• miggyfotos
    Hello everyone,

    I have recently been vaping on the MFLB and Firefly 2 and as I am satisfied with one of these, I am extremely disappointed in the other. I had bought the Firefly with the intention that it would be this huge upgrade from the MFLB but in reality it was a tremendous waste of money. Firefly was given a fair notice that their app had to be updated before the iOS 11 updates or their app would be taken down from the app store, but instead they decided to let it rot and it ended up being taken down and has been down now for a month, leaving me with a VERY expensive paper weight. I am not very impressed with the Fireflys over all performance but I am a huge fan of its concept and design so this is not all negatives.

    I have owned almost every vape under the sun, MFLB, Pax 1 and 2, Crafty, Summit, Iolite, Firefly 1 and 2 and the only ones I can honestly say impressed me were the MFLB, Crafty, and both Pax's. My only issue with the pax was the smell. I have not tried the Pax 3 so if anyone has some pointers on that, I would love to hear them. As far my vape interests go right now, I would say I am looking for Pax 3, Boundless CFX, and the Davinci IQ. I am big fan of how the MFLB and Firefly function, the ability to put down your bowl and continue smoking later really appeals to me so if any of you know of another vape like that or highly recommend I stick it through with the Firefly till the app comes out let me know.

    Really looking to find a vape I can just keep and use for a while, and most importantly, it needs to be stealthy and odorless, a little smell can do, but not something that will fill a room with it.

    Hope someone can help!

    Thank you.
  • MMongo
    I’d strongly suggest looking into the Firewood4 if you are a fan of the MFLB. It is one of my favorite vapes out there right now that seems to fit your criteria. Very stealthy once in your possession.
  • miggyfotos
    Just checked that one out, actually looks really cool. Never heard of it till you just suggested it, already this forum is helping.
  • miggyfotos
    Vape Critic? Any suggestions? I am really interested in the Pax 3 but I am worried about smell to be honest. I have always been a fan of how stealthy it is.
  • MMongo
    I will let @VapeCritic guide you but I don’t think there is any difference in smell from Pax2 to Pax3. Not in my experience anyway.
  • Dazza78
    @miggyfotos if you like the on demand go with th ghost mv1 out the the pax and iQ I’d go iQ every time
  • Ooziah
    Both pax actually ... Terrible. for smell!

    therefore stealth is negated without a great airtight case
  • Bruce
    From everything you wrote, it seems like you want an on demand vape. That is the Ghost MV1. $295.

    Here is the link to the Vape Critic review for the MV1, on the bottom of the page is links to purchase. (Best Price and Guaranteed authentic). https://www.vapecritic.com/ghost-mv1/
  • Heugh
    Stealthy and Odorless. That second one really isnt a thing when it comes to MJ.... but I would say go look at the fury 2. It's mostly convection, super small and hideable, the odor is as good as the others and it wont break the bank at like 139. Works like a beast too. Huge clouds.
  • Broncos4life
    Just a quick question for anyone with experience of the 2, which should i go with? Ghost or the grasshopper? I have a og pax, crafty, firefly 2 and a ti woody ...looking for on demand and portability and unfortunately the ff2 didn't accomplish what I was looking for bc of the constant stirring and the work it took to get a good hit, also the draw restriction which made it hard to be on the move and get a good draw at the same time.
  • frandemarco
    I would prefer the grasshopper and I also tried the MV1 and pax, crafty and firewack2...I mean fly2. Its super fast and powerful and stealthy as hell.
  • Broncos4life
    @frandemarco thanks for the advice, the gh was kind of the way I was leaning bc of the size and loading system of the ghost being a little cumbersome on the go
  • frandemarco
    Yea its not very portable and honestly the silicone near the vapor path scares me
  • Bruce
    Join the club on getting burnt more on the FF2.

    amazing how a great vape like the MFLB is timeless, it gives me a buzz in a way no vape can its this really cool type of zap! Also on demand.. impressive.

    I was in the same boat. I cant afford to get burnt on vape like I did before. Go with MV1 (Portable). Mine is awesome. 2017, Convection on demand.

    I would suggest if you are concerned about the smell (Stealthiness). It's also the MVW and Check out the smoking buddy. It helps a lot. Bluntees is a very powerful concentrated air freshner. It destroys any unwanted smell.
  • Broncos4life
    Do y'all think something like this would work good for the Gh?
    vapor-brothers-ground-hydrator-stem_1 (11K)
  • Magicman
    the ability to put down your bowl and continue smoking later really appeals to me

    Consider a butane vape.
  • VapeFully
    Have you considered Arizer products? For example Arizer Air 2?
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