• okla68m
    Thanks Mark for being "ON TOP" of things. I too have Only experienced "Over Heating" Once and it was due to "SLOW DRAW"....
    I find the MV1 to be Quite the MACHINE !
    It serves a Big Hole, between my XS and E-Nano........it is now my NUMEROUS /ALL DAY DAILY DRIVER........!
    I'm one of the SATISFIED CUSTOMERS !
  • DregerUS
    I just want to say grizzly bear that I love the background for your picture the colors and everything on my God just beautiful

    Its funny how there's two but only one can be shown...
  • grizzlybear
    yeet gotta pay homage to the final vape in my trilogy. Shout out dan Morrison
  • DregerUS

    Dan Morrison

    Baseball umpire

    Daniel Guthrie Morrison is a former professional baseball umpire who worked in the American League from 1979 to 1999, and throughout both major leagues in 2000 and 2001. Wikipedia

    Born: January 21, 1948 (age 70 years), Glasgow, KY

    ...my birthday...
  • bkrieger
    I have been getting a burnt taste with my MV1 the last week, and sometimes I get no vapor or I have to take multiple draws for the unit to heat up to get any vapor.

    I have cleaned it and soaked the parts in iso multiple times and I am still getting a burnt taste. Does anyone here have had this and if so, how did you fix it. It’s possible some flower fell down in the chamber.

  • Cl4ud3
    Just going to tag @ghost-ops so he can see this on Monday and help if anyone else hasn't been able to.
  • bkrieger
    I’ve been in touch with @ghost-ops privately on this as well as over heating issues I’ve been having.

  • RollingStoned
    Hey guys, i am very interested in the Ghost MV1 and know about the dificulties it has.
    My main question would be, is this a good session vape? I rarely vape alone or would see myself not finishing a bowl. I always vape with my partner and we like to “sesh” multiple bowls
    Will i have a problem with overheating and cleaning? I know its recommended to clean the crucible after every bowl (pocking the holes)
    I own a mighty and its fairy simple to pack a bowl, vape it and then just brush it out.
    Does this vape really produce big and consistent clouds every time?
    Like the mighty, will i get 10-15 hits per bowl (crucible)?
  • okla68m
    After owning one for a month....I would say NO !
    I LOVE MINE....But...I Vape Alone, don't think my Wife would deal with its Idiosyncrasies. ...No Patience for one, secondly, IMO, it's a Personal Experience Delivery Device ! Not a SESSION VAPE!
    As far as 10-15 draws@bowl, I've gotten 20 before, but, it started as a Flavor experience, Level 2 thru 5 ! Normally I'll do 10, but, that depends on material, Head desire (work or be Blitzed), the ABV the remainder. Been Cooking it in my XS at 190°C to end the day.
  • Rickthetick
    I’ve sent mine in and gotten it back. Still having heating issues. There doesn’t seem to be a consistency. One minute it’s awesome next minute it’s not. The way it heats up is funny. It feels normal to cool then in a 3-4 draws it’s extremely hot. I’ve taken tempature readings and mine shows overheating when the temo doesn’t measure hot. I’m just wasting time sending it in. It’s good for one crucible then overheats. Tried everything .

    Mod Note: adding tag for @GHOSTTEAM
    Thank you mod for the tag.

    Hello @Rickthetick,

    I'm truly disappointed to see you're still having issues with your MV1. I personally evaluated your unit when it was sent in to our offices and could not replicate the issues reported, nor did I find anything else unreported. That said my goal is make sure you're a happy customer. If you're still having issues with your MV1, then perhaps there's more we need to do on our end without inconveniencing you in the process. I'm sure I can work something out for you.

