• Baron23
    Seems everybody has a differing view of AVB.

    I'm with Anders that I don't think mine smells awful at all.

    I mostly use a Volcano and although I do bump up temp to get that last bag, I don't worry if there are little specs of green in my AVB as I'm collecting it to make cannabutter. I think it may take a LOT of AVB to make decent cannabutter.

    The reason I want to try the AVB is I've just not been able to take a 1/2 oz of good fresh herb and dump it in a crock pot! LOL Its too dear by far but I'm may be getting ready to try it. X-)
  • JMM
    I recently tried eating it straight up with a spoonful of peanut butter and I was more high than I have ever been in my entire life. Like mushrooms level high. Not something I wanna do a lot because it doesnt taste great but damn it works. I usually save it and give it to my cousin for whatever he wants to do.
  • VapeCritic
    serious??? sounds gross but now I wanna try it LOL
  • Flipz
    :-O Buggin! Never heard of anyone doing that around my neck of the woods.
  • Ander
    Oh yeah. Also tried it straight and raw yesterday: 4 slices of toasted bread, spreadable goat cheese, 2 tea spoons of AVB, some drops of oil. Really good, and I think that taste may depend on the strain used.
    The trip was different from the Ginsberg beans... and at the moment I don't know if cooking the AVB could produce a different high... Less euphoric and more psychedelic this time. Anyway, eating AVB during the weekend has become a ritual for me now.
    Waiting for your report..!
  • Baron23
    check out AVB Firecrackers from my favorite "cooking with cannabis" guy.

    I haven't tried them as I'm saving it up to make cannabutter and think I will need at least 1 oz of AVB!

  • Flipz
    Not too sure what to say, please don't take any offense at all to this but I almost hurled seeing the AVB spread on the Nutella LOL :-x

    Nothing against anyone doing that - I am very jealous because it looks like it will get you BAKED but I won't even force feed my snakes when they go on "hunger strikes"... let alone myself hehe. Thanks for sharing though cause I'm sure most have no problem with it. Why can't I be normal? 8-)
  • Baron23
    heheh...any how do you feel about scungilli and calamari? LOL

    Now, I will agree that the Nutella looks rather like.....well, let's just say it has a scatological visual component! LOL

    I know we are about vaping on this site, but it occurs to me that many with medical needs prefer edibles or perhaps they vape lightly and would still like to consume the remaining cannabinoids in their AVB.

    I haven't actually made Firecrackers....I can't imagine they are a taste delight...but I am hot in pursuit of making cannabutter and then baking with it, etc. I will try making butter with AVB just because I can't bring myself to throw 1/2 oz of damn good herb into a crock pot! LOL
  • Hitz
    sounds like a fun project, please let us know what you come up with, I'd love to see a post of the process you went through
  • Baron23
    Will do but I'm still collecting AVB as I think it may take a lot of of aVB, maybe 1 to 2 oz's.
  • Flipz
    Scungilli and calamari sounds delicious! Just hold the AVB/ABV 8-)
  • relics
    I would love to try cooking with AVB, but my partner doesn't drink/smoke/vape (or anything else fun like me!!) and he doesn't know I vape, so I keep having to flush my AVB down the toilet.
    BTW, I am probably in the minority on this, but I LOVE the smell of vaped herb (Y)
  • JMM
    I have done the straight up like 2-ish tablespoons of raw abv and nutella. gross but most effective. I have also done firecrackers and boy do those get you F'ed.
  • JMM
    It is worth it just to experience it haha. If you can get past eating crunchy burnt crumbs. The nutella or peanut butter definitely helps though! Let us know if you try it. I would advise watching the movie Holy Mountain for maximum effect.

    It's not glamorous haha but it works.

    Awesome! It is like a totally different experience. Try going up to tablespoons of ABV and hang on tight. Never heard of the ginsberg beans, but interesting.
  • Ander
    ginsberg beansJMM
    I've an old book called "Marijuana in kitchen" where there is a recipe called like this... but with fresh herb. I've simply revisited it with AVB. The book is from an alternative press and it is about 20 years old... but it is full of funny recipes to take ispiration from..!
  • Flipz
    This is a pretty good site that has all types recipes for cooking cannabis 8-)

  • Chandler
    since march i've pretty much said 'Fuck combustion'. cot dayum thats almost 10 months! didn't think i'd actually fully convert, but the taste of smoking completely lost its appeal... for the past 4,5 months i've been saving my AVB. filled a large mason jar. i'd say there was probably close to two oz's, but i can't be sure...

    i've never made butter or cooked with herbs before but met someone who's into that. She said when i have a decent amount (at least an oz), bring it to her and we'll experiment to see potency and if AVB is worth keeping...

    i got back some cookies the other day, Made entirely from my AVB..... all i can say is, WOW! I ate one cookie that night immediately when she gave em to me. that was about 11pm, ate another at about 12:30 am.... the following morning when i woke up (8am), i could barely move, could barely open my left eye. lol
    had to get up and go to work, was heavily buzzed till about 2 pm when it finally started passing and going away.

    following day i gave my entire line at work a cookie. had the whole place tripping!! lol. i guess i kind of wasted them by giving them away, but it was a fun experiment, one that couldn't be replicated without being a hardcore vape enthusiast, one that i now know works, one that i'll continue to dabble in for as long as i vape!

    i've had edibles before, they were always 'ok', but i've never eaten many in one sitting to get such an intense buzz, or had anything so potent. easily the most potent edible i've EVER had! no exaggeration!


