• Chronic Pain
    I have the Magical Butter Machine and it works Great!
    Easiest way to make edibles... (L) that body high X-)
  • Steelers
    I tried penut butterNcrackers a few times. Each time trying to increase amount, fat content, waiting before eating. Not much, maybe a stomach ache.

    Tried everclear tincture. Worked really well. I use drops in my coffee and water instead of cooking with it.

    Another benefit is that it works well with different amounts of ABV, a lot or a little.
  • Bruce
    I fill up the rellable cups for the Keurig. I let it brew 8 oz, and then empty a teabag on top for another 8 oz brew. 16 oz infused tea. Add sugar, amazing.
  • DregerUS
    I hate re- vaping it when you're desperate
  • Kuzko
    I used to save it but it would just build up and build up and I would never use it. Now i throw it out sadly.
  • Steelers
    Exactly where I was , just blowing it out on the ground. I figured it was worth a try. It's easy too just soak, shake, wait and strain.

    Yeah sometimes you have to do what you gotta do!
  • Bufatutu
    Even though I have plenty of trim and several oz. of bud, I save the ABV and make cannabutter and then brownies. I use the equivalent of an ounce of ABV to a quarter pound of butter, essentially 8-10 times the amount that I would use of bud. I use jelly straining sacks/cloth to strain. That one stick of butter makes two batches of brownies. I and friends always get a good buzz off of an abv brownie. And yes, I refrain from vaping so I can see and feel the effect.
  • Lucic and Chong
    I just finished making another batch of my banana/hemp seed/goji berry mini muffins, made with my AVB infused coconut oil. They're dangerous. Quite strong, yet extremely tasty and no nasty AVB flavor. That's why I make mini muffins, easier to manage portion control.
  • DregerUS
    Bro those seeds will f****** kill somebody with diverticulitis... everything else is just badass
  • kpx420
    hey wat quantity of abv to oil did u use.. currently im water curing 75 grams of abv (day 4), planning on using like 14oz? bottle of coconut oil or maybe little extra 16oz ( i have 1/5 jar left of my last coconut oil).. BTW last time i did 60 grams to about 14oz coconut, yielded 1 cup of abv oil.. While it was strong, my co workers thought it was really good but I wanted to make it stronger
  • Lucic and Chong
    I don't use any measurements, or really put a lot of thought into this when I make it. I just put the AVB that I'm using in a slow cooker, and use just enough melted coconut oil to cover and soak the AVB.

    Literally, JUST enough to cover. I feel like this concentrates the goodness into a smaller amount of coconut oil, making it stronger.

    I'll add a slash of water, for evaporation, and let it cook on low for 4 hours. Strain it and it's done.
  • kpx420
    I did that with butter the first time, did not work at all. I use the "steeping" method now.. Which the cheesecloth I'm using now to water cure.. I dropped it straight into a mason jar with coconut oil.. close up the jar and drop into the crock pot with water,cover crock pot.. let it go low and slow.. I did it last time for 43 hours.. Took me 10 days to make it lol, 8 days water cure, 2 days in the crock pot. Water curing really helps in taking out the AVB taste/flavor, I recommend it.. Take out those avb burps or even farts u may get
  • DregerUS
    Flush it down the toilet tired of choking on the f****** powdery s*** as I raise the temp so much higher later regretting that I flushed it because it was the last s*** I had knowing very well that it might be f****** days weeks or months until I get my meds
  • Bruce
    I give up too much hassle. I have the Canabutter thing and it's a bit easier but to me there is nothing easy about it. It takes hours, messy, you can smell cannabis a mile a way! If you need to be discreet, this shit will smell your entire house and the rest of your block.

    If your going on directions, and it says an oz. Thats alot of f'ng money, so if you can't do it right don't do it. I did get mine right but wound up eating it up WAY to fast... Just the good old dry herb for me.
  • jcrewl
    I used to throw it out, but when I get my new batch in im gonna be saving it and turning it into budder or oil.
  • TheCannabist
    i am an everyday oil user made with the MagicButter.
    I also am an everday user of the firefly2 which I think you said you were using for your AVB.
    I am currently experimenting with my avb oil.

