• Konstantinos
    Hello to all.
    Firstly I would like to say thanks to all for being helpful through your personal experience in using the different vaporizers. Like a month ago I was using Arizer Solo II from a friend. I liked it a lot and I could feel the good job of the vaporizer. I also realized that I will easier quit from smoking since I am e-cig user and I know that I don't want the taste of smoke anymore. So getting to the point.
    After watching videos and reviews about many devices, I am between Airvape XS and Pax 2 firstly and maybe summit. I am closer to XS. But I read that many people had to return after few days because of error and charging issues. I like pax 2 but I want more discreet device in terms of smell and I prefer conduction instead of combustion. Still I can't decide. The price range that I can afford is more or less in about same money. In Europe I find XS in the price of 159Euros and Pax 2 in the price of 150Euros. Summit is also in same price as pax. Considering the cleaning and the pass through usage of Xs I think I already love it. Seeing the review of it and the clouds it makes I was looking my joints and I was feeling like I burn my stuff for no reason like idiot.
    Please I would like some help because I'm not in good period to afford more money if I make wrong choice. And one last thing, I don't get how you mean the sessions. I know that in Solo II I was having a 5 minute session in about 10 draws and after I had to replace the herb. Or maybe I was doing wrong usage. The temperature was between 180C-200C max. But I want to enjoy longer. Not like being pressed to have 10 draws in 5 minutes. Sorry for saying too many things but I really need an opinion. Next week I will buy even Airvape XS or Pax 2. So I will repeat myself one more time and please help me to make the best choice for my first vaporizer.

    thank you in advance for your time :)
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