• Bud
    FINALLY posted my review of the VapCap! :-} lol

    I'm diggin them a lot. Yes I had trouble at first and yes I think the glass model looks a little crackpipe-ish, but the new OmniVap I got is awesome and I like the longer size.

  • Bruce
    Yo Yo Yo Vape Slave, What happened to the funky music?

    The company should send you a free test model.
  • Bud
    LOL yea.... my original intro audio file seems to have gotten corrupted lol, if I can't fix it I'll have to switch my intro tune :-! :-}

    Vape SlaveBruce

    Sounds about right! :-!
  • duff
    Great vid Bud.
  • Baron23
    and yes I think the glass model looks a little crackpipe-ishVapeCritic

    Aw man, you killed my over done joke before I could even get to it!! :-! :-! >:O 8-)
  • bener
    Nice review, Bud. Thank you. I have been thinking about picking one of these up. Your review will help me decide which one.
  • MMongo
    Damnit I was hoping the M would satisfy me but you had to go and show the Omni XL.....
  • elykpeace
    You can use a regular lighter it just soots it up and takes a little longer. Also I've used campfire coals..

    I have the WS. So it came with the vapcap. I don't have/use a carb when I use the direct draw stem that was included. I think I prefer not having a carb. I don't find the draw to be super restrictive? I don't tamp anything so maybe it allows better airflow.

    Don't forget the LTD edition sandblasted M is available for those who have purchased from dynavap before or registered an account previously ... I still prefer the wood and I have condensers in them to keep them clean but the sandblasted M looks pretty cool?

    Edit: I have had nightmares of putting it in my mouth backwards... I wouldn't wish that for my worst enemy!
  • DaveinSM
    Very nice review. I like how you're getting down to reviewing these kinds of grassroot vaping products as well as cutting edge vapes like the MV1. Both have their uses!
  • bener

    Whoa, that image of the vapor filled glass piece with the bricks behind it makes it seem like we are in duff’s laboratory 8-)
  • Baron23
    @VapeCritic Hi Bud - glad you are enjoying your VCs.

    I also found early on that just feathering the carb hole lightly and very quickly seems to create a bit of turbulence in the oven and does indeed seem to stimulate vapor production.

    Also, while I have the three inline flame torch, I rather prefer the three in a triangle form that you also showed. I keep the two flames on the bottom of the cap and the one oriented toward the top. Works well as does the four flame torch that George sells.

    Also, nothing wrong with how you loaded it, but I find it easy to just cover the carb hole and suck the herb into the oven like a straw. Seems to be a good load in terms of amount and density. I also like find ground herb in the VC as I believe it acts very much like a conduction vape (which I believe it still is primarily) in that regard.

    As always with torch lighters, do NOT use Ronson or other crap butane as it will clog your jets. For about $10/ea, its not the end of the world, but using more pure and filtered butane will aid the longevity of your torch. There are a number of articles out there on the ppm of contaminates in various brands of butane that can help a person select a good quality brand of gas.

    I know that you and others do not like the glass OG, but I still do for this reason....the thermal properties of the boro are just, IMO, better. It takes a bit more energy to get to temp (as you add temp to the cap, the boro oven leaches it and heats up also) and get a click, but it also stays hot longer.

    The thing I don't like about the glass OG is that apparently they don't sell them anymore so I'm glad I have extra bodies and glass condensers! LOL

    I do like the latest Ti Tip (the oven part). I went through three or four iterations with George and the latest design is the one that nailed it for function and decent draw resistance. My Ti Woody with prior tips was just unusable due to draw resistance.

    Thanks for the review vid and glad you are enjoying your VCs.
  • Bud
    Thanks guys! I know I didn't cover everything in my video but I knew I could count on you experts to help fill in the blanks for me 8-)
  • Ooziah
    That thing looks freaking cool
  • Spog
    How’s the smell? Good portable for discrete places?
  • Heroin Batman
    That video was great thanks, always entertaining. I had a few things to say, but I used my vapcap with some la confidential throughout the video, so I forgot a lot of it. I will say with the single flame, the subsequent hits after the first heat up a lot faster. Also if anyone is worried about the carb not being adjustable on the m or non omni ones, you can really easily modify it.

