• okla68m
    Thanks Mark for being "ON TOP" of things. I too have Only experienced "Over Heating" Once and it was due to "SLOW DRAW"....
    I find the MV1 to be Quite the MACHINE !
    It serves a Big Hole, between my XS and E-Nano........it is now my NUMEROUS /ALL DAY DAILY DRIVER........!
    I'm one of the SATISFIED CUSTOMERS !
  • DregerUS
    I just want to say grizzly bear that I love the background for your picture the colors and everything on my God just beautiful

    Its funny how there's two but only one can be shown...
  • grizzlybear
    yeet gotta pay homage to the final vape in my trilogy. Shout out dan Morrison
  • DregerUS

    Dan Morrison

    Baseball umpire

    Daniel Guthrie Morrison is a former professional baseball umpire who worked in the American League from 1979 to 1999, and throughout both major leagues in 2000 and 2001. Wikipedia

    Born: January 21, 1948 (age 70 years), Glasgow, KY

    ...my birthday...
  • bkrieger
    I have been getting a burnt taste with my MV1 the last week, and sometimes I get no vapor or I have to take multiple draws for the unit to heat up to get any vapor.

    I have cleaned it and soaked the parts in iso multiple times and I am still getting a burnt taste. Does anyone here have had this and if so, how did you fix it. It’s possible some flower fell down in the chamber.

  • Cl4ud3
    Just going to tag @ghost-ops so he can see this on Monday and help if anyone else hasn't been able to.
  • bkrieger
    I’ve been in touch with @ghost-ops privately on this as well as over heating issues I’ve been having.

  • RollingStoned
    Hey guys, i am very interested in the Ghost MV1 and know about the dificulties it has.
    My main question would be, is this a good session vape? I rarely vape alone or would see myself not finishing a bowl. I always vape with my partner and we like to “sesh” multiple bowls
    Will i have a problem with overheating and cleaning? I know its recommended to clean the crucible after every bowl (pocking the holes)
    I own a mighty and its fairy simple to pack a bowl, vape it and then just brush it out.
    Does this vape really produce big and consistent clouds every time?
    Like the mighty, will i get 10-15 hits per bowl (crucible)?
  • okla68m
    After owning one for a month....I would say NO !
    I LOVE MINE....But...I Vape Alone, don't think my Wife would deal with its Idiosyncrasies. ...No Patience for one, secondly, IMO, it's a Personal Experience Delivery Device ! Not a SESSION VAPE!
    As far as 10-15 draws@bowl, I've gotten 20 before, but, it started as a Flavor experience, Level 2 thru 5 ! Normally I'll do 10, but, that depends on material, Head desire (work or be Blitzed), the ABV the remainder. Been Cooking it in my XS at 190°C to end the day.
  • Rickthetick
    I’ve sent mine in and gotten it back. Still having heating issues. There doesn’t seem to be a consistency. One minute it’s awesome next minute it’s not. The way it heats up is funny. It feels normal to cool then in a 3-4 draws it’s extremely hot. I’ve taken tempature readings and mine shows overheating when the temo doesn’t measure hot. I’m just wasting time sending it in. It’s good for one crucible then overheats. Tried everything .

    Mod Note: adding tag for @GHOSTTEAM
    Thank you mod for the tag.

    Hello @Rickthetick,

    I'm truly disappointed to see you're still having issues with your MV1. I personally evaluated your unit when it was sent in to our offices and could not replicate the issues reported, nor did I find anything else unreported. That said my goal is make sure you're a happy customer. If you're still having issues with your MV1, then perhaps there's more we need to do on our end without inconveniencing you in the process. I'm sure I can work something out for you.

    I'd like to continue this conversation in a direct message as I will be requesting some sensitive personal information from you, like the serial number of the unit. Please look out for my email.
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