• chriscana
    Got mine today - black unit. Ghost MV1.

    First thing I did when I pulled it out of the box was pull the glass mouthpiece up. It made a horrible grinding and then pulled out the entire heat sink, separating from the heat sink lid. Come to find out I guess this is common and stem is being replaced. I didn't know then, and it was sort of a bad first impression.

    At first I thought my battery quick charger wasn't working, but it may be because the red light can look slightly amber and the amber light slightly red at certain angles. So, I wasn't sure the charger was connecting with the battery.

    The crucible and latch felt very awkward the first few times I used it. You do get used to it and I think the benefit of an easily cleanable and replaceable crucible is worth the added effort. In vapes like pax and davinci - once that oven is burned or scratched your stuck with it. Not here.

    I will say - if these crucibles had lids that permanently clipped or somehow stayed on it would relieve a lot of the awkwardness of putting them into the unit. Maybe an accessory to consider someday, if possible?

    My latch does require a bit of pressure to close, which I'm guessing is normal. I couldn't press it closed with just one hand. It's more of a hold with two hands and press closed with thumbs kind of motion for me. Maybe that will smooth out after more use.

    Past those few hiccups - I will say that this is one of the best and smoothest vapes I have ever hit. I have (or currently have): Volcano, Grasshopper, Plenty, Davinci IQ, Pax, Crafty, and Firefly 2. Apart from maybe a really high end dedicated desktop units, this beats them.

    I think the Vape Critic review was a good representation of the vape and it deserves the high ranks he gave it.

    The biggest pluses for me that really set this apart: the on-demand is legit and I can't think of any other vape that can pull it off as well at this one does and allows you to come back to a bowl and still have it tasting fresh. Yes, the bowl is small compared to other vapes, but the potency is off the charts. I have a high tolerance and have used a lot of vapes. It really does surprise me that I only need a few hits. It is crazy efficient. If you're looking to conserve or micro dose, this is the perfect device for it.

    Does anybody know when the crucible holder is coming out? Have they announced release dates for accessories?
  • Eli Romack
    I just got my ghost today also and right now I am waiting for mine to charge up. I've been looking for the app and have not been able to find it. Do you know the name of the app or have you found it yet?
  • chriscana
    I don't think the app has been released you. I couldn't find it either on iOS.
  • Erikson
    App is not out yet, they have said it's coming soon.
  • KLo
    First thing I did when I pulled it out of the box was pull the glass mouthpiece up. It made a horrible grinding and then pulled out the entire heat sink, separating from the heat sink lid. Come to find out I guess this is common and stem is being replaced. I didn't know then, and it was sort of a bad first impression.

    Same impression w/ added cracked ceramic sleeve in heatsink. GHOST took care of a speedy and better replacement, but had to postpone first go for 3 days. Still testing and formulating overall opinion but it's alright despite shaky fits & starts. GHOST is honoring their commitments thus far.

    Only heavy gripe is with the ceramic parts. I don't like the raw, unpolished parts. They are prone to breakage and may weaken over time. Not sure of health efficacy, esp when grinding against glass and general wear. But that remains to be seen. MV1 has other fish to fry with app release coming next week.

    Battery seems to discharge in 50-60 draws but still testing. Will post results in the appropriate threads after the weekend.

    I do like: Solid Structure
    Swing Out Crucible Door
    Superior Extraction & Efficiency
    True Convection

    I don't care for: Ceramics
    Ultra Stiff Latch
    Flimsy Mouthpieces
    (replacements promised)
    Battery underperforming
    Plastic Heatsink Covering
    Disco Lights

    Possible Issues: Silicone Seals weakening
    Rogue App

    Better than most. Superior cs and communications with GHOST. A working app may correct certain gripes, fingers crossed. Warming up to the MV1. Lifted for sure8-)
  • chriscana
    A few additional notes on my end.

    No replacement mouthpiece yet, but promised one. I'm just leaving mine extended for now.

    Can someone confirm if the top lid of the heat sink is plastic painted silver? seems the heat sink is metal, but maybe a plastic lid? Not ideal, if so.

