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    Bumpin this thread, might help others avoid pitfalls of the S&B portables. Contention has been repeatedly made, but only anecdotal evidence supporting increased reliability. Wondering how ppl got this idea, does every revision of every product result in improvements? I bought my 1st Crafty 420 sale April 2015. Now just 4yrs later, I've lost count of the number of Crafty's I've had...I absolutely need 2 Crafty's just to vape on similar schedule as Baron23. Major issues, or you could call them flaws if you expect more from a vape.


    1. warm up and cool down time is too long. Major hassle is waiting for the Crafty to cool off enough that you can resume vaping, without getting the 'battery is too warm' msg stating you need to turn the unit off an let it cool down. On a fresh set of batteries at full capacity, the warning msg takes longer, internal resistance in the new battery is lowest, so it heats up slightly less than when it gets older. When the battery is need EOL, you get the too hot warning msg at lower and lower oven temps.

    My Crafty which is a replacement S&B sent me last year, has a battery that is just close to not working at all, got too hot warnings past few wks, and "battery temp too low" when it's at room temperature. Drastically reduced runtimes, until few days ago, when indicated fully charged, starts out with 6 bars, but after a few minutes, drops from 6 to 1...so 5min max runtime now, before it completely dies. 150hrs on this one from last year, the other is the record...that one is also on it's last legs, though doing better @180hr. Both of these I've tried to turn the unit off as soon as possible, whenever I get the warning msg that the battery is too hot. Let cool down to 100ºF before restarting.

    Letting them cool down to 150ºF will be enough with a new battery, but after awhile, cool down to 150 results in faster 'battery too warm' during a session, which for me usually lasts 4-7min. Generally, vapor is easier to take in @350-370, going higher results in much thicker/faster vaporization...not good if you're trying to conserve $$$$ flower or don't have lung capacity to handle big, expansive hits, but what you might use in party/bong hit mode...in Cali, that's up 38.9% lab tested...for a premium.

    2. Did not see a discussion of JCat's video on fixing the flashing red-yellow warning light with usual error msg in the app "your Crafty is faulty, please contact S&B for service"...something like that. JCat's video shows you a design 'consideration'. Would be nice if Canopy, which bought S&B late last 2018, would make S&B more accessible to media. Would be nice if S&B would communicate with media and answer design considerations.

    Crafty flashing red-yellow led fix

    Crafty has a 184C(363ºF) thermal fuse placed next to the heating 'oven', while the fuse may not blow when the Crafty hits 184C, if you use it enough at say a normal operation temperature for concentrates or just finishing off a dosing capsule with ground flower in it, you'll use it around 200+C, even the default factory setting for the 'Boost' option is hotter than the fuse is designed to blow at. Which means, if you run any Crafty above 184C for extended periods of time, you'll likely end up with the error msg telling you the Crafty needs servicing. Assume you all know that when you get that flashing red-yellow combo, you cannot switch the Crafty to heat up, it's DOA. So if you really want to have a Crafty last as long as the battery can last, you'll have to never use 'Boost' or run temperatures above 184C, which makes a very limited device. Now why does not S&B come out with better transparency on this point?

    Guessing, the next higher temp thermal fuse, would not blow fast enough to keep meltdown potential issues from happening is rare cases... i.e. perhaps lawyers advised S&B to use such a lower temp fuse, to avoid any chance of lawsuits? Don't want to have a Samsung, venting batteries scandal, already enough cheapie e-cigs blowing up in users faces. Still, I wish S&B had just used the next higher temp thermal fuse, might avoid a number of RMA's...though, looking @JCat's cheap thermal imager shots of the open case of the Crafty, I suspect all of the internal parts like the main PCB, could deteriorate too rapidly from prolonged temps above 184C...a compromise design, which is not a very good compromise, imho.

