• Konstantinos
    I bought the M one month ago. I spent about 3-4 days of usage till I understand how it fits better to my taste in vaping. It has great taste according to herbs and it gives thick clouds. I have been using the Q and Solo 2 from Arizer. The more discreet is the Solo 2. Vapcap is not discreet in smell. Yes you can enjoy with small quantity of herb but the smell is disadvantage if you want to use in a room.
    I realized that it is convenient as you pull to leave the hole as one second intervals cause it let you pull easier and you will avoid to feel like drawn from pulling. Because of the size you don't realize how much vapor you get. You will cry coughing :-! I will make a small video as I use it so I can show how I pull. I use single flame torch. Maybe it takes little longer till it clicks but as I use it I get about 6-7 sessions-heatings where I get lot of vapor and of course all of my herbs. From click to click I can use also as if I was smoking having 6-9 short draws like 3*3. It also works faster like that sometimes.. ;-)
    Overall I feel pleased with my choice and I am thinking of buying the NonaVong-XLS or Ti Woody XLS for having better taste. Soon I will upload video showing my way of using which feels great for me. While driving it is difficult to use. I have to smoke... A portable induction heater will be great idea. Or I will make one and sell the patent :-p
    I spent long time till I decide to buy it and one reason that I bought the M was to avoid the risk of failure. I recommend the higher price vapcaps if you can afford. Otherwise M is a value for money and a decent vaporizer.
  • Temple ov truth
    Should be really easy to make a heater for this ,anyone???? Temple ov truth rave on.
  • Cl4ud3
    Just do a YouTube search for an induction heater. One guy there does a basic version with info and part details.
    The benefit of a pre made kit like the pipes one was the built in battery charger, push switch in the induction coil and indication led's.
  • Temple ov truth
    thanks ,I might just make one !my shed has many things! Think I can make them look pretty lol temple ov truth rave on.
  • BouncingOffClouds
    How hot are the draws on these compared to a Mighty or something similar? Is there a noticeable difference in heat between the sizes?
  • Zep4
    I love your video reviews, Bud. I keep thinking tho, all you need is the hat and you could play Billy Jack! I had a huge crush on him back in the day:)
    Now those are the kind of torches I’d feel comfortable with. Gonna look into those and the VapCap. Thanks for another review certain to drain my wallet.
  • Zep4
    I ordered an OmniVap today. Psyched. These nor’easters keep knocking out our power and this should come in handy:)
  • VapeCritic

    Extremely late reply, but the draws from these are actually not that hot at all, they would bother me if they were. It's not "cool" by any means, but it's also not harsh, it's just got a kick to it. I haven't noticed any real difference in heat between the sizes either :up:

    Sweet!! Great point I didn't even think of that, I got hit by hurricane Sandy back in 2012 and lost power for 11 days! I didn't have any torch vapes at the time so I kept sitting in my car and charging my portables through an inverter thing lol, but then it wasn't so funny when I had to wait on an hour long line for gas :roll:

    Hope you dig it! :cool:
  • Zep4
    Haha...thanks for the visuals:) Yeah, I finally settled on the dark wood OmniVong and I’m sure I’ll love it. And Bud, the AirVape XS for Hazel I’ll bet is a match made in Heaven. You got one, I know, I love mine and wonder if she has used yours much.. it’s what I’d hoped the MV1 would be for me, but wasn’t. And I think straight Distillate in the KandyPens Rubi pod with no cutter or Liquidizer added is what my dispensary sells from what I read on the NETA packaging. My last pod, I just put a drop or two of terps with the Distillate and it works great. Next time I won’t add anything. Just squeeze it right into the pod from the syringe. At $95/g for Distillate or $50/prefilled pod(.365g) I think diy is cheaper, as usual.
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