• Lucic and Chong
    I pretty much had it down to either SLX or lift. My only reason against space case was at that price I may as well add an extra $25 and get the lift. My inner debate was between not having to clean it or it being easy to take apart and maintain and customize. In the end, I like gadgets and fidgeting with things so the little extra work with the lift is actually, in a weird way, welcomed.

    I should also throw a thanks to @medicalmark, @HocusPocus, and @Rockytdogg for unknowingly helping me decide. I've only ground 1 bud with it so far at stock settings and it's far more even than my sharpstone was. That old thing would have chunks and dust in the same batch.

    This is my first introduction to a premium grinder, so I'm sure I'll love it. ( as I likely would have the slx, space case, scs.....)
  • Lucic and Chong
    d6czbnn0p677y1kr.jpg medium sifting disc
    ajgd0tny6k83p40h.jpg fine sifting disc

    And after a crucible of each grind, lemon drop- they both work fine with the mv1. More experimentation is required to decide a preference.

    The one feature that I'm absolutely loving on this grinder is the quarter turn open/close. You don't realize how annoying all of those threads on a typical grinder are until you don't have to deal with them anymore.
    20171013_180634 (143K)
    20171013_174028 (214K)
  • Heugh
    I've been bitten in the ass every time after a while of using grinders with moving parts. Just some big ole metal teeth works great.
  • Rockytdogg

    Yeah, I’ve found that they work great at collecting valuable medicine and binding up and being a pita to clean... Want some pics, I have the piece of shit evil bastard grinder from hell right in front of me...?
  • Heugh
    Rofl. I have the biggest space case and then a 5 incher I use. They don't bind up anything. The larger one is aluminum the space case is non stick titanium. Both work amazing (they better for the price they were). And yes I love pics :D

    I had this one with a hand crank once. OMG such a disaster. I thought it was such a good idea.... I didnt realize how many fing gears that it had inside.... getting clogged with my precious THC...
  • LabPong
    I am also very happy with the SLX 2.0

    Rock on Bruce ! (Y) I am totally diggin mine. So easy to keep as clean as you want and performs extremely well.
  • medicalmark
    I love my lift grinders but I would like to try the SLX large grinders it looks good.
    My lift is used each and everyday and considering all the fresh herb I grind I find that the lift grinders doesn't get all sticky and accumulate a bunch of resin stuck to the grinder and gives a great chop.
    Cheers, medicalmark
  • Oliver
    It seems that all three of the Lift sifting screens -- fine, medium and coarse -- produce a grind that works with the MV1. At the moment I am using a pair of cuticle scissors with great success. (I don't own a grinder, though I am in the market for one. I just can't decide which one is "best.")
  • Rockytdogg
    And yes I love pics :DHeugh
    Ok... here ya go... the first person to take it from me for $20 + about a crucible’s worth of gorilla glue #4 and probably quite a few hits of kief, takes it! Yes, you read that right, I will be giving you the $20....!

    Pics of the POSEBGFH model -1.0 .20 cubits:

    FCDC7678-8374-4226-89D9-C4EBF5A2C46E (157K)
    F44DEAC1-E9E4-4B4F-990C-5955F9CE08A4 (186K)
  • Heugh
    OH THE NIGHTMARES. PLEASE I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!! Your handle is still on the grinder at least lol. That was what went first on mine.
  • Rockytdogg

    C’mon maaaan, you’re not helping to justify spending $100 on a stupid grinder with that kind of talk... I need help! Not sarcasm....
  • Heugh
    I would stick with the pros man. Mendo Mulcher, Kannastor or Space Case. You get what you pay for with this. Space Case has a lifetime warranty and the other two I believe have something. It's worth the investment because you'll never need another one hopefully.

    If you're not going to stick with the pros then I suggest looking around for custom grinders that are trying to make a name with quality materials and natural non stick ability. And of the grind too. If you want super loose grind, I'd just use my fingers tho.

    I use this mainly.


    I wish I could find about a 7 incher. This is a 4.25 inch which is pretty big but I'd love one I could just throw an ounce in and have it sift there. It's aluminum but the magnetic screens are badass. Then I got a Space Case 3 inch that's my other go to when my aluminum gets gunked up.
  • BoomDraws
    Which price did you see it for? i got mine for $60 from VC's link.....
  • Rockytdogg

    Cool. Well, I already have a spankin new LIFT so i’m good. I gotta admit tho that giant ass grinder you posted there is kinda giving me a chubby!

    Oh yeah, I forget this, too. Here it is all together in all its crappy glory.... cmon... $20....?:

    Edit: But at least this shitball has a magnetic top.....! I can’t even imagine buying one that doesn’t ... wtf?
    FB089709-6AB0-4E18-BADE-35D16B2C9A3E (111K)
  • bener

    I really think that you should be able to claim that this is an "antique".
  • StuddlyBud

    lol exactly why I made my initial purchase of the mini grinder I have. I already have a few grinders (gave away some) and all of them did the same thing (admittedly some better than others...i.e.buds don't stick), but not substantially more for the money it cost me. The consistency and efficiency I get with the bulldog Amsterdam (not the plastic one) a $20 dollar one time purchase and perfect for the MV1 with a nice medium fine grind. I stated this the beginning of this thread and it's still serving me well. I have the space case somewhere but it's too big for what I do right now and tbh does the same as the bulldog with the exception of having to grind/turn a tad less and it's less sticky.
  • Heugh
    I also have a tiny grinder I got with like 4 teeth I have for a carry on. I didn't know they made made them without the magnetic tops lol. I keep getting those damn card grinders with crap I buy too. Talk about annoying. Makes more of a mess than just using my hands.
  • Lucic and Chong
    That's a better price than what I was seeing, but I was also looking mostly at Canadian sites. I hate paying duty and waiting longer if I don't have to. I usually saw the one that I was thinking about at around $90 cdn. That link would be at about $75 cdn, plus whatever the duty would be. The Lift was $115.
  • rft360
    I have a Santa Cruz Shredder i think its way to fine, the grind i get with it...i wish i could get a less powdery cut and more fluffy grind...any recommendations?
  • Rockytdogg

    Why settle for less when you can get the best...?

    She should be chopping it upright (and back and forth) and it would’ve dropped down quicker.

    @Baron23, when using the (non-magnetic top) LinCig, also try spinning it in one direction a few times and the other a few times, alternating... I’ll bet it will be processed more quickly and evenly with less smushing and damage to those precious trichomes....!
  • rft360
    i will be getting this but i hope the 100 bucks is worth it O_o better make my stuff super fluffy...lol thanks for the recommendation!
  • Dazza78
    Quick recap on my fav the slx and guys please like and subscribe;)
  • elykpeace

    It's called slicks? I always thought it was S-L-X ... Learn something new everyday :D
  • Dazza78
    @elykpeace yup slx never sticks it’s ok act like you always knew ;)
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