    The unit will not stand up without a battery in. Not a big deal for me, just a note.

    I get degraded hits when my battery is goes between two and one bar left. With a full final bar performance is very weak. I did a full charge in quick charger, as instructed.

    Something seems off with my heat settings. 2 seems too hot maybe. I believe it was said these will be updated with the app release and I think it was said elsewhere these heat settings will be updated with the app.

    If you are getting poor performance another thing to check is the screen lid on top of the crucible. It can get clogged pretty easily.

    After many uses mine is still hard to close the crucible latch. I really have to force the latch closed with two hands. OK for me, but keep in mind if you are a medical user or someone with limited dexterity this vape is probably not a good choice for you because of the very strong latch and the way you have to hold the lid on the crucible why you put it into the holder.

    Still - very smooth and potent and one of the better performers I have used.
  • RightTrash
    My feelings so far are that the thing rocks, yet there are some issues to be worked out, some concerns.
    Definitely am beyond impressed in how it can extract and deliver, so tasty, while smooth.

    Not a big deal, a bit of annoyance is all:
    The clogging lid screen, I use a safety pin to clean out, just about every load.
    Sometimes on a stir, if I take it out I'll clean lid screen, often I just rotate the crucible after the 3rd hit.
    Agree it be real nice if the crucible lid could attach, just to make the ease of in and out smoother, also I'm sure it would prevent many spilled loads, I've dropped at least 3 so far.

    A bit frustrating yet workable:
    It's touchy in regards to load and material, but it's okay I just have to get my technique fine tuned. Seems like entirely loose, scraping off any overflowing, not packing but maybe just the gentlest touch before placing lid on it, using not a fine, but a medium coarse; I've actually found just tearing a bud apart to be about as small as possible to tear, can actually work well.

    Onto more of what concerns me and/or issues:
    Regarding heat setting levels and battery performance, mine has been pretty inconsistent, but I'm picking up more and more, on the battery along with draw time and draw speed, all seemingly relate directly back to that inconsistency.
    For instance, it seemed I had to be on level 4 for really solid tokes, but then I found level 2 to be working similarly?
    Seems when battery is with 3 green dots, I get great results on level 2. To achieve similar results when battery is with 2 green dots, I push up to level 3, same goes for 1 green dot, up to level 4; yet I find overheating to occur on levels 4 and 5.
    So in other words, when the battery is with one green dot and I'm on level 2, I get nothing visible compared to a heavy cloud when at level 2 with 3 green dots charge...
    My battery today seemed to go awfully quick, I don't expect that I got anywhere near 100 draws.
    I will be buying a 2nd battery out of necessity.
    Pass-through use (when you can plug it in and use it off charger rather than battery) would really be an enormous benefit if it could be done somehow, as then you'd have full battery charge performance when plugged in.

    Here's hoping:
    Beyond all this, that the app allows you to up the 15 second cut off time, to say 25 or 30 seconds. I've been having to due 2 cycles, or rather 1/2 a cycle, pausing toke, release and re-press button, wait till vibration a second or two, then re-start my draw.
    This method is giving me the sort of tokes that I get off my dynavap XL omni, yet with a smooth go and amazing flavor.

    Hope that my comments don't come off as though I'm not pleased or have any gripe, I'm very pleased.
    And do have some concerns, hoping the app may resolve a bit of that mentioned inconsistency, and an increased shut off time option seems necessary (unless perhaps my unit is just not yet [fingers crossed for app fix] calibrated, or whatever) IMO.

  • BoomDraws
    Aye I do wish the holes at the top of that crucible were a little bigger
  • Rockytdogg
    I rotate lids unless I’m mid crucible with concentrate and the lid’s stuck. I’ll just toss it in iso when I’m done. Quick wipe, forceful blow out, hole inspection, wipe again. Ready to rock.
  • BoomDraws
    come to think of it - I have a syringe with a curved small tip. I could just use it as a water/ISO jet and clear those holes. @ghostvapesofficial. - any chance the lid of the crucible could be fabricated with slightly larger holes at the top?
  • Rockytdogg
    Wanna recharge your light abv? Sprinkle a little kief on top and hit it again a few times on low. It works.
  • ghostvapesofficial

    ↪Rockytdogg come to think of it - I have a syringe with a curved small tip. I could just use it as a water/ISO jet and clear those holes. @ghostvapesofficial. - any chance the lid of the crucible could be fabricated with slightly larger holes at the top?