    I'd like to continue this conversation in a direct message as I will be requesting some sensitive personal information from you, like the serial number of the unit. Please look out for my email.
  • kpx420
    Just got an MV1 today.. TY Bud!!! But my question is that I wait for the solid green light, I hit the vape button and the green lights start dancing but it takes about 5-6 secs for the first vibrate and then atleast 10-12 secs for the 2nd vibrate.. Do I wait for the 2nd vibrate to draw? is it usually this long between 1st and 2nd vibrates?
  • SirCrackKillaH
    initial buzz when you press button indicates device is heating up, second buzz indicates it’s at desired heat level which is when you draw or even a little before, then that final buzz after 15 seconds indicates end of draw.
  • SirCrackKillaH
    I’m sitting here using mine right now, sweet :D
  • kpx420
    Okay so I draw the green light is solid?
  • kpx420
    So I jus held down the button for 30 secs, I get no 3rd buzz?
  • kpx420
    I watched a few times but still no vapor and little bit of flavor.. NBD Ill figure it out eventually, thanks for the tips
  • kpx420
    I just must be stupid, but I hit the vape button and I dont feel the first vibrate for a good 5 seconds which the lights flash in green sequence.. After the 1st vibrate it blinks green for about 15 secs until I feel the 2nd buzz then I try to draw but the green light is solid and get no vapor, and keep drawing until i cant breathe and I dont feel any 3rd buzz..
  • Baron23
    somehow you are missing the first vibrate and aren’t drwg until the Stop viberation.

    So, press the button and when the dancing green lights go solid, start drawing until your lungs are full or it vibrates again after 15 second, which ever comes first.
  • Lucic and Chong
    The first vibrate isn't really a vibrate like the other 2, to me it's more of a shake or jolt to start it.

    If its 5 seconds in, I think that is the draw vibrate that you're looking for. Then take a 15 second draw, exhale.

    Repeat as needed.
  • kpx420
    I just thought it was little weird that I wAS holding the button for a good 20 seconds easy until i started my draw..
  • Vapedude
    I hit the vape button and the green lights start dancing but it takes about 5-6 secs for the first vibrate....kpx420

    ....and sometimes it might take just 3 seconds before the first vibration, or 5, or..

    The software inside decides how hot or cold the crucible is, so that it doesn’t char the dry herb, when you press the fire button, and start to slowly, steadily inhale, after the first vibration.

    Look, just try and memorize first vibration in your head...don’t stick it in your mouth, until the 1st vibration has ended. Regardless of how long it took the first vibration to kick in., 2...4..6..seconds, regardless, do_not_put_in_mouth_to_inhale, until after the first vibration has ended.

    Once the first vibration has ended, plz place stem in your mouth, and start to gently inhale steadily until the SECOND vibration.

    Let go of the firebutton, once the SECOND vibration kicks in, and pull device out of your mouth.

    Exhale and enjoy :sparkle: :ok:
  • okla68m
    The "first" one is just to let you know you pressed the button !
  • Vapedude
    The "first" one is just to let you know you pressed the button !okla68m

    What you just wrote, can be very deceiving to the less initiated sneakypoo.

    Yes, technically, there is a smaller “first” vibration that activates, before the other reeeeeeal vibration, The FIRST vibration, kicks in for real.

    I’m sure there are some people here, who have barely even ever noticed that little mini, split second, 1/10 of a second, “vibration” that you speak of, that kicks in, the moment you press the fire button.

    I don’t consider that mini vibration, The First vibration ;).

    Do you?
  • okla68m
    "First" let's you know you've pressed it, Second means ready for Vaping and if Flower, the Third means that draw/heat session is over, Correct.
    Today was my First Concentrate/Rosin crucible.
    Got my MV1 June 2nd, THANK YOU AGAIN, BUD !
  • Vapedude


    first, FIRST, and then SECOND loll

    So technically 3, yes yes.

    Now you have got it ;)

    Just make sure the grind is ALL consistent.

    Unfortunately, without going into the detail now, some flower will produce much more vape than others...you will figure this out over time ;)

    Yes, there is a learning curve, even for the veterans, and it’s worth it ; )
  • okla68m
    Getting Unknown product weekly, I've ran into several that didn't produce well, esp if the slightest moist.
    I tend to use a Finer grind, seems to produce better overall.
    Yes, Learning Curve, but, I Live to Tinker !
  • Vapedude
    lolll dont sweat it man. I have access to known products, good clean, well cared for ones, and they didn’t produce good vape cloud either lol.

    It’s the nature of the beast with some. Tiz wut it tiz.

    But yeah. It is my hope, that everyone on here soon, will have access to good flowers, menu style, where you choose what’s best for you. Not through hype, but through understanding, and knowledge of the product.

    Then we can all be on the same channel, share knowledge, and get even bettaa :strong:
  • Rzzza
    Does anyone know how to reset an MV1 stuck in update mode with the flashing amber lights? I've tried everything; exiting and re-starting the app, turning bluetooth on and off, removing and reinserting the battery, etc. Nothing seems to work.
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