• BoomDraws
    after some use - I find the grinding to be less from glass stem. And one else have this happen?
  • Big Red
    me too. not much grinding now. the latch is not too tight now. M able to open and close with a finger now :)
  • BoomDraws
    yep where it was new and took two hands after using and heating it up a couple days that latch is now a simple one handed operation - love it. People may have given flak to Ghost for tightening tolerances but I think it worked out good because they accounted for the use. Now if I can just order the damn crucible holder, stems, I should be honkey dorey. ** I know app is coming soon**
  • Rockytdogg
    I’m sure the glass just smooths down the slightly rough finish of the unused ceramic. No biggie for me at all.
  • Big Red
    i hear you bruv. the dispenser and perhaps the cool looking case for the MV1
  • elykpeace
    I watched the video on the heat sync .. t found it easier to seat the heatsink into the silicone with the latch opened . I'll have to try this way and see if it makes a difference. Also I must note I've had no issues with overheating or red lights indicating the heat sync wasn't seated properly. Works great. I just wish we could figure out a better cap system.. I tried a SS screen that was held in place by friction and it worked ok but the metal cap does direct the heat more evenly with out the additional screen to hold material in.

    I use primarily the 2 Amber lights heat setting and it produces great flavor/vapor for around 10 draws. After I put that same material in my WS and got one really thin wispy hit so it's extracting beautifully.

    Overall this is really a great vape .. not EVERYONE will be happy with it but that goes for everything in general. Everyone's views/opinions and their preceptions on life differ so don't let em get you down @VapeCritic you put your reputation on the line and you helped bring a great vape to market .. (Y)
  • bener
    @BoomDraws@Big Red@Rockytdogg

    Yes, I have been getting less glass/ceramic scratching sound though I really didn't have a lot of sound in the first place.

    I haven't had much of a problem with the door once I figured out that it's really a sliding over the latch motion rather than pushing the button in. @Dazza78 demonstrates this too in one of his videos.
  • Spaceman66
    @bener I hear ya, mon! After watching that same @Dazza78 vid, I was like WTF, I can't believe this actually vexed me a tad at first. It's a non-issue - I was like this is totally NOTHING, bro! Slides just like butter. Don't be pushing it, FFS, that's all!
  • BoomDraws
    yea thats true about the latch.
  • Dazza78
    @BoomDraws@bener@Spaceman66 glad to be of assistance more Vids are coming plus ghost train challenge and a sesh and chill I think.
  • bener
    Frankly, I think that getting our new MV1s was soooo exciting for everyone that sometimes the small details of its operations and functions have escaped some of us. Given that using the MV1 gives one an altered state of reality, might inhibit our learning/understanding just slightly, eh? 8-)

    I do think that there could be more info about its use besides the Quick Start Guide, and of course there's this Forum, but the great info here is spread out across a number of different threads so it's not always easy for folks to find it. It would be GREAT if Ghost got a set of tutorial videos up at their site to assist their new users. User tips like battery charging, assembly of components, etc. would all be nice.

    Until then, I think many users might want to play with their MV1s while the battery is charging and at other, non-medicated times (or just a little medicated) so we can get more familiar with how it's put together, how the functions work, etc.
  • Erikson
    Does anyone know what the update that was coming yesterday was supposed to be or since they ran out of time can we expect an update today? @ghostvapesofficial
  • ghostvapesofficial
    Does anyone know what the update that was coming yesterday was supposed to be or since they ran out of time can we expect an update today? @ghostvapesofficial @Erikson

    Sorry and working on it - The update should have gone out yesterday but was held up briefly while awaiting some additional information. Almost there. Best Patrick
  • bener
    Can not say anything about when but as to what they are releasing we were told a software (firmware) update and the release of the Ghost Application
  • bener
    I see Patrick has already answered while I typed. Thanks Patrick :D
  • Zep4
    We love you, Bud. Please take me off your list of wanting refurbished. Got mine and loving it so I'm set for now. Staying up!
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