• bkrieger
    I just received my MV1 on Monday, and I love it. One think I noticed is when vaping herb, after a few draws, I get the 3 blinking red lights when I try to draw. I read that this means the unit is over heating. I am using it on 365F, and I am using the app. I read there is something in the app to prevent this. Would this be in the temp setting?
  • Baron23
    It should not be over heating.

    Things to check:

    1. Is your heat sink properly assembled
    2. Is your heat sink properly installed (that is, pushed down tight into the body of the vape).
    3. Are you tamping your load...if so, do not. Just lightly arrange but you don't want to pack it like a Pax
    4. There is a manual calibration function (Ghost can tell you how to do it) to make your vape a bit hotter or a bit cooler, but I would check everything else out first.

    I'm tagging Ghost for you (hey Patrick @ghostvapesofficial) as they respond to this forum very quickly.

    Also, have you watched Ghost's tutorial vids? If not, they are here:

  • bkrieger
    Thank You. Yes, I have watched all the tutorial vids. It is possible I had it packed too tight. I will try a looser pack and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the help
  • bkrieger
    So I did verify the heat sink is properly sealed. I removed the heat sink and took it apart and put it back together to make sure it is correct.

    I tried the MV1 with concentrates, and after a few draws I got the blinking red lights again. Is this normal after only a few draws?
  • Cl4ud3
    Going to tag @ghostvapesofficial here for assistance for you.
  • FlyingLow
    So how many carts are you all doing between cleanings?

    Would some of you please post a pic or two of the bottom of your heatsinks before your next cleaning?
  • midas
    A 30 or 45 second vape time wouldn't help me one bit. But that's me.

    I don't believe it's just a matter of extending the time. I suspect the time limit was put in to protect the components and to keep the temp levels reasonable. Just speculation on my part.
  • juxt

    I brush off and use the brush to poke the crucible and lid after each use. I just got home today, and put in my new heatsink, and my old heatsink was way gunky after a week of moderate to heavy use..no photo it's all cleaned now...but I did scrape it as reclaim.

    I bought the 5 pack crucible dispenser, and have yet to soak a single one they stay pretty clean...but that dispenser is so full of flower dust it's crazy...the doors are getting hard to close.
  • haroldkiprick
    how dry should it be to vape why do i not get no clouds

    mod added @ghostvapesofficial @GhostWhitney
  • Terry1951
    IMO he's just nitpicking.

    Pinched himself while replacing the battery? FFS.

    The high pitched noise doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't even notice it now.

    I have absolutely no problem removing the crucible when hot. Hold device in your left hand, poke up the bottom of the crucible with your left thumb and grasp between finger and thumb of your right hand. Couldn't be simpler.

    The device itself is amazing. It performs exactly as claimed by Ghost. The vapour production, flavour, and efficacy is 2nd to none.

    There is a learning curve, but if you follow the recommendations on the recently released VDO's you can't go wrong. I struggled for quite a while in finding the right stem length and draw speed. But eventually I found the sweet spot and I'm loving it.

    Battery life is an issue, so it's best to buy a 2nd battery and fast charger.

    Customer service and attention to detail from Ghost is unreal.

    App is available on Android and Iphone.

    I have an Arizer Air and a Grasshopper.

    I never use them now.

    IMO the Ghost MV1 is the real deal.
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @haroldkiprick
    If you're having problems we are here to get you up and running. Feel free to PM either of the names above or myself and we will get some more detail from you and ensure we have you getting clouds asap.

  • Terry1951

    I think my previous comment somehow ended up on the wrong thread.



    It's my Ghost's fault. :)

    It was a thread about some guy's review.

    Help @Baron23 :D
  • Baron23
    Hi Terry - yeah, sounds like you were posting about Troy's review of the MV-1 and the terrible...truly hideous danger of....wait for it....pinching your hand with the battery (haha).

    Let's just leave it here...I appreciate your reaching out, however.
  • Baron23
    @ghostvapesofficial and the board - just wanted to report that when the iOS app first came out I loaded it, upgraded my vape (with only a slight bit of faffing around) and all was good.

    Since then I had not used the app.

    Last night, I opened the app, it immediately paired with my vape, I confirmed that I was at the latest revision level and all worked just fine.

