• Baron23
    A fronted $300 vape for a solution is “reasonable” for someone that can’t wait? Did I miss something?Rockytdogg

    What fronted vape? What are you talking about. Sorry, I don't understand.

    Who doesn't have the vape....unless I dramatically misunderstood (which is quite possible as I'm getting to be a tottering old fool), @ec52613 does indeed have an MV-1...one that is not working properly (vice mine which is suitable for use at the present).

    Also, anyone should be able to come onto a forum, look at the specifics of the vape, decide if they want it or not, and be able to post about the same whether they own the device or not.

    Attacking people who have politely and reasonably presented their dissenting view, and who have not written post after post repeating the same negative info with nothing new (which is bashing IMO), is indeed not cool and gives rise to the valid criticism of "fanboyism".

    For me, I'm trying to be a happy and honest customer and not a booster, cheerleader, or defender of the faith as I just don't think that's helpful, overall.
  • BoomDraws
    yea - it was all a mis understanding from my end also.

    I feel like people take it over the top though.
    Like you said - all info is there and all people have to do is take a little time to read, review and research. I did as such and because of knowing what to expect and what not to expect - out of the box I did not have an issue - I should say I am one of the lucky ones.
    However if the tables were turned and I got a unit that was defective, I wouldn't cry foul or be impatient as these things can and do happen esp with electronics. I would have tried to have the patience to contact, wait for a reply and then RMA the device. It's not like Ghost hasn't been keeping up with the CS side because anyone who comes on here can see they do it is just that they are inundated with tickets.
    I am not claiming to be a fan boy or etc. I too gave my honest opinions of this vape.
    If someone has or had an issue - just saying - like you it would have been wiser to reserve judgement til you get a functioning device. I mean I know it's not fun, causes people to be upset, etc but it's not a life-threatening issue to be going over the top with. That's all I was trying to get across.

    And all of us here know that if someone did not have a pleasant experience - Ghost will do everything in their power to rectify the issue.
  • Baron23
    all good, mate (Y) :D
  • Dave
    What set me off was this: 'Those, like myself, with a $300.00+ non-functioning vaporizer paperweight, should continue to be patient and wait for a software update and app release, neither of which have a release date. This is not acceptable since I have already paid for my device. Ghost would not send me a vaporizer on my promise to pay for the device when my funds become available; and I did not pay for a device that is not functional and will not be functional until software updates and app are released.' How am I supposed to read into this? He was implying that it was totally broken and that others too have non-functional units that are paperweights? He's also saying that Ghost wouldn't front him the unit. Who here has Ghost fronted a unit to? I didn't mean to get so combative, I'm just reading this and it sounds like polite nonsense. Maybe not nonsense, but how does that really come across?
  • n8thesk8
    Even though my experience has been so-so, I can totally respect this post! You are on point! Nicely said Bud!
  • BoomDraws
    Leave as that - just nonsense. There were a bunch of others on here who had problems and we all chipped in on tips and tricks and now they are all very satisfied with their device even without the app because they can have it function and do its job. So I guess we chalk it up to not everyone has the capacity to learn and understand. (*not trying to sound harsh that's just the bitter pill of truth*)
    That being said - I think the other issue is people jumping in with the expectation that there is no learning curve. There is always a learning curve with anything new and anything new you do. People need to understand this and work through it. But instead they seemingly just want the answers and not work for it.

    For example - when I first got my device - I was like "ahhhhh let's see this no draw resistance" and I went ham on my first 3 pulls. Didn't get any visible vapor but could taste a little bit and feel the effects. Then I realized - this is not a conduction vape - it's hot air so you need to let the hot air have time/exposure to the herb to do its business. Next crucible load - seeing no draw resistance - i pulled sloth slow thinking hey - let's give some time for this hot air to do the job it's supposed to do.
    Using a combination of a little intelligence and common sense and - vala! I got taste, vapor/clouds and that happy warm fuzzy feeling inside.