    3. Yeah, everyone seems to get the 'round around' from S&B cust service, wish Canopy would do something about that.

    1st or 2nd of the newer 'enhanced' 20% greater capacity battery Crafty's died after about 30+ hrs, and 3mo...which was a replacement for the older style model. Most I got from the older style was ~130hrs, majority died around 50-80hrs.

    4. Ghost MV1, programmable to 440ºF iirc? Tera from Boundless, max is 425? w/conc boost to 500F? Crafty(btw, that's the latest vers software app d/l just days ago, Volcano Hybrid BT support, but they made the interface more complicated than before>like Apple keeps doing with ea iOS 'upgrade' every yr.) or any S&B do they go to 425F? bc if you look at the charts, even though small in conc, there are with some varieties, thcv that vaporizes @425, so if there is any of that in your flower, you won't get much extraction of that with the S&B line.

    5. read some yrs ago, S&B improved a problem area that resulted in broken 'tips' edge of the cooling unit hold down system on the main body of the Crafty case. New's flash, that was 'faux news'! I have dropped Craft's on to wooden floors from table top height, which results in those tabs cracking/breaking off. I have dropped Crafty's from sink height in the bathroom on to tile floor>broken tabs, dropped off of the toilet to the tile floor, <18in! result, you guessed it, broken tabs...when new, this high-temp plastic is not so brittle, after 30+hrs of repeated runs of cool-hot-cool, that plastic becomes quite fragile/brittle. Rather than send it back to S&B, I simply superglued the broken tab back on, and then I dropped it off the toilet, and that broken tab, broke in 1/2...rflmoa, still works, CU is not tight, but works enough until it dies from battery/overheating problems.
  • LabPong
    Now just 4yrs later, I've lost count of the number of Crafty's I've had...I absolutely need 2 Crafty's just to vape on similar schedule as Baron23. Major issues, or you could call them flaws if you expect more from a vape.minimeMAGA

    wow your a trooper for putting up with such issues for such a long time. I would suggest jumping into 1 or 2 other vapes to rid yourself of the low quality performance of the Crafty....after all...it is so old in build and design despite any so called "upgrades or fixes".
  • minimeMAGA
    But I don't have time for VAS, even if I had the $$$...spent all of it on concentrates, $10+k in last 4yrs:razz:

    I was early supporter of RBT 'Splinter' or whatever it's called, forgot about that for a year, until it arrived in the mail. Had to contact Ryan and send it back, no time to sell it, simply bc I didn't have time to search for box-mod unit to go with. just getting more Crafty's I'm now an 'expert' on was/is easiest...is that against the rules to state as fact, or opinion :)

    ^Serious stress/busy time until a few more yrs from now...called probate, older bro that is/has been his whole life, unbalanced/hostile...his illegal alien Filipina adulteress-now legal resident(who will likely cheat on him also/dump him when she's done spending his inheritance) almost got me killed calling 911 in a setup that had me surprised by 4 police officers with handguns pointed at me, in painful handcuffs crammed 40min in the back of 5th police car down the street, before they determined the TRO that I had no idea she got against me w/his help had *not* been served on me, I'm lucky to be alive...dangerous, conniving, predatory, opportunist woman. Sorry, was that a political rant? not allowed.

    I should take time to post up mult-page a kinda of 'user' guide. Not happy with my long post, didn't get to a number of things I wanted to show/explain. btw, I do follow similar schedule/use as Baron...but similarities end there, and it's misleading...I unlike Baron...though similar age, I *never* 'microdose'. Ceillingless tolerance, per/evening sessions usually require fully packed dosing capsules 3-4 if only flower. W/conc +flower sandwiches, depending on how much conc I use, or if it's Cali high test, lab tested such as say 39% RB-26 brand...maybe 1-2 fully packed capsules.

