and pax 2 vs ff 2 for stealth and ease of use[/b]
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