    In order to get the right balance you need to apply yourself. Sadly I don't think a majority do this. That's were I believe the issues begin......
    Then coming on here and pouting just adds injury to insult.
  • Rockytdogg
    A fronted $300 vape for a solution is “reasonable” for someone that can’t wait? Did I miss something?
    — Rockytdogg

    What fronted vape? What are you talking about. Sorry, I don't understand.
    Ghost would not send me a vaporizer on my promise to pay for the device when my funds become available; and I did not pay for a device that is not functional and will not be functional until software updates and app are released.ec52613

    Facetious or analogy or whatever, wtf?

    I personally refuse to get hung up on semantics.

    This can go ‘round an ‘round forever, what’s the point?

    He or she is not happy and will only be happy with a refund. Simple as that. Isn’t that what the guarantee is all about?

    Reminds of the Seinfeld episode with the car rental: “Anyone can MAKE a guarantee, but it’s HONORING the guarantee, that’s really the most important part of MAKING the guarantee...” or something like that.
  • Big Red
    yeap. its not white. more like copper colour. its all good.
    thanks a lot for the excellent after sales service @ghostvapesofficial
  • Baron23
    Dave, Dave, Dave....the Ghost fronting him the vape before payment was a hypothetical to highlight the opposite situation of payment before receiving a fully functioning device.

    That statement that set you off, to me seems reasonable even though its not my conclusion.

    And a vape doesn't have to be a brick in order to be a 'paper weight'. Talk to some FF2 owners and you may find yourself then agreeing with me.

    This one guy is saying his vape does not function correctly. This is not in dispute and Ghost has admitted that, quite frankly, they fucked up applying a bad unlock patch that hammered function in some vapes.

    You are willing to be patient and wait for full functionality, I'm willing to be patient and wait for full functionality, EC is not and I don't see that as anything other than his complete perogative.

    Man....I remember the defenders of the faith vehemently attacking any dissenters on the FF2 and that was ugly. I just hate to see us go anywhere in that direction.

    Ok, done with this subject....I'm not actually the sheriff of VLF so I'm going to now quit acting like it. LOL
  • bener
    @Baron23 and @BoomDraws make some very good points.

    Maybe sometimes when we're reading some of the posts we're at the same time too Ghosted to realize and grasp the full meaning of what a poster has written.

    I say let's all try to remember that and give each other the benefit of doubt as often as we can. After all, this is all just about a vape X-)
  • jayhof
    When I got my MV1 I really wanted to love it. I got it, I charged it and wow was it hard hitting. I was getting great flavor on 1 but not much visible vapor. I turned it up and at some point, I was getting a burnt flavor. I opened the crucible and I noticed that it was burnt in the center and still green on the outside.
    I was a bit disappointed but I really wanted to love my MV1. So what did I do I started to play around with my grind and the way I packed my crucible. I found that I was so concerned about over packing it that I think I was under packing it and I think that is what led to some of the burning of my flower I was tasting. I have found that by putting a bit more flower in it seems to really help along with a more coarse grind. I do find that my Ghost does heat up and gets hot too still but I have been getting much better results now with much more evenly toasted abv.

    I will speak for myself but maybe more people might feel the same way. I think when I don't see strongly visible vapor clouds I may feel like I'm not getting as strong of an effect until I get out of my chair and move around. So I think that may be more psychological.

    So do I love my Ghost MV1? Well right now I really really like it and I totally see potential when the app comes out and I really think I am going to love it then. As far as customer service I only emailed ghost 2 times before I got my MV1 and both times I got a really quick response. I was super happy whit them about that. I would like to thank Bud for being a great ambassador for the ghost team. My hats off to you Bud thanks for helping to make this happen.
  • Trousersnake
    At my possible detriment, may I possibly offer a solution to make these forums a little more organized, informative and insightful.

    Just make 2 threads, one for only positive reviews and one for only negative/problems reviews. There are already enough miscellaneous mv1 threads. Let the commenter make his initial comment. If anyone has a counterpoint whether it be against a positive or negative comment, respond in a PM. This way, the focus remains on point rather than everyone having to take sides. I just sifted through the last 2 pages and really there was only one issue at hand which was @ec52613 having a problem with his unit which may or may not be fixed with an update followed by dozens of comments questioning/defending his choice of words.