    I love the vapcap I have to say. I ordered it on faith after hearing so much, but I was worried it would suck. Nope. And that video made me tempted to upgrade to an omni. Total party machine.
  • Heroin Batman
    you're not kidding, spend a few bucks on good butane for sure. And it lasts a long time I find. Like I bought a torch and a can of butane in May, still on the same can, and I use the vapcap quite a few times a day. And the can was like $5 (cdn tho).
  • Heroin Batman
    its very good, and controllable. you can easily blow out a window. It doesn't sit there producing and burning like a conduction session vape or anything. It hits hard off of 2-3 heat ups. Plus it's so small you can put it in one of those doob tubes you may have seen before and it smells like nothing.
  • Vapeacake
    These things are really efficient, as a daytime driver it keeps me at a nice level with a small amount of herb. If it's real quiet you can hear those terpenes gently crackling as you draw.I have quite an assortment now, luv em all.
  • Joey
    First, thanks for that much awaited review Bud! Liked it!

    Had to give my 2 cents.
    The vapcaps are great little stealthy devices working without a batterie. Just that is major selling point IMO, but that's the icing on the cake since the device de-li-vers! Excellent flavor and clouds for such a tiny unit. And oh yes, microdising effectively is really enjoyable. For real, a must have for any vape lover. It's like an upgraded, battery-free MFLB...

    Now my story!
    I purchased an M a little while ago and the Tip fell off regurarly, when I was taping it gently like a cigarette to remove the AVB... After a quick inspection it's seems that the tip only has 3 Orings and that causes the tip to fall.
    I asked Dynavap's CS about this matter. After responding they gonna check and come back to me, they simply disappeared...After waiting a few days/weeks I mailed them yesterday saying that wasn't correct to let somebody in the dark that long, not answering, even if the solution wasn't pleasing...I could have handled it.
    NOW, they responded with the QUICKNESS, apologizing for the delay and...tada... offering me a brand new upgraded M for the inconvenience!
    Mind you I live overseas, so that's extra shipping cost for them I guess.
    I doubted Dynavap CS for a bit, but now, when I think Grasshopper or Firefly... it's just the best CS in the world (in front of champion S&B by an inch and a complimentary M). Thanks Dynavap!
  • MMongo
    Well went with the sandblasted M but imagine I will be adding an Omni XL once I get it and inevitably love it. I camp a lot and spend a lot of time away from power sources so really think this will be in my wheelhouse. Will lighten my pack when I don’t have to ruck in 10 18650 batteries for my Milaana or FW4.
  • Chronic Pain
    Thanks for the excellent Vid! Welcome to the club!

    Now I can't decide on the new... Sandblasted M.

  • Chronic Pain
    I Always use the best purest, filtered butane. I also use the Blazer Butane Torch PB207CR.
    It's not cheap but works great (Side panel locking switch to lock flame on, for ease of use)
    Works great with my StickyBricks and small dabs...

  • Chronic Pain
    I found this online and it may help...

  • bener

    Cool, very helpful “cheat sheet” to guide us.
    Thank you!
  • cybrguy
    Hey Bud, nice review. Glad you fell in with the best kept secret in vapes... 8-)

    One thing. I quickly went thru the comments and didn't see anything so I needed to add that you have the new Vong backwards. The smooth rounded gradation needs to be on the mouthpiece side to mate properly with your glass. The angular side won't mate well so won't seal. So, switch the MP and Tip sides and you will be rockin...

    Great review. And "stay up"... :D
  • LabPong
    No more butane anything for me...I got tired of messing with torches and inconsistent heating. Now... it's electronic induction heating with my custom Ti glass vapcap through water. :B

  • dontmindme

    Their atomizers range from 10mm to 15mm and been wondering how this would perform with a dynavap(read they were 8mm) and this as the heater with and without the cap. It'd act like a portable arizer product with those pves stems(?) or a log vape if it can get hot enough.

    It'd be a cheap solution and a portable one.
  • bener

    Please tell us how that rig works.
    Does the box on the right with the lights heat up the Vapcap in lieu of flame?

    How does it work?
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