    More latter, past mid-night here. Up to 212hrs on the remaining/older almost 2yr old Crafty, down to 25-30min runtime though-~5min per 'bar'. You could probably get more than that if you 'baby' it, know how to do it...more on that later.
  • EconMan
    Bumpin this threadminimeMAGA

    I enjoyed reading @Cl4ud3 disassemble a dude's argument :cool:
  • Cl4ud3
    I "try" not to get as involved now but for some reason false advertising pushes a button with me. Apart from the manufacturers making fake accounts to promote their goods we also used to get the "I've tried every vape and this beats a Crafty" line quite often. That line alone is a huge red flag for me because nobody has tried every vape and these vapes couldn't touch a Crafty.
  • EconMan
    for some reason false advertising pushes a button with meCl4ud3

    I don't know you well, but *occasionally* your indignance comes out and I think it is fabulous! :party:
  • Baron23

    Yeah, Econ....Claude is the MAN!! :up:

    I do not have, nor have I used, a Crafty.

    I do have a Mighty and love it and do not see anything out of date or obsolete about it

    I have found that for me and for portables, I prefer hybrid heating like the Mughty over pure convection which is often finicky. Desktops are a different story.

    I prefer the hybrid scheme so much I top my Mighty loads w a liquid pad to add a bit of conduction.

    And while I don’t have @“vapecritic” ‘s incredible tolerance, I have never been a micro doser. LOL
  • Dr green thumb
    The crafty is potent vape but at best you only get 30-40 minutes on a full charge (new version) the charging takes a couple hours and it does not have pass through charging. App required for temperature control.

    The mighty and plenty just make more sense.
  • minimeMAGA
    I superglued the ½ broken piece that came off when I dropped the Crafty from a low height, with age/much heating/cooling cycles the plastic becomes more brittle…it appears. Then I dropped again, off the toilet lid, 2/3rds of ½ of the outer lip broke off this time, and I couldn’t find the broken piece to glue back on. I order to quickly get it fixed, just glued both 1/2s together where the meet given each ½ of the case has a portion of the lip/latching mechanism that fits together once the 1/2s are screwed together with Torx head screws. But then I must have dropped/bumped that outer lip again, as the entire glued together lip simply cracked along an unseen ‘fault’ line, as can be seen by nxt image, I super glued all of that back on, and now I just barely tighten the CU, gently somewhere between full 180 locked down, to fully open @90º, say 130º turn to just barely finger tight, accidentally bump it, the CU comes free to pop off. As can be seen in the image, I accidentally dropped the dosing capsule upside down into the heating chamber…had to wait for it to cool off, before ‘fishing’ the capsule lid using a thicker sewing needle to carefully work it side-to-side, using the holes in the lid, until I was able to free it up.



    How much would it cost to make the case all aluminum, which would allow for faster cooling once you turn the unit off + virtually eliminate the poor design flaw they have utilized for closure?

    Like with the iphone, doubt we’ll ever get a Crafty or Mighty that has replaceable 18650 batteries. Though reddit is full of rumors about pending releases from S&B, bc of a FB posting. We’ll see, we’ll see; hope there is a new design coming out soon.

    Keep the Crafty cooler, longer, and it will last. Allow it to run hot @400F, it won’t last very long, either PCB failiure(I’ve had BT connection problems come and go, over the life of vitually every Crafty I’ve used) or battery failure. Want it to last into hundreds of hours, you must keep it cool as possible. Defeats the purpose of having a portable, but run a fan against the Crafty while vaping, that would keep PCB + battery from getting as hot at temps @or below 380F, which is where you can tell from just holding it-getting hot to hold. @400F, every internal component is getting very hot, almost too hot to hold after extended on time.

    Run a fan on the Crafty after you turn it off, cuts the wait time for next dosing/capsule/session. Can cut the downtime in ½ from 20min to get to 100F from off @380F, to <10min. That means with 2 Crafty, you can have one cooled down and ready to heat up, before finishing your session/dosing capsule in the other.