    We are working on this now - stay tuned. Best Patrick
  • LabPong
    We are working on this now - stay tuned. Best Patrickghostvapesofficial

    AWESOME SAUCE! This will be the best updated part for much better performance and use/cleaning.
  • BoomDraws
    you know what I love? I love the team and customer service from Ghost, their replies, and the fact they actually listen to customers feedback.
    Honestly - hands down one of the best companies to do business with in 2017.
  • ghostvapesofficial
    ↪ghostvapesofficial you know what I love? I love the team and customer service from Ghost, their replies, and the fact they actually listen to customers feedback.
    Honestly - hands down one of the best companies to do business with in 2017. @BoomDraws

    Thanks so much for those kind words - hugely appreciated by the entire team at Ghost. Best Patrick :-)
  • bener

    Amen to that (Y)

    A lot of companies can learn about customer service from Ghost.
  • LabPong

    Amen to that (Y)

    A lot of companies can learn about customer service from Ghost.

    Ditto to that! Quite impressive in this day and age of commerce.
  • MMongo

    Would it be possible instead of holes to have slits in crucible cover? Would make cleaning so much easier if you could just slide something in slit and free of debris that way. I understand not wanting to suck material through but I have a sneaky suspicion some people getting uneven material have stickier material and when you draw it literally sticks it to top lid thus messing with airflow and further making temps uneven.
  • Spaceman66
    My Black Chrome MV1 finally showed up at my doorstep yesterday, posed her for a few quick pics then slapped her onto the fast charger. Took just a bit under the advertised 2 1/2 hrs.

    Initial crucible load was some hand-torn Sunshine Day Dream. First pull on the default level 2. No visible vapor, but OMFG what taste ... AND effect! 2nd pull - light but definite vapor AND that incredible flavor. 3rd: more vapor, still yummy. Bumped up to levels 3 and 4 - more flavor and definite medicated effects, but little vapor. Took a break and didn't stir, but just turned the crucible around 180 deg and tapped it gently. Got a couple more pulls before declaring it AVB. Good, uniform browning, no charring. Feeling incredibly medicated for such a small amount of flower.

    2nd crucible, I never could get any vapor on 2, 3 or 4, but still got plenty of incredible flavor and effects from every single draw. Bud is right - it's almost like you took a bite out of your flower - so incredibly flavorful. I had no idea vaped flower could taste so good. Clean, cool, no harshness at all. Couple of back-to-back draws on level 4 got the dreaded red flashing / vibrating overheat indication. Opened the door (latch cover quite warm, but not to the point of being uncomfortable), blew on it and let it air-cool.

    3rd crucible, now we're talking: VERY nice vapor and flavor from the very first level 3 draw. Two more at level 3 and called it a night. This morning, gave the crucible a tap and started out at level 3. Immediate red flashing light and vibration. WTF?! Dropped it to level 2 and it was happy. Bumped up to 3, draw, then to 4, draw, OK I think this load's about had it.

    One conclusion: definitely slow, slothful draws - that's the ticket. Still experimenting with grind, flower moisture level, etc. Plenty more experimenting still ahead!

    What else can I say?

    @VapeCritic Bud, you were totally right - this IS the one. Your top rating is spot on for this vape. I am beyond hugely impressed. Are there things than can (and no doubt will) be improved about it? Of course, and you can count on both GHOST and prolly even other after-market folks to be all over it. But take it from me, folks, GHOST have totally hit it out of the park with the MV1.

