• RightTrash
    The battery is or is not an issue in a checked bag? Carry on bag the battery, check bag the unit? No go?

    Appreciate knowing what's legit. Thanks
  • StuddlyBud
    Lol people already traveling on planes with this thing?? Lol damn we just kinda got them.
  • Oldtoker
    I just received mine today. I live in a town in Mexico so small that they don't even have mail service so I had to order it, have it shipped to where a friend of mine was visiting in the States, and he brought it back on the plane to Mexico in his carry-on without any problems whatsoever so we know for sure carry-on is okay. Anybody out there put one in checked baggage yet?
  • Chronic Pain
    San Diego to Denver, LA to Maui, San Diego to Seattle (No problems)

    TSA wants all rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium batteries in your Carry-on baggage only. I travel a lot and have never had an issue with any vape in my carry-on.

    My friend works for the TSA and says that Checked luggage gets scanned more thoroughly then carry-on luggage.
  • MAbud
    you carry on your flower as well? or obtain locally?
  • Chronic Pain

    I have brought some flower with me on a plane. Small amounts though... (Grind it first)
    I always carry my medical card and Dress nice (like a business traveler) I'm retired btw...

    Edibles, Concentrates and Disposable vape pens are the easiest to carry on.

    I also have TSA PreCheck and Global Entry (Customs pre-screened card - No processing lines, No paperwork, self check-in at the Global Entry kiosk)

    The TSA website states: “TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other drugs.” Of course, whatever they say on the official TSA website is not necessarily that reassuring. I think all they really care about are Guns and Knives (and lots of those slip by)

    Carrying flower is RISKY though.
  • Kane808
    Just got back from Vegas no problem at all, brought back some gummies, concentrates and some bud
  • frandemarco
    Yeah just stash in carry on bag...the weed hmm just be smart about it smell proof and not a fucking pound lol
  • Bruce
    If your Ghost is nice you can get a ride with it, or you can take the plane.
  • casualcrown
    should the battery be separated from the rest of the Ghost unit when you travel with it carry on? or is it okay for them to be attached?
  • Chronic Pain

    If my vape has a removable battery I always take it out. I'm always worried that I might hit the power button and it starts heating up. One less thing to worry about...
    Anxiety is not my friend :-!

    Honestly you could leave it in and be fine.
    Hell... I travel with my Mighty all the time and have never had an issue.
  • medicalmark
    I haven't flown with my mv1 yet but the last time I flew to Vancouver I put my cloudV enail in a case through the check point they seen it in the X-ray I told them it was my medical device and I had a medical license they replied do you have medicine on you I said yes they replied ok thank you go head your finIshed here have a good day, they never asked to see my documentation and I was traveling with quarter pound of white cookies and 14 grams of flower Rosin in my carry on.
    My cloudV was in the same bag as all my meds but in its own case but I guess they don't care or didn't notice maybe because it was in with my pills.
    Either way who cares, I'm medical and it's Canada, It was a good trip
  • casualcrown

    Thank you!

    Is there anything i should tell TSA agents or just let it be if they think it's weird?
  • Oldtoker
    My experiences has always been you do not tell any type of bureaucratic agency jack. Never volunteer information. I was told by a TSA agent that they do not look for drugs and that the dogs that you see at the airport are only for bombs and other weapons. I was told the dogs wouldn't know a joint if you stuck it up their butt. I have lived in Mexico for the last 20 years and have probably been to the United States 10 or 12 times in that time. I recently flew into Vegas and was treated to one of the most disgusting sights that I've seen in years. Coming from Mexico is not unusual for me to get pulled by TSA for a more thorough investigation. They had a plane load of foreigners in the lineup when I got in the room. Suddenly one of the TSA agents started screaming at one of the female passengers so violently that spit was flying into the face of the poor woman. I had watched and listened to this unfold and realized the woman did not speak one word of English. While I was waiting my turn I saw several other l passengers from the flight of foreigners verbally abused and none of them spoke English. Of course the TSA agents would not allow anyone else to say anything or intercede on their behalf. I am a true, blue, died in the wool patriot but this episode made me sick to my stomach. This was the first experience that most of these people had ever had of the United States. TSA is out of control. They have been enabled by the current administration and from what I saw it's almost a competition to see who could be the biggest asshole. When I got back to Mexico I immediately contacted an immigration lawyer to start proceedings to change my status from permanent resident to actual citizen with a passport and with dual citizenship so that they can never send me back anywhere I don't want to go. I will not be going back to the United States until I am assured that this attitude has been changed. Sorry to rant that MY answer to your question, don't tell those assholes jack.
  • casualcrown

    holy shit, i am so sorry for your experience and the experiences others had :(
  • Magicman
    This topic is stupid sauce. You will end up in Gbay if you carry vape on plane.
  • Rockytdogg

    Gbay = Gitmo (GTMO = Guantanamo Bay) or Green Bay, WI?

    Either way... Brrrrrr.... both places gives me the shivers....!
  • VapeFully
    You can't have any batteries in your checked bag. Clean it inside-out and pack it into your carry-on. You won't face any problems unless there's weed residue.
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