    I am a rank ass noob at both having used this site expensively for info but rarely posting because I know little:
    as an example of my ineptitude.I can STILL burn 63% humid (bodeva pack lol) cannabis in my Firefly2. yes BURN, COMBUST. WTF SMOKE IS COMING OUT OFF THIS DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!! if I am not careful.

    But the oil i made from my last batch of avb was too strong.........

    I used 3 z's (84g measured) of avb to 3 cups of olive oil. I was under the fill line but double the ration I use for regula,r unvaped, flower (more on that at the bottom). I also used 3 tbls (heavy) of powdered lechithin.

    I did 2 hours (Butter) on the highest (220) Magicbutter setting, using the butter button, then 4 hours (tincture) on the Regular (160) temp.

    My normal dosage is 1/2 TABLESPOONS but I had to cut down to 1/2 TEASPOON. (When I first started making, I was at 1 TABLESPOON, but I have learned to make better oil now I feel. Anyway, 1/2 tbl does the trick all day).

    I feel too much of the thc had been vaped, but I got a shitload of the cbd's. I had triple munchies, was glued to the computer, the dry eyes and cotton mouth were unbearable.

    The flavor and smell were strong, but 1/2 tsp cooked in scramble eggs or added to grits and cheese in the morning is STILL better than ranger stew in the field lol.

    Anyway, when I do my regular blend, I vape very little, and it controls my neuropathy and combat crazy just fine. The avb was absent the thc and so I vaped a little more to control the neurapathy and the excess of something made me a bit more paranoid, (I would have thought the opposite).

    my FIRST batch of avb oil I did was 2z's avb to 1 cup oil. It was the avb from my first tries at dry herb vaping (I live in a dark state and have no one to learn from or see what the hell I'm doing lol) and it was VERY green, hence more thc, also at a lower temp, it was before the firefly2 update and the default temp being raised to 420.)

    It was fine on dosage of 1/2 TABLESPOON.

    I wish I was smart enough to test. Shanel from Lift gets labs and shit to test terpenes and thc and all kinds of stuff...... here in the dark ages I can only see what keeps the pain and crazy away and for how long. It's a trial and error thing and sucks dog balls..... whoops. sorry for the last part.

    I can be as analytical and dipshit hippy analytical crazy all I want, but I can never be sure of what I have to start with. Dude SAYS it's GG#4 and looking at picture on the interwebs and reading a description on leafly and ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! sounds like an updated line from a cheeezy billy Joel tune :

    Oh, it doesn't matter what they say in the papers
    'Cause it's always been the same old scene
    There's a new band (strain) in town, but you can't get the sound (high)
    From a story in a magazine (internet)......


    (bad BB reference.... sorry Donald Duck Dunn rip)
  • TheCannabist
    Has anyone run alcohol over their avb like they do to make concentrates? There is a setting on the magicbutter for it and i have a really strange reason to ask........

    They also have recipes with the mb to make foot cream, and I have neuropathy. The nerves tom my toes are gone, kaput. No mas.

    Athletes are risking their careers to do cbd treatments (I don't know what sort, I have not don e the research) so there must be SOMETHING doing SOMETHING.

    So to put it and the post above together, I made some severely CBD heavy oil. Had I used alcohol, could extract all those terpenes and cbd's activated by the vaping but never released, or does the alcohol extraction stuff just snatch the THC?

    I'm getting old so my damn feet crack and dry anyway, what if I made some tree hugging hippies foot cream shit like they have a recipe for in the MB recipe book, and added cbd heavy extract in it? Yeah I know my nerves are NEVER going to grow back, just like I know cannabis is a schedule 1 drug with no medicinal properties..... (more on THAT in another post on a new thread lol).

    crap I stoner rambled again, I am uncharacterisly uncharii..... screw it.... really f'ing high.

    so anyway can you alcohol extract AVB?
  • DregerUS
    thank you ...
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