• StuddlyBud
    I am realizing that one of my favorite announcements about the firmware/app update is that the draw speed/technique will have a little forgiveness. Although I do fine with the current procedure, it would be nice to have a lil more flexibility when takin vap hits.
  • icevape
    Well mine finally started acting up. Draw drops from 15 seconds to about 8 after the first pull. It also overheated on me. I had to unplug the battery and plug it back in to do resets. that would seem to help for a while. Heat up times shortened nowhere near as much vapor. I'm also getting black charring in the middle of the Crucible.
    This was all on level 2

    Hopefully the update will fix all this?
  • BoomDraws
    it should. The unlock left a few things out of sync
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I caught this too for a cycle and had to remove and put the battery back in. I pulled out the stopwatch on my phone and checked it, 15 seconds exact. Software update should correct this inconsistency that pops up every now and again.
  • midas
    I've used it with concentrates a few times. Mine is one of the units that runs hot. And on concentrate mode, it tends to trip the overheat sensor. But the flavor is off the charts. And you take a hit and by the time it hits the timeout you just start to get a little tickle in your throat, but it feels almost like you got nothing. And then you exhale and find out that you actually took a huge hit. It's just so smooth and cool. If I took that kind of hit on my e-nail I'd be coughing for 20 minutes.
  • Spaceman66
    I can very definitely vouch for the MV1's performance using concentrates. Just 2 runs so far on my still fairly-new unit, - the first with some Muv ethanol extracted Dr. Who crumble, and more recently this past weekend with some truly exquisite Ghost Train Haze rosin. I took lotsa photos of the latter run, including capturing the degree to which it gunked things up (not too bad, actually and surprisingly), so will be posting a more detailed report in the next few days when I have more time. Having too much fun flying my new Blade Inductrix FPV quad-copter at the moment (sorry for straying off-topic, but talk about a freakin' blast!!....).
  • Erikson
    Nice, really looking forward to reading/seeing that. I wonder if putting too much concentrates in causes the gunking?
  • Mtbowls
    Careful using 91% iso on batteryside/outside(soft black coat) it took off some of that soft finish revealing harder black plastic underlayer, like minor scotch tape scuff marks.
  • Spaceman66
    I can for sure already see the potential for that. Seeing what appears to be permanent crucible staining after a dozen or so crucibles of herb. Keeping the 2nd (for now) crucible and SS pad dedicated to concentrates, but I would guess that heavy concentrates usage will definitely (over time) gum up tat crucible as well as the HS and ceramic end-piece right behind it before too long. I think keeping it relatively clean as long as possible is part or the trick - just don't let it build up too much residue and you should be fine. Been mostly vaping flower up to now, so what do I know!!
  • Spaceman66
    All I can say for sure is this MV1 is the shizzle, no doubt!!
  • Erikson
    Tried some more concentrates tonight. Well, I should saw, 1 hit. Because that's all it takes with this thing.

    Lemon OG Budder

    Heat lvl 6
    1. First draw, the melter draw, smooth, cool, flavor, no vapor
    2. Second draw, dense cool vapor, as flavorful as you could possibly extract I'm guessing, no coughing, but close.

    done. ready for bed. I'm sure there are still 3 or 4 good hits in that pea sized portion, but it's fine sitting there until tomorrow
  • Erikson
    Hah, here's how good that one draw was.

    I'm now watching a Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial youtube video, and I don't even eat meat.
  • medicalmark
    Well I must say today was great day! A ghost took over my office and I can't say how much I enjoy the surprise after I went to the post office.
    Seriously this vaporizer is by far the best, vaporizer hands down. Tricky to get the hang of inserting the crucibles but practice makes perfect right. Now being able to achieve substantial vapour in the first draw on the lowest setting with no effort just a nice solid draw into the sweet spot at about 11 or so seconds and the taste and vapour gets released in a nice potent smooth draw that's well totally incredible.
    Its all about drawing till you hit the sweet spot its like that with all true convection vape, theres a sweet spot where cannabis so to speak opens up to release a lot of vapour and taste which you can attain each time you take a draw and hit that sweet spot (temp) with the perfect speed draw and there it is medication beyond expression.
    Good Job Ghostvapes this is a true winner as far as battery and heating issues I have them as well, the red light over heat, nothing is perfect and I do have a few issues concerning my unit but its working good enough to know how well it will be working once I get my hands on a new unit and charger that doesn't have manufacture defect which keeps the air path from being right above the heat plate its crooked and causes the seal to leaky and its not a part that can be bent or moved into place.
    But with a hard draw I can get the idea of it potential.