    Let the comments stand on its own. If people just let others say what they want to say, it will soon become apparent whether the commenter is troll or has a genuine gripe. It's very difficult to see when everyone jumps in and as a result a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation happens.

    Disclaimer: I do not own a unit and I'm pretty sure I've been branded as a hater because of previous comments I made (though I maintain that I am not). I've been lurking ever since with great interest because regardless of the Vape Critic's involvement or this whole initial growing pains process, I hope this is good vape. I won't be an early adopter but if the problems clear up and it lives up to its claims, the ghost will be high on my list to purchase in the near future.
    Just my two cents as a lurker/potential customer. Very difficult to do when issues get blown out of proportion.
  • ec52613
    As perhaps Baron23 may remember prior to the release of the MV1 I was one of those defending Bud's integrity and that of Ghost Vapes. I will continue to stand behind both since I know Bud to be a good dude, and I think Ghost is going to be a major player in the vaporizer industry. We all knew going in what the Ghost was going to be, if you did not, it was a lack on your part since Bud's preview video was full of information and his personal feedback. His buy-back guarantee was like the "good housekeeping seal of approval" and was something only a person with complete confidence in a product would even consider offering. Whether he would be financially responsible for the buy-back or Ghost was going to support his offer, it was still a great offer. An offer I quite frankly never thought I would need. Also being an old, disabled, customer living on a strict budget, I have to research any major purchase, and any vaporizer I have purchased has been thoroughly researched, through manufacturer's website, user forums, and critical reviews. Having a working understanding of heat transfer I was also aware that convection vaporizers are quite a different beast than conduction vapes; whether they produce markedly better vapor quality is still not an absolute, but after hitting the MV1 I would tend to agree. The E-nano, which many swear by, produces outstanding vapor quality for one or two hits, but if you want to get a substantial amount of visible vape with it, the temps have to rise leading to a slight degradation of flavor and coolness. The few hits I have been able to get from the MV1 have produced the best vapor I have experienced, flavorful, cool, and copious. Even though I am returning mine, I would recommend it to anyone seeking an on-demand vaporizer, which mostly use convection heating. I try very hard to be as concise as possible whenever I make a comment on a viewer forum, which at times seems to create confusion. I also try to write like I would talk, and perhaps some of my similes/metaphors get lost in the translation or by baked readers. I applaud the efforts of Ghost to solve the glitches some of the vaporizers they shipped to customers appear to have. At the same time, I think we vaporizer consumers need to demand more from those companies involved in the industry. If Ghost has to replace or refund customers for having received a device that was not up to the design specifications, why in the world would other customers blame the customer. Does anyone honestly believe I wanted to receive a device that would not work as designed? Do you honestly believe once I received the device, if it was not performing like others claimed it did, I would not try the methods they described to achieve the same results? Finally, when the manufacturer reveals they did modify some devices delivered to customers, and they are aware of problems those modifications might have, why do you feel it is necessary to tell an already frustrated fellow customer to quit bitching and learn how to use the device or be patient and wait for an eventual software update or app. We live in very divisive times, and it is my opinion, the reason the divisions seem so insurmountable is the lack of empathy and the lost art of listening. Sorry for the length and wordiness of this post and I will say no more about my MV1 experience except to say it is a great vaporizer but just not for me at this time.
  • Rockytdogg


    Now who can bitch about that?

    I wish you the best, @ec52613!
  • nightstorm
    Thanks for the update. @VapeCritic sorry to hear you have "haters" its not as easy as people think being human.
    You and @ghostvapesofficial have been the best regarding doing business over the internet, its a new product being launched by a new company internationally with presale offers without obligation, There are likely on any product for there to be the odd machine that is faulty, or not fit for purpose, you don't need Buds Buy Back scheme for that, jus return it for a refund or replacement. Buds offer is a fail safe if you don't like the way it looks for example but if its broken or not working it should go back to Ghost if you can't wait for the update, should they of released it before the app is ready, yes if they thought it would run without it as it should. Don't jump in at the beginning if you don't want to take the risk of problems on an initial rollout of a new product.