    @ghostvapesofficial - you have made me one supremely happy customer. THANK YOU for developing this thing in the first place, and THANK YOU for persevering through all the many trials and tribulations! I can already tell the MV1 is gonna be my daily driver and I, too, will be among the very first in line for the inevitable MV2 sometime down the road

    To think I came "THIS" close to pulling the trigger on a FF2 when I fortuitously stumbled across this forum and all the MV1-is-coming-soon talk. So glad I waited!

    Peace out & vape on, all!
  • Temple ov truth
    Nice first flower (sunshine daydream) I miss it lots ah temple ov truth,rave on
  • Spaceman66
    @MMongo Dude, I can already 100% vouch for it. Just 4 crucibles in, and having to stop and clean/unclog those bitty holds in the SS lid is already becoming a (minor annoyance) ongoing maintenance hassle, 'cause I can definitely see how not doing so will very quickly start adversely affecting airflow and evenness of convection through the material in the crucible. So it's gotta be done, and reasonably regularly, or (since mine seems to mainly clog the central holes) the material around the edges is likely to char while the central portion stays under-done.

    OTOH, I just decided to do my first ISO soak cleaning, and was very extremely happy to find just how few and small the things are that need that kind of cleaning. Doesn't require a boat-load of ISO, like cleaning some glass pieces can take. But we'll soon find out just how stubborn those icky-sticky littly hole clogs are in an ISO bath!
  • Spaceman66
    Piece of cake. Quick 10 minute soak, minor agitation, rinse & dry and everything looks like brand new; zero ceramic staining. Followed up with a quick moistened Q-tip touch up of exposed silicone just above & below where the crucible sits. Held it upside down and did a quick couple puffs of air inside in case any particles made it down there below the coil.

    Loaded up a fresh crucible of some Citrix, took 2 pulls on level 2 (no vapor but tons of flavor first pull, decent vapor second one; seems to always take a 2nd pull on lower levels to get vapor), 2 equally delicious pulls on level 3 (both with awesome flower flavor, no popcorn yet and very visible vapor) ... and I said to myself: ya know what? I'm done - I just plain don't need another hit right now! Sweet putting it away knowing there's still a few sweet pulls left in it, plus plenty of juice. Battery still showing 3 LEDs after burning through 4 crucibles and probably 20 or so pulls total. Me really likey this thing; bring on the app!
  • BoomDraws
    It's funny - I read it so many times here that there are people saying - "I get no visible vapor, but it punches like Mayweather."
    Vapor or No Vapor - you all have to agree for a .1 pack - this thing does truly deliver....... in ghost form.
  • KLo
    Follow-up impressions: Front housing runs warm. Heatsink is cooler. Makes sense since it's manually cooled by the user. Battery pack is also cool. Some units run hot but GHOST says app should fix it. Battery stands at averages 60 draws before swan diving vape drain.

    GETS YOU CHIEFED! Replaced mp still grinds the ceramic. But maybe another...the polycarbonate will be the solution? Rather stick with glass and leave the mp extended. But then, points lost for having to be precious w/ things. It's just a matter of time before something gets knocked to the floor.

    Latch eased up with a few days use.

    On the lookout for GHOST mail & deliveries.

    Daily driver potential
  • Cl4ud3
    Too many people are hung up on massive wasteful clouds, if they don't see them then they can't be getting high ;)
  • elykpeace
    Uhhh come on already ups! I need to get this thing plugged it
  • BoomDraws
    Lol yea. And I guess people didnt take into account - if you breath it in and then hold it in for let's say 5-10 seconds for absorption - the vapor to some extent gets absorbed and thinned out too.
  • Cl4ud3
    Ah that's another debate again. With smoking people would hold it but that does nothing as your lungs stop absorbing when your not inhaling. So vapists should either hold to let it condense in the lungs possibly or try the re-breathing method. But this is off topic here.

    Hope you get it soon because you got to charge it then too and that's another wait :-d
  • bener

    Maybe they are too high to see the vapor 8-)
  • bener
    And don't forget to use the Ghost pointy cleaner that came with the MV1.

    I blow air from the bottom side after brushing off the lid each time I finish a crucible, it really seems to help.
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