    Awesome, medicalmark
  • Spaceman66
    MV1 First Rosin Run Report:

    2nd use of concentrates (the first was a BB of some extremely nice ethanol extracted crumble [Dr. Who]).

    This Ghost Train Haze Rosin is extremely gooey. Just used a small schmear on the pad (first 2 pics).

    OMG - preheat, then first draw. Big cloud, big taste, big effect. I so love the concentrated flower taste of rosin! It was unbelievable - more enjoyable than a dab.

    Started the session after just dropping from 3 to 2 battery LEDs. Got 3 awesome back to back draws, took a break, resumed (still showing 2 LEDs), another preheat and then took another 3 draws which dropped me to 1 LED. She got quite warm, but never overheated. I was WRECKED! No more!!

    Quick tear down showed a surprisingly modest amount of gunk on things (pics 3-5). But the crucible lid was clearly already getting some resin-clogged holes (pic 6)

    A quick iso rinse restored things nicely (pic 7).

    But it’s also quite clear that the crucibles take on more and more cleaning-defying staining with usage, so will eventually and unavoidably be replaced with fresh ones (pics 8 & 9). You can clearly tell the herb one (maybe 7-10 uses so far) from the concentrates-only one (2 uses).

    Anyway, my experience to date is very definitely that the MV1 totally kills it with both concentrates & flower. Very happy with this device; can’t wait for the app!

    Vape on, brothers and sisters!
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    38B85A17-FA2D-4CE3-9282-E3CD409A79EB (160K)
    DB2CFEA1-2C6B-47DD-9888-58FB1BDE0715 (258K)
    F7F3EAA4-D261-4CF6-8766-BD8C04DD91AE (222K)
    0D839CFA-589A-4244-8484-66D6D7229C7A (244K)
    6B6DCAEC-1757-4B43-A03C-B1A00B6D522E (185K)
  • Spaceman66
    Oops, forgot the last 2 pics...
    D78BE982-71E5-48B5-8C7F-8AB6A964BDF4 (171K)
    EAB0F74E-2348-4C42-B1FA-0013AE57DB5B (162K)
  • Spaceman66
    Sorry, miscounted pics, so the references are off. But you get the idea.
  • Spaceman66
    I see what happened - forgot this one.
    1EBFCC9D-771F-4CE8-BF38-901CF07C87F9 (162K)
  • Erikson
    awesome stuff man. Concentrates have always seemed to be an afterthought in portable Vapes, but with the ghost it's starting to look like concentrates can be just as good as flower.
  • Summer
    I posted this on FC, but for those of you not on that board, here's my tip:

    I only noticed several days ago that after vaping a bowl, the crucible lid develops a light, transparent, gummy film either on the bottom or both the top & bottom. I'm sure this is the terpenes sticking to the metal. The moister my herb, the more gummy, & with repeated use without removing this film, it builds up to the point of clogging the holes. As I didn't initially realize this is what was happening, I thought it was just dry herb clogging the holes. So now, after I dump the spent load, I run my thumb over both sides of the lid to remove the film. Since I've been doing this, the holes don't clog up w/ the sticky substance; though, if my herb is real moist, 1 or 2 holes will, inevitably, get clogged.
  • Mtbowls
    Rotate sreens through a shot glass of 91 % iso soak, use toothbrush every 3-5 loads. Other than heatsink assembly, I believe it is the most important thing to get those beautiful clean cool and refreshing hits. Otherwise it's like driving with a clogged catalyc converter in your car, not properly respirating. I really hope the app will somehow correct the temps and burn the holes clean. Otherwise that's going to be constant maintainence or a 5 crucible dispenser. I remember Ghost Official mention looking into bigger holes for the lid.
  • MonsterWithoutBorders
    After the ten second warm up u get a vibration then u keep drawing. Or can/do stop by letting go of vape button or do u keep it pressed for the whole 25 seconds
  • Summer