    I do know from my former professional career that creating software for iOS vs Android is very different. For a customer we created a wifi telephone app that ran over the top of iOS phone and began working on the Android version when the project was cancelled. Its seems to my recollection that Apple was a bit of a two edged sword. They locked things down a bit more than Android but it was easier to create an app, and easier to integrate with, this seemly more structured and controlled OS and its APIs, than with Android.

    Hopefully, Ghost is getting all of the Android issue resolved and it will work seamlessly also.

  • Rockytdogg
    It finally happened...! I broke a crucible, well, I’m pretty sure it was the MV1 but it could’ve been me at fault... :wink: :
    I just opened the door and it kinda like popped open a little more than usual and the chip was laying quite nicely on one of the crucible holder notches in the door... first broken crucible since September... good thing I usually only use the same one most of the time and have a bunch more. (I still vaped the crucible anyway... worked great like usual just a little trickier getting it positioned properly. I’m still gonna save it...jic!)
  • Rzzza
    I received my MK1 yesterday and haven't tried it yet, but I'm already a little annoyed with it. I heeded the warning in the box and put it on the USB charger. I waited 11 hours for the red light to turn green or whatever and it never did. Finally I lost patience and just turned it on, connected the app to see it was at 100% battery power. For some reason the red light never went out or turned green for me and I knew that 11 hours of charging was excessive even through the slow charging USB method. Vape critic said charge it for 8 hours only.

    I think the fast charger should either have been included in the box or heavily discounted, because for a $300 Vape it really is discouraging to see the accessories so over priced. I hope to see Ghost release a case for this thing soon too, surprised that isn't available yet
  • VapeCritic

    Damn sorry about that, the light definitely should have changed after 11 hours.

    I agree about the fast charger and I just spoke to them yesterday about creating bundles on their site with accessories included.

    In the meantime, if you decide you want the fast charger I will personally reimburse you 50% of the cost if you use this link to order it, so I'll send you $30 towards it. If you order anything else from them too I very highly recommend the crucible dispenser.

    The storage case should be coming soon too from what I've been told.

    Hit me up by PM if you go for the charger, and I hope you dig the vape :100:
  • Ooziah
    I might venture to guess that GHOST is definitely coming out with some bangin' deals that will save us all money with bundles in the future; they are looking out for us, they know about how critical the fast charger is to customer satisfaction; they are a Great company and if you're not totally satisfied I'm sure you will be with their customer service.
  • Rzzza
    Alright here's my opinion on the Ghost MV1 after one day of vaping. Slow charging aside, the performance is as good as advertised. The potency, reliability and quality of the vape are palpable. I'm a big fan of the low draw resistance and it was a big part of why I bought the vape. The biggest drawbacks I've noticed thus far is the slow charging and the difficulty in actually opening the crucible chamber. I'm not sure if this varies from unit to unit, but mine is VERY difficult to open. The button is insufficiently designed to swing the hatch open and I find I have to dig my nail into the crevice to get it to actually pop open. I know the silicone needs to be tight to form a good seal, but mine is honestly way too tight to the point where it's needlessly difficult to open. This is a big problem, not so much for me, but for patients with legitimate medical issues to whom Ghost is presumably marketing this unit to. If you want to advertise this as a medical grade product, you need to do a better job designing it so that it's easier to use for people who have medical issues. One simple change you can make is just to re-design the button so that it has a more pronounced plastic protrusion for a finger or thumb to grab onto. The 'sliding motion' you're meant to use to operate the button is honestly not effective, it's too slippery for that, you don't get a good grip on the button, and the silicone inserts are far too tight for the hatch to pop open this way. The button needs to have more of a grip on it so that physics aids you in opening the hatch rather than working against your efforts.

    I'm also quite confused on the the temperature settings because they don't seem to coincide with what VapeCritic mentioned in one of his review videos. This might've changed with a firmware update since he made that video, but my unit's 3 temperature settings came set at 338f, 365f and 392f. VapeCritic recommends not to go over 400f for a vape, which makes the last two settings kind of pointless. You can't re-program the three original herb temperature settings and there's not much room to go higher than the third setting when you unlock the other two, so I don't see much point in having those two other settings. It might be a good idea to unlock the three original settings in future firmware updates to give the user more customization options and to make room for a more steady progression of temperatures which still remains under 400f on level 5.