    One after the other, 2 Crafty’s allow you to make them last, while being able to get through 4 or more dosing capsules in an hour if you are diligent like me, don’t get too baked ☺

    With only 1 Crafty, it’s a real PITA to wait for it to cool down not using a fan, just so it lasts longer than 1yr, 3 dosing capsules max in a hr, I usually only get to 2 fully packed in an hr. Seriously, who wants to just do 1 dosing capsule every 30min? 3min to heat up, 3-5min vaping, then off & wait 15+min before stating the cycle again?

    Bigtime sucks if you have a tolerance like me, which is why I’ve used $$$ concentrate b4, then you only need 1 or 2 loads of flower/conc/hr/session

    https://flic.kr/p/UAXfHQ <limited HTCentry/1st place winner @rt, soldout 2wks later.

    …unless of course you have a higher tolerance, or ceilingless tolerance like me, then you can blast through 4 fully loaded capsule ‘sandwiches’/hr when you have help from a fan.>basically the equivalent of a beer kegger party, or going through 2 or 3 six packs till bloated. According to all the scaremongering going on with thc cartridges, where anti-cannabis pundits are deceiving ppl that all vaped types of cannabis are the exactly same, I should have keeled over from lung death a few years ago by now. That’s at night when I usually am not distracted by anything else. During the day with all kinds of distractions, I’d let the Crafty get too hot, too long, and it would take longer to vape same amount of dosing capsules. Which means this is not an ideal medical device for quick delivery, unless you have a very low sensitivity/tolerance/newby. Can take an edible and get effects in around 30min, slower still.

    Have reached magical 222hrs on this outlier Crafty that I’m babying. If I ever reach(not likely given reduced operating times) the ‘mythical’ status of 333hrs, I’ll post it up ☺ Jcat is supposedly on reddit, so you can try(once I figure out how damned PITA reddit forum works…imho, super lame format/rules) to reach him there to obtain a superior battery replacement than S&B gives you, and perhaps take that Crafty to next level before he decides to stop offering that service, instead of going to that cesspool/moderator clown show FC is.

    Lastly, anyone who hasn’t updated the Crafty app for your smartphone/tablet to version 3.0 or higher, don’t do it(current ver 3.0.2)---unless you have a BT capable Volcano, nothing improved. They only added an additional complexity/step/window, so they could add the Volcano to the menu.
  • Karec
    Crafty is not suitable to be the only vape on your arsenal, especially if you vape more than 2/3 per day, the app has a temp warning that you should shut off the device but most of the people (including myself) only use the app to set temp or to show off, if there was a different colour light to warn about this most of these PCB thermal fuse problems wouldn't occur... the outer body that is a different problem... and you are right with time and heat the plastic will loose properties... i already opened my crafty 2 times, 1st just to replace the thermal fuse and fix the red yellow error and a 2nd one the same problem so i replace the same thermal fuse (for a higher spec one) and since i got the device opened i replace also the battery (from 2 sessions i got 4/5 with a new sony vtc6 bat)... now my only problem is the plastic body that is getting to a point that will prevent me to continue to replace the thermal fuse (it will be the same problem all over again)....
    I just hope that Storz have new vapes to show and not 2.0 versions of these great vapes that have almost a decade and still are top tier 1 vapes, i would buy a new vape from them especially portable but if the buzz are just for 2.0 versions i will be careful to get one... i will sell my IQ for a new portable vape even for a 2.0 crafty (not a 20% battery increase 2.0 dough....) but we will have to wait and see what is coming... and judging by the new hybrid volcano.... FAKE NEWS! SAD!!!

  • minimeMAGA
    Well it happened, only got to 242hrs before the Crafty went 'iPhone' on me. Same rugged durability and pricing model? Dropped (thx God i don't have a glass back iP version, like the new ones) my older iP when it was new, 3frigging feet from my pants pocket to the cement sidewalk, hit the edge where the stoopidly place camera lens is.

    Of course it cracked/can't take clear pictures anymore, and of course when you take it to the Apple store, they can replace the actual camera module, but the lens cover in the case, well you have to buy a new iphone!!! That AR coated sapphire lens cover, probably cost Apple $2, but they made it so they won't replace it.