    What we have is a major effort to meet peoples needs and expectations I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment on the MV1 but they have from what I have seen, they have done alright by everyone and I feel secure if there is a problem, they Bud or Ghost will step up and do their best to solve it, that is the mark of a good company "a product is only as good as what the company that sold it does if things go wrong" .

    I am looking forward to giving my review,

    thanks nightstorm
  • Rockytdogg
    Sorry, I do have one question tho, @ec52613, what happens if the app comes out before you have a chance to send it back. Will you check it out again before doing so? Just curious, s’alll...
  • Jcasvt1
    Oh, for christ sake, just return it! Why the need to hash and rehash this endlessly? If the unit is indeed defective than Bud will be able to exchange it with ghost. If it is not than Bud can easily resell the unit. Move on to something else.
  • Rockytdogg
    Ha, ok man. I wasn’t the one to make this public. I woulda just texted, emailed and/or called everyone involved first, but that’s just me... I’m done. Trust me.
  • Baron23
    Very cogent and articulate response. Personally, I understand entirely where you are coming from and, again,IMO this falls entirely within your prerogatives without risk of censure by others.
  • ec52613
    Holy Toledo! Who would have thunk? It was just feedback. Simply one man's personal experience with the MV1. Unfortunately the MV1 was one that did not take kindly to unlocking of software. A replacement for the vaporizer in question was in the works, but I was not aware of that since I did not get a confirmation by email. It arrived yesterday and I was contemplating using it since its arrival. Figuring I have nothing to lose, and knowing I would buy one eventually, I am charging up the battery as I type this. There are 3 notable differences. The new vaporizer has the gritty sounding mouthpiece, which is no big deal. It is being dealt with and I have not heard anybody say it affects the vaporizer's performance, besides I only extend the mouthpiece once a day. The crucible door on the new vaporizer is tighter than a bull's balls in a snow storm. Again, it does not seem to affect performance, and should become easier to latch and unlatch with use. The heat sink for the new vaporizer slides in and out of it housing much much easier. The old vaporizer's heat sink was so tight I could barely remove it and there is no way extending the mouthpiece could cause it to unseat and move up. The first crucible load was great. The new vaporizer actually buzzes strong enough to feel it, something the old one did not do. The ABV had a slight bit of charring from bumping to level 3 just to check if it got hot, and it got hot but nothing like the old one. I think it is a keeper. Perfect, of course not, for everyone, it could be but you know how that goes, the best vaporizer available, who knows. I know It is putting my other 2 daily drivers in retirement, and both are many vaporizer users favorites, the Mighty and the original Solo. I know they are considered session vapes, but the MV1 has the ability to be a hit on-demand vape and a session vape, so I am set and will be cruisin' for a bruisin' with my MV1.
  • StuddlyBud

    (Y) (Y) Yaaassss Bro. Another success story. I also like how the extractions are so pure that you also get a pure effect as well; like getting all the nectar out of a flower. Can definitely strap with the ghost and be ready for a great feeling.
  • Cl4ud3
    Nice, glad you got a good result. Now once the app comes out I hope everyone will be happy.
  • BoomDraws
    I have been using my MV1 as a session vape. Sure it takes a little time but - nothing beats efficient extraction.
  • stevieM83
    Got my email yesterday and expected delivery date on Monday to the UK, can't wait!
    thank you! @ghostvapesofficial for still honouring the free charger I definitely had that smile on my face :D thanks @VapeCritic for this great community and making me aware this vape was on the production line when I was taking the time to research my first vape, exciting times ahead, stay up all ;)
  • bener
    and the great news is the App is soon come, mon 8-)

    I will be posting an update on the forum later today but I know you are going to be extremely happy when the App is released.

    In the meantime suggest you take a look at this video re the Heat Sink assembly - we believe this will help improve performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-iVsEtSDRE
  • billyob
    So I just ordered my ghost 9/26. Will my ghost have the fixed glass stem or will I have to wait and see and then contact you guys if the glass stem is scratching?
  • Big Red
    i don't think it will come with new glass piece. maybe somewhere in Oct which they will send to everyone FOC
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