• Dreamlike
    I don’t know if this is really a Ghost-specific question; it’s more of a general vaping question (although I guess it matters in a way similar to grind being specific to a vape). I have some kief that I’d like to vape. I don’t really want sprinkle it on flower because I want to smoke the strain pure and I don’t have the flower version of that particular strain. I do have a pollen press and could turn it into kief, or I could try putting little clumps into the vape straight. Neither one seems exactly right, and smoking it on the concentrate setting doesn’t seem right either, since it’s not really a concentrate.

  • BoomDraws
    Make a life pick with pollen press. Use small amount onto concentrate pad. Dont use concentrate heat - use 420-428F. Let the puppy heat up, and very slowly sip the hot air thru. See what happens. That's what I plan on doing.
  • Dreamlike
    @ghostvapesofficial Do you have any official recommendations for using pollen (loose or pressed) in the MV1?
  • BoomDraws
    I said make a kief puck*. Sry guys iOS likes to auto correct things wrong
  • Dreamlike
    Kief puck is easy enough for me to make. I just worry about wasting material.
  • ghostvapesofficial
    @ghostvapesofficial Do you have any official recommendations for using pollen (loose or pressed) in the MV1? @Dreamlike

    Looks like we have a few experts in the house and not something we can really comment on but I also saw @technoHippie had a video on that same topic.
  • Dazza78
    @Dreamlike it works well from low temps up lv5 and the way I would recommend is to watch @technoHippie’s video
  • Dreamlike
    Thanks, all. Great video,@technoHippie
  • technoHippie

    Thanks for the shoutouts!

    And yeah, so far what I've done is making sandwiches using herb and kief, or just mixing the two together in a 1:1 ratio (give or take, depends on the consistency of both) and stick that in there.

    I've also been looking into methods of vaping kief on its own without flower, as I'm just about out of meds (*sad face*) but have a bit of dry sift stocked up. I'm thinking that perhaps putting a concentrate pad in, putting in good layer of kief on that which should maintain maybe a 0.5mm gap around the edge of the pad, then put another pad on top of that to keep it in place?

    Other than that, I've used *pure, organic* cotton in other vapes, but idk how well it would work with the Ghost, at least before the app hits. I'd be worried about combusting the cotton until we have full temperature control.

    I will experiment with other methods, and once I've found one, I'll do a video showing how and if there are any draw techniques involved.

    I'm still experimenting crazy style with this and other devices, and trying to make videos as frequently as possible. Now I need to get a *professional* logo designed incorporating elements of the "techno" and "Hippie" parts of the name into the typography, with some kind of medical imagery involved. Also need to design a couple different business cards (for different audiences) and pamphlets/flyers to distribute to local dispensaries.

    Lots of work ahead of me =P
  • jayhof
    maybe try using a keep press. And then just break it up into a peace that quit in the ghost.
  • technoHippie

    The issue I have with that is surface area. If you're pressing it into a hash disc, I can guarantee that you won't experience even extraction. The advantages of keeping it in its powder form are in that there is more surface area for full extraction, and the powder is more likely to "melt" than bits of a pressed disc.

    Pressed discs might work better in conduction vapes, but even then, I'm seeing issues regarding how the innermost oils could boil out when they're trapped inside.
  • Sage880
    I made a kief sandwich the other day. Just sprinkled in a little bit on dry herb in the crucible and then more herb on top of it. Friend and I did the 2 hits on 1, 2 hits on 2, 2 hits on 3 we've been using for herb. So 3 hits each and both of us were super toasted!
  • Mouette
    Now I need to get a *professional* logo designed incorporating elements of the "techno" and "Hippie" parts of the name into the typography, with some kind of medical imagery involved.technoHippie

    I'd use that kind of design. The outer circles depicting techno and hippie, and the center being health.

  • Philly
    totally agree sandwich or mixing is the way to go.
  • jayhof
    that sounds like good info I would have never thought about that. Thanks for the info.
  • Heugh
    You could always take the keif, put it on some paper and get some shatter out of it with a curling iron, then put that on the heating pad in the unit. Keif has a pretty good return ratio.
  • Spaceman66
    @Heugh Excellent observation. Kief typically presses out really nice into some super excellent yield & quality rosin/shatter, then you've got some proper flower non-solvent concentrate to put on the SS pad and vape in the corresponding appropriate mode on temp level 6. But OTOH herb/kief sandwiches at extra-terpy (and lower, of course) flower temps sound really super-yummy and potentially killer in potency & effects, too. Haven't tried making such a 3-layer sandwich in the MV1 yet, but have all the necessary ingredients on hand and very definitely plan to do so _real_ soon! Only question is whether top and bottom herb layers will be of the same flower (purist approach), or a close and complementary genetic cousin (adventurist / experimenter approach)!! Either way, I'll post pics and a report, of course.
  • Heugh
    Ah I am doing something similar in about 30 seconds lol. I have my titanic 2 concentrate bowl. Gonna try to put in some herb first, then some keif and then try to squeeze the concentrate bowl on top of the herb and see what happens. Thanks for the idea! I'm not sure if i'll be able to type well enough to tell you about the experience, but I'll try!
  • Spaceman66
    What he said. No photos this round. Just back from making a quick but super-nice sandwich: 1/3 Afghani flower, 1/3 Death Star kief in the middle, topped with 1/3 Afghani flower. Took 3 pulls on level 1, followed by 3 pulls on level 2. Incredible flavor on EVERY single pull, can distinctly and separately taste both the flower and the kief, INTENSELY so. Curio sly, no clouds whatsoever yet (I can usually get 'em on the 2nd level 2 pull pretty consistently), but I am SO FREAKIN' THOROUGHLY medicated. Set her aside for a while, no mas for now; will pursue some additional pulls on level 3 later, no doubt, and/or stir. WOW! I'm super impressed - more than ever so far!! I so LOVE my MV1, more so each day as we get to know each other better!!
  • medicalmark
    The only vaporizer I use life in is my sublimator which will totally destroy kief in a couple seconds
    Giving you results instantly.
    I haven't tried kief in my ghost and don't know if I will, I think it's better to use vaporizers specifically for what they were built for, flower/ concentrates kief is more like a solid like hash that's why you can press it into hash right? So why put your vaporizer through user hell lol trying to use product not meant for the unit, be careful you might just mess up your unit fine kief falling through your crucibles onto your heating element.
    Just my 2 cents
  • Spaceman66
    Follow-up: Went back, gave the crucible a quick stir, and proceeded to pull 5 more super-tasty rips from it on level 3, the last 3 of which had nice visible clouds. The kief seems to have adversely affected vapor production a fair bit, but the medication effects are definitely beyond awesome, although I don't yet see much gunking up from this kief sandwich run; haven't done a full tear-down HS/ceramic inspection yet, of course. Will report any surprise findings.
  • LabPong
    I prep my kief into flower the same way for my vapcap and Air. No problem if the flower is ground too fine in this process as well.

    I used to sandwich layer the kief in flower....but found that it is inconsistent and needs more stirring than how I do it now.

    I simply use a ratio of about 30-40% kief to flower in the load. I just mulch/dice it together. I use a small pocket knife to chop/dice them together and mix it up. This actually works better for me with a finer ground flower as they mix together well this way. The kief will also hold together all the small particles of flower and make a sort of sticky fluff of a load. As soon as you draw on the load a couple times....you can stir it if needed.

    I found this process to work much better, though it takes more prep time to get it ready.
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