    Was 'tub' vaping(not recommended bc of drowning risk, if u do a Whitney Houston, don't blame me), had the 2 Crafty's on the side of the tub, switching out dosing capsules and this one was w/o CU on it at the time, bumped it, fell a whopping 14" on to the thin cotton terry bathmath on a tile floor, boom, it exploded/shattered...FistFullOoh Cooling Units in the next image, see that's 10 cooling units on the mat, not counting the one I gave to my dying friend in 2015, I've had my hands on 12 Crafty's since April 2015.

    et's see if S&B replace this one with a Crafty+(didn't know they had a supply of older Crafty's when they sent me a replacement in Nov2019..with all the replacements & trouble I've put up with, they should have sent me a new Crafty+ since they had them in stock)...they've made changes to the online RMA form, more ridiculous than ever...Y don't they have instructions with every unit, in the box that tell you, that you must do *all* these things, save your receipt if you ever expect to get warranty support? Hell, 1/2 of the Crafty's i've received came from S&B, yet they ask for a receipt, huh, you guys don't even keep records there of your own shipments???

    Good thing I've got the App on my iphone, bc idiot hypocrite Apple removed the app from the App store- all vaping apps w/o any consideration what they were doing...liberal/gay pride Apple???
    Supposedly the PEEK plastic in the Crafty+ is improved...as Trump would say"we'll see, we'll see" Bets I break the new Crafty+ almost as much as the old version, will I ever make it past 2yrs?


  • minimeMAGA
    Ya know I have an autistic brother that is an absolute bear to communicate with, severely withdrawn personality, only speaks when absolutely necessary, worse than the Indian motel manager I have to deal with presently.

    American Storz&Bickel seem to all be autistic likewise, in their (lack of) ability to communicate. I received this obtuse message today via email, as though they ignored my request in writing with the return- that they send me the Crafty+ as a replacement this time as I was not so happy to get yet again, get another old model Crafty from leftover stock @American S&B:

    We will be providing you with a Courtesy Exchange.
    This device will not be subject to any warranty protection.
    If a repair cannot be done to the device, the option for a special trade in offer will be presented.

    USPS Package 1 Tracking #

    Not great news at all, if they send me another old model Crafty, which you know will fail by the end of this year, if not sooner. No matter how much I 'baby' it by running a fan on it to cooldown, never letting it get too hot, never running above 383ºF.

    I'll post up my long rant reply to the message above, depending on S&B's response...assuming I even get a response(in the past, they simply ignore anything they don't want to reply to). After seeing my most recent images of broken Crafty, any of you think the claims the PEEK plastic case is 'improved' will bear fruit...or is it just like this humor that you'd need to be as old as me or Baron to appreciate:

  • minimeMAGA
    Quick response from likely some pion that did not identify their position @American Storz &Bickel


    If you wish to obtain a CRAFTY+ your cost will be $179.00 USD, payment can be submitted using the provided link below:


    Once payment is received, the CRRAFTY+ will be dispatched."

    My reply, not going to bother with my long rant suggesting they should offer "Applecare+" for additional fee to cover their craptistic product support. Hell there are iPhones still in use that are a decade old, show me a Crafty still working/in use on a daily basis that's 5yrs old, lol

    I'd be singing the praises for S&B if the Crafty even managed to last a full 2yrs of daily, careful, light-duty use.

    "Greetings!, are you senior management @Storz &Bickel America that I requested be sent my message?

    I wish to get a product from Storz & Bickel that actually lasts. I have no intention of buying anymore Storz & Bickel products after 4yrs & a shitload of Crafty's that keep failing, an even DOZEN so far!

    You can keep your Crafty+, I will now move on to a *better* company(and send their CS dept a copy of this before buying from them) that doesn't treat their loyal customers like shit...Storz & Bickel the cheapshit version of wannabe Apple Inc.