    Whats awesome, is that i have access to a plethora of strains. i purchase mainly sativas, so my cookies were definitely sativa dominant. i didn't get the sativa charge, i slept through it and awoke to the sedative effects and was left 'zoned' out all day, but the sativa effect touched everyone else real well!! can't wait till i fill another jar! what does suck, is that her charge for making the cookies/butter, was half the batch of cookies! need to learn how to do it myself!!
  • Baron23
    I have made edibles once (still have some in the freezer...nice brownies) and agree that for me the effect is very long lasting and highly sedative. Not my favorite from a getting "high" point of view, but great for a sleep aid.

    I also have been saving my AVB and have used some of it to make firecrackers (really just a gram of AVB in a graham cracker and peanut butter sandwich) but I'm planning to make cannabutter (really, probably coconut oil) and then bake with it. I also was wanting two oz or so of AVB and I'm pretty sure I have that saved or more.

    I intend to use method 1 in the below video and just need get a small crock pot. Then I will bake with it. I might suggest a viewing of this video, very helpful. The one point I want to make, however, is that AVB has already been decarbed. I might also do water curing on AVB just to get out the more dark, burnt stuff then make cannabutter out of it.



    I can't imagine what kind of line you work on that you gave the whole crew high powered canna-cookies but wow....glad it all turned out ok! LOL
  • Lucic and Chong
    I know this is an old thread, but since I just signed up so I wanted to add to it.

    I make coconut oil with it and cook with it and it works awesome. I have a small slow cooker that I use. cover the abv with melted oil, small splash of water for evaporation, and let it cook on low for 4 hours. strain and use the oil to "bake" with. maybe I don't vape my herb a thoroughly as others, but my edibles are quite strong. I'm sure butter works the same way, I just don't eat dairy.

    edibles aren't my chosen method, but are very useful for going to hockey games, movies and other events where it isn't possible to sneak out part way for a vape.
  • Dazza78
    Plant pot lol
  • Terry Hutchinson
    I toss mine. Trying to salvage something from it is like looking for a nicotine buzz in a spittoon. No thanks.
  • midas
    I don't really use it. But I save it. Never know when you'll be broke and dry. It's something.
  • Jcasvt1
    I throw it out. There is little to no value in what's left.
  • Jcasvt1
    I am partial to tincture. I use 4 Oz of 190 proof grain alcohol, them add either decarbed flower or bubble hash. Two to three days in the freezer, shaking a few times a day should do the trick, then strain through a coffee filter. I use 7 grams of bud per 4 Oz of alcohol. A dose of 1 to 2 teaspoons mixed with a splash of OJ makes for a nice evening.
  • Diggy Smalls
    I vape my avb at high high temp with the vapcap through water to help with the bad taste. I mostly do it when I'm low or out of fresh flowers. I should mix it my late evening vaping to help get some sleep and cut down on flower usage
  • okla68m
    I've consumed ABV that was only Vaped to 185°C and got a Nice long lasting Buzz, about a gram of nasty tastING grit. Took about an hour to feel the effects. Kept it going all day with just a Vape here and there all day. Oh Boy, not wasting any. Well, consumed that grit again a week later...got NOTHING but the ABV BURPS....YUK.
    Now, I save the ABV from my 185 vape and Revape it at night at 215°C. That temp kicks in the CouchLock effect and Munchies then it's Off to Bed.
    No more ABV BELCHE'S FOR ME !
  • SpudBob
    We make Killer Brownies with it. The chocolate hides the "popcorn" smell very well. You can, easily, get 24 2 way brownie from 10-12 grams of ABV. My wife eats1/4's and gets ripped. Give it a try. One of the bennies of vapeing!
  • SpudBob
    You may want to rethink that!!!
    We tweak the recipe by adding the ABV to the oil. we use organic coconut oil that we put in a qt size slow cooker at lowest temp about 200F for 4-6 hours before adding it to the mix. Works amazingly! Taste is very nice too! Make sure to follow the Temp/Time directions of the recipe very well. You cook at LOW temp 275 at most. It will take twice as long as the box calls for in time. So DON'T anybody throw away their AVB.
  • Baron23
    Nice video and I think your approach of slow cooking the oil and herb together in a crock pot is smart. I should think that once cooked in the oil, you can then strain the AVB since you extracted the greater part of what's to be had. Maybe eliminate needing to each all that plant material (doesn't agree with some folks guts...doing AVB firecrackers haven't effected me that way, though).
  • SpudBob
    you can but we, personally don't. Just fine grind it and you won't even notice
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