    I don't always make it for the entire draw time, so if I don't last the whole draw duration, I just release the button & continue to draw for several add'l. seconds.
  • midas
    Concentrates have always seemed to be an afterthought in portable Vapes, but with the ghost it's starting to look like concentrates can be just as good as flower.Erikson

    I've always felt it was an afterthought, even on the Ghost. I think the little pad inside the crucible looks like a kludge. And there should probably be more than one temp setting for concentrates. But the fact is, this thing will kick you in the butt big time. Flower was obviously 90% of their target. But they nailed that last 10% too.
  • Bruce

    I did a concentrate session last night. What a smooth experience. I like that I can vape Concentrates and it is extremely efficient. The effects hit as hard as any pen, but smoother. I love my Kandys Pen (#1 rated Vape Pen on VC). Its really harsh though. Just the nature of the beast. The MV1 does concentrate pads better than any other brand with concentrate pad features. I am looking forward to some more dabbing with my MV1.

    I also like that there was nothing left on the pad. It looked like new after. That to me is a sign of extreme efficiency and when it comes to dabs, every drop counts.

    The Ghost MV1"Just Do It!"

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • barnangel
    For quick cleaning in between loads, I use the brush from my Volcano and brush off the inside of the lid, brush the inside and outside of the crucible and then I wipe the crucible lid with a small alcohol prep pad and wipe the inside of the crucible. Needless to say I am not using my Volcano. Just packed it away.
  • Bruce

    I just went through that. I put away my Extreme Q, Mighty, Solo, Air, Pax 2 and Pax 3, flowermate, dr. Dabs aura.

    I am left with the MV1, Kandys Pen and the IQ (backup). Next step in a week I sell off the Vapes I retired. I like keeping it simple. With the MV1, IQ and Kandys pens I am set at the highest levels and pretty stealth in size.

    The key thing is I need 1 Micro USB wire for all 3. Use, charge, store, easy peas up. That’s pretty cool.

    Word out of Vapham City the real identity of the Vape Critic is Bud Critic. For those that are shocked you may need a MV1 session.
    Peace,Love and Vape
  • barnangel
    Yes, I have a few vapes to sell. Firefly 2, Crafty and Mighty. Will keep the Volcano as a backup. eBay, here I come!
  • technoHippie

    OMG Ghost Train Haze was my first flower when I got my card (on 4/20 this year!!! lol) and holy shit, I haven't experienced anything with such a pungent aroma. Opening the bottle with only one eighth filled my entire 1,400sqft apartment with its scent. That's a #1 for me, tied with Chi-Dawg (review uploading in an hour or two!!!)


    I will say, I prefer the Ghost to any other device for concentrate use, and this includes dabbing on the FlowerPot.

    - I get far more draws for the volume I use.
    - I get far greater flavor than any other device I use
    - I use far less to achieve the same effect than any other device I use
    - I've put wax, shatter, live resin, terp sugar, budder, dry sift, and RSO through this thing, and it handles them all spectacularly.

    - There are some particularities with using concentrates, but I feel these will disappear with the app
    - The crucible definitely gets more gunked up than with flower, and the staining is more pronounced. They are ceramic, very porous, so this is to be expected. I doubt it will have much effect on performance.
    - My unit has finally succumbed to the overheating issue with concentrates, however, I feel this is less a problem with the device, and more the fact I'm pushing it to see how much it can handle before a problem occurs. I'm drawing until it overheats, at which point I'll remove the battery to top it off while the unit cools down. Then I'll put the battery back in, and I'll be able to finish off the load (I'm really pushing the amounts)


    I have something coming down the pipeline involving some very high quality concentrates that I will be taking videos of. I'm not sure of the exact timeframe, but exciting things are happening for the channel.

    This means lots more Ghost videos will be coming soon, including the full review! I'm specifically waiting for the app to be released and ironed out for the full review and many of these videos, since they will be on YouTube for much longer than these firmware issues will. =)
  • Baron23
    OMG Ghost Train Haze was my first flower when I got my card (on 4/20 this year!!! lol)technoHippie

    Very cool....I just got my card in my state's brand new MMJ program and my date is also 420!! (Y) X-)
  • Baron23
    - The crucible definitely gets more gunked up than with flower, and the staining is more pronounced. They are ceramic, very porous, so this is to be expected. I doubt it will have much effect on performance.technoHippie

    I view it the same as a well seasoned Meerschaum pipe

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