    Offer me an extended warranty like Applecare+, and I'll consider a Crafty+--- without that assurance, no dice brother! I'll give you $1.79 + shipping only, that's my final PO#179

    I will not pay for your Crafty+, you guys owe me those for all the problems I have had to put up with over these last 4yrs, no questions asked.

    Posting up to forums to let them know *not* to buy from Storz&Bickel, shitty company. Lost another customer; keep it up and you'll go bankrupt, which is what *should* happen. No soup for you, no job for you in the future.

    You *should* have offered me an upgrade to Crafty+ back in November 2019 ***before*** automatically/simply sending me out a product replacement that you know full well will crap out on me like all the others have. Can't respect any company that will blatantly ignore their customer needs like S&B."

    If you have an old model of Crafty purchased earlier in 2019, don't expect a warranty claim to get you a Crafty+ at present time, seems they have plenty of older models leftover to sucker screw you over with.

    Four long years of doing 'beta' testing for S&B with their Crafty and I'm done

    at Ms vaporasylum &FC, this is what I mean by being a beta tester for the Haze, ie buying a poorly designed/tested 1st iteration of a *retail* product, that should not have been released without further improvements...doesn't violate your silly forum rules, you just don't get it/my snarky derisive humor.

    Anyone want to buy 2 old model Crafty's at discount, once I find something better? I can't afford to keep buying these like they are the Ferrari brand name or 'bank vault' built Mercedes S class, when they have the electrical reliability of cheap older English cars of years gone by, like Triumph &MG<those were constant/bottomless money traps too ;)

    U can't always get what you want(from S&B), didn't vote for Trump in 2016...but this is crazy, maybe so, time to switch, since the world/human existence is coming to a end in 11yrs anyway per AOC.<my vince vaughn impersonation.

    Is there a Crafty+ thread
    can CnP this quote to?

    So as to warn any potential buyers of the as yet, unproven&hyped Crafty+ by people in the blogger/retail industry who don't have clue, and piss poor Customer Service you'll get? Guess Canopy doesn't have any input /influence into S&B as yet, they just bought a brand name and have done nothing with it.

    Current mood: lifelong to death PTSD & +++more stress & PO'd from dealing with S&B, like I need that.
  • Karec
    Your problem with S&B its not new... just use the search tool and you will see the amount of people disappointed with them, their warranty policy, RMA etc... nothing new... your comment in FC would granted you a warning and a possible time out for some days, i understand your frustration... I've been there... recently I pay postage for a faulty one to use the plastic body... an RMA replacement device with 2 months and 4h :yikes: ... from @HomerSchwag I think he just gave up on them because for sure he should get this device replaced but I dont know and with S&B probably that suggested something hilarious like getting a new one with 60usd discount (they proposed that to me...) , my device looks great now and have +400h but I would never buy another again.... I hope the + will not have these problems, you're rigth almost seems we were Beta testers for years for S&B and guess what ... they are not concern.... and I paid almost 300euros 4 years ago...

  • Alex312
    Hey ya,

    I've used the mv1 for a few months now. The quality is good, although the stealth chips off easily. It's very hot and the draw is good. The app is shocking though, I couldn't get it to work.

    I like my mv1, I think it's more efficient and gives you more vapour than my arizer extreme q does as well.

    I've not used the crafty but I did consider the mighty. I got the ghost after reading a lot of reviews.

    Essentially I would have to say the MV1 is an excellent addition to a collection of smoking apparatus for anyone.

  • TERRY1973
    My Crafty lasted 80 hours...not enough in my book. Great vapour but 2 bowls per charge and broke down quite soon. If i had to buy a S&B now it would be a Mighty. But I want a Tetra P80 instead...
    Instead of the Crafty I have a Fury edge...the quality is not up there like the Crafty but much more reliable and battery lastes 6-7-8 bowls...a night out for istance...
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