    I'm also still playing around with the crucible system to see whether the crucibles are compatible with mesh screen inserts or whether these impede airflow. I've seen some people say that their unit gets dirty with debris falling through the crucible holes if they don't use a mesh screen, which makes me want to use a mesh with my unit. There's no mention of this by Ghost on their website or in its manual and I don't think VapeCritic covered this topic either. I'm also still trying to determine whether this unit wants you to stir the contents after a few hits or whether this is not required. VapeCritic said it's not required but I get the feeling a lot of people will be stirring anyway out of conservation efforts. This probably depends on the individual person's priorities, whether their access to material is readily available or whether they have to buy it and thus their supply is limited.

    Anyway, I'll continue playing with my Ghost. Vape on, brothers!
  • barnangel

    The door latch will ease up in time. Best way to open it is roll your thumb over it. In my experience it does not swing open and I have 2 units. I believe it is mentioned in one of the videos. Also, Ghost recommends not to use a screen in the crucible. I’ve thought about trying it but haven’t. The unit takes a while to get used to and it sounds like you’re on the right path. Happy vaping!
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @Rzzza
    Thanks for taking the time to post and I’m glad that - aside from the specific points you mention - you’re getting good results from your MV1.

    On the door stiffness, we have had reports of this and @barnangel is right, the majority of these do find that the action eases up with use. We’ve also seen devices ourselves that one person has trouble opening when someone else has no problems at all, and we’re working on some small design adjustments to even this out and ensure that the latch action is uniform and easy for every user.

    I’d need to make a couple of checks on the question of heat settings - what would be a great help would be if you could confirm the serial number of your device (it’ll begin GB1712... or similar and you can find it on the box or the label on the vape you can see when you remove the battery) so I can look into this.

    We all look forward to feedback like yours and we’re happy you’re continuing to experiment and see how best the MV1 can work for you.

  • Rzzza

    Certainly, thanks for your response. The serial number on my unit is GB1712158142. I updated the firmware to 1.3.4 before using it for the first time. I noticed the three original temps were set to 338f, 365f and 392f. Doesn't seem, to be any software option to reconfigure these.
  • ghost-ops
    Thanks @Rzzza for the response and additional detail of firmware version etc. I’m afraid to say I don’t know Bud’s videos by heart (perhaps I should!) so don’t off the top of my head know the temp settings on his device at that time but those are definitely the settings on latest firmware.

    The point of R1 and R2 are to allow the device user to adjust the temperature of their device to their exact preference - which can obviously vary depending on material etc - and store these for later sessions. It’s also possible to dial up temperature during a session in increments smaller than those which the ‘Amber’ settings allow.

    You’re right, it’s currently not possible to adjust the 3 amber presets - but we’re constantly reviewing available options and functionality (and feedback like yours helps us prioritise these discussions) so watch this space as we make further developments.

  • Bud Chaser
    Last night I got a message on my I phone Ghost app, software update, I tried to update but after two hours it still said preparing to update. I think my app froze, anyone have a problem like this. The app is still locked on this screen.
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @Bud Chaser
    I don't suppose you know what software version you were on prior to receiving this message?

    Have you tried a force close of the app and if necessary uninstalling and reinstalling it? Is the MV1 still working (e.g. not hung up in update mode etc)?

  • Bud Chaser
    The MV1 seems to be working ok. The app is froze up on that screen, I can't do anything with the app I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling and see what happens. The s# GB1712157742 maybe you can figure out the software from that, it's never been updated.

    Thanks for your help.
  • Bud Chaser
    I just forced closed the app it worked. Another question how long should it take to update? I don't know why the app locked up, I don't have wifi in my house do you think I should go to a hot spot to update?

    Thanks again
  • ghost-ops
    Hi @Bud Chaser
    Based on that device number you already ought to be on the latest iOS firmware (1.2.8). Is it only updating that is giving you problems i.e. it pairs OK, you can change heat settings by scrolling through them in the app etc?

    If OK pairing then you can check the version number yourself in My Vapes by selecting the device once paired. I've not seen the app freeze simply because you're trying to update when you already have the latest version installed but it's a possibility.

    You also shouldn't need wifi to be able to update the device - if there's an update available you'll be prompted to update the app itself but the update process from app to MV1 is done over Bluetooth.

    Hope that helps - ping back if any further problems.

  • grizzlybear
    I feel like I get one maybe two good hits a session.

    And the unit does not vaporizer the herb evenly.
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