• moneybee
    this is garbage. garbage! no air holes, no air flow, gets super hot! after you take a hit and wanna take off the chamber, you gotta pull from the very top? your mouth gets all over it. there's no air holes! there's no air flow! what were they thinking? the air comes outta down here in the usb port. what the heck is wrong with people.

    sorry had to get that off my chest. stay wonderful!
  • VapeCritic
    i'm in the process of reviewing this one and cannot say that my experience has been much different so far

    thanks for posting your thoughts!! (Y)
  • Mike S
    Same here, waiting for your review
    Yeah only Grenco product I ever liked was the MicroG, for concentrates only. It's very light and very tiny, and as long as you don't hit it for more than 3-4 seconds the hits stayed smooth and not too harsh. Better airflow than other Grenco pens too.

    Grenco in general, is like a false UP-branded generics company.

    I think you should just wait for a firefly2, if all you use is herb, Or get a Pax2, which has a great warranty.

    If you want to use concentrate, search here and on fuckcombustion forums for the Linx Hypnos, Kandypens Donuts, and Dr Dabber Aura. Those are the best for wax/shatter. You'd like those of wax/shatter are readily available where you stay.

    Be good babe ! Stay up !
  • Flipz
    I've had the gpen elite for 3 weeks and it's hard to even use after a few times. Practically still looks brand new in the box :D

    I see like my crafty, pax 2 and others sitting on the shelf... so hard to want to waste my herb in the elite when I can enjoy it out of others. I give them credit on going for a new design I suppose. "You could have the best looking car but if the engine is garbage, is it worth using"?
  • moneybee
    i hope they fully update this or wipe the slate clean and just make a completely different GOOD vape.
  • Big Phee
    Do you know (roughly) when you will be reviewing the G-Pen Elite?
  • VapeCritic
    i spoke to them and i'm waiting for them to make an update to it before i review it because there's something I don't like about it as is, i'm estimating a month or two conservatively
  • Flipz
    You think that's why mine doesn't work that good? I must of got the unit before any updates were done. Hope whatever update there doing is good 8-)
  • Flipz
    Gotcha (Y)

  • shaolinmilk
    Vaporizer Wizard gave it such a high score and I trust you and him the most... interesting. :)
  • vapour
    he must of been using a different vaporizer when scoring it. i regretfully purchased one last weekend and yesterday the darn vapes lcd screen spazzed out before turning off. now it doesnt turn on or work! i wasnt even much of a fan when it was working and theres tons of things out there half the price but 20x better. your time is more valuable doing something anything else besides reviewing this one >:)
  • Hugh C
    Love your site and this forum!
    I know i'm a little late to this discussion but...I have the Firefly2 / Pax/Pax2 / Crafty / Commando and the GPen Elite - I LOVE MY G PEN ELITE and here's why. I've got 4 kids and a wife with not much time to do anything, so i'm looking for a portable vape that heats up super fast, creates good clouds, doesn't shut off randomly and doesn't smell like an old bong (pax2). The Commando was it for a while until the Gpen Elite. It heats up in record time (:20 or less) and the chamber is very big for its size. It isn't picky about using coarse grind or hand torn material - although hand torn seems to work better. The flavor is great and it really starts humming after the first 4 draws. Is it the best portable vape out there? no way! But for someone that needs to be very discreet and very fast - it is awesome.
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