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    Bumpin this thread, might help others avoid pitfalls of the S&B portables. Contention has been repeatedly made, but only anecdotal evidence supporting increased reliability. Wondering how ppl got this idea, does every revision of every product result in improvements? I bought my 1st Crafty 420 sale April 2015. Now just 4yrs later, I've lost count of the number of Crafty's I've had...I absolutely need 2 Crafty's just to vape on similar schedule as Baron23. Major issues, or you could call them flaws if you expect more from a vape.


    1. warm up and cool down time is too long. Major hassle is waiting for the Crafty to cool off enough that you can resume vaping, without getting the 'battery is too warm' msg stating you need to turn the unit off an let it cool down. On a fresh set of batteries at full capacity, the warning msg takes longer, internal resistance in the new battery is lowest, so it heats up slightly less than when it gets older. When the battery is need EOL, you get the too hot warning msg at lower and lower oven temps.

    My Crafty which is a replacement S&B sent me last year, has a battery that is just close to not working at all, got too hot warnings past few wks, and "battery temp too low" when it's at room temperature. Drastically reduced runtimes, until few days ago, when indicated fully charged, starts out with 6 bars, but after a few minutes, drops from 6 to 1...so 5min max runtime now, before it completely dies. 150hrs on this one from last year, the other is the record...that one is also on it's last legs, though doing better @180hr. Both of these I've tried to turn the unit off as soon as possible, whenever I get the warning msg that the battery is too hot. Let cool down to 100ºF before restarting.

    Letting them cool down to 150ºF will be enough with a new battery, but after awhile, cool down to 150 results in faster 'battery too warm' during a session, which for me usually lasts 4-7min. Generally, vapor is easier to take in @350-370, going higher results in much thicker/faster vaporization...not good if you're trying to conserve $$$$ flower or don't have lung capacity to handle big, expansive hits, but what you might use in party/bong hit mode...in Cali, that's up 38.9% lab tested...for a premium.

    2. Did not see a discussion of JCat's video on fixing the flashing red-yellow warning light with usual error msg in the app "your Crafty is faulty, please contact S&B for service"...something like that. JCat's video shows you a design 'consideration'. Would be nice if Canopy, which bought S&B late last 2018, would make S&B more accessible to media. Would be nice if S&B would communicate with media and answer design considerations.

    Crafty flashing red-yellow led fix

    Crafty has a 184C(363ºF) thermal fuse placed next to the heating 'oven', while the fuse may not blow when the Crafty hits 184C, if you use it enough at say a normal operation temperature for concentrates or just finishing off a dosing capsule with ground flower in it, you'll use it around 200+C, even the default factory setting for the 'Boost' option is hotter than the fuse is designed to blow at. Which means, if you run any Crafty above 184C for extended periods of time, you'll likely end up with the error msg telling you the Crafty needs servicing. Assume you all know that when you get that flashing red-yellow combo, you cannot switch the Crafty to heat up, it's DOA. So if you really want to have a Crafty last as long as the battery can last, you'll have to never use 'Boost' or run temperatures above 184C, which makes a very limited device. Now why does not S&B come out with better transparency on this point?

    Guessing, the next higher temp thermal fuse, would not blow fast enough to keep meltdown potential issues from happening is rare cases... i.e. perhaps lawyers advised S&B to use such a lower temp fuse, to avoid any chance of lawsuits? Don't want to have a Samsung, venting batteries scandal, already enough cheapie e-cigs blowing up in users faces. Still, I wish S&B had just used the next higher temp thermal fuse, might avoid a number of RMA's...though, looking @JCat's cheap thermal imager shots of the open case of the Crafty, I suspect all of the internal parts like the main PCB, could deteriorate too rapidly from prolonged temps above 184C...a compromise design, which is not a very good compromise, imho.

    3. Yeah, everyone seems to get the 'round around' from S&B cust service, wish Canopy would do something about that.

    1st or 2nd of the newer 'enhanced' 20% greater capacity battery Crafty's died after about 30+ hrs, and 3mo...which was a replacement for the older style model. Most I got from the older style was ~130hrs, majority died around 50-80hrs.

    4. Ghost MV1, programmable to 440ºF iirc? Tera from Boundless, max is 425? w/conc boost to 500F? Crafty(btw, that's the latest vers software app d/l just days ago, Volcano Hybrid BT support, but they made the interface more complicated than before>like Apple keeps doing with ea iOS 'upgrade' every yr.) or any S&B do they go to 425F? bc if you look at the charts, even though small in conc, there are with some varieties, thcv that vaporizes @425, so if there is any of that in your flower, you won't get much extraction of that with the S&B line.

    5. read some yrs ago, S&B improved a problem area that resulted in broken 'tips' edge of the cooling unit hold down system on the main body of the Crafty case. New's flash, that was 'faux news'! I have dropped Craft's on to wooden floors from table top height, which results in those tabs cracking/breaking off. I have dropped Crafty's from sink height in the bathroom on to tile floor>broken tabs, dropped off of the toilet to the tile floor, <18in! result, you guessed it, broken tabs...when new, this high-temp plastic is not so brittle, after 30+hrs of repeated runs of cool-hot-cool, that plastic becomes quite fragile/brittle. Rather than send it back to S&B, I simply superglued the broken tab back on, and then I dropped it off the toilet, and that broken tab, broke in 1/2...rflmoa, still works, CU is not tight, but works enough until it dies from battery/overheating problems.
  • LabPong
    Now just 4yrs later, I've lost count of the number of Crafty's I've had...I absolutely need 2 Crafty's just to vape on similar schedule as Baron23. Major issues, or you could call them flaws if you expect more from a vape.minimeMAGA

    wow your a trooper for putting up with such issues for such a long time. I would suggest jumping into 1 or 2 other vapes to rid yourself of the low quality performance of the Crafty....after all...it is so old in build and design despite any so called "upgrades or fixes".
  • minimeMAGA
    But I don't have time for VAS, even if I had the $$$...spent all of it on concentrates, $10+k in last 4yrs:razz:

    I was early supporter of RBT 'Splinter' or whatever it's called, forgot about that for a year, until it arrived in the mail. Had to contact Ryan and send it back, no time to sell it, simply bc I didn't have time to search for box-mod unit to go with. just getting more Crafty's I'm now an 'expert' on was/is easiest...is that against the rules to state as fact, or opinion :)

    ^Serious stress/busy time until a few more yrs from now...called probate, older bro that is/has been his whole life, unbalanced/hostile...his illegal alien Filipina adulteress-now legal resident(who will likely cheat on him also/dump him when she's done spending his inheritance) almost got me killed calling 911 in a setup that had me surprised by 4 police officers with handguns pointed at me, in painful handcuffs crammed 40min in the back of 5th police car down the street, before they determined the TRO that I had no idea she got against me w/his help had *not* been served on me, I'm lucky to be alive...dangerous, conniving, predatory, opportunist woman. Sorry, was that a political rant? not allowed.

    I should take time to post up mult-page a kinda of 'user' guide. Not happy with my long post, didn't get to a number of things I wanted to show/explain. btw, I do follow similar schedule/use as Baron...but similarities end there, and it's misleading...I unlike Baron...though similar age, I *never* 'microdose'. Ceillingless tolerance, per/evening sessions usually require fully packed dosing capsules 3-4 if only flower. W/conc +flower sandwiches, depending on how much conc I use, or if it's Cali high test, lab tested such as say 39% RB-26 brand...maybe 1-2 fully packed capsules.

    More latter, past mid-night here. Up to 212hrs on the remaining/older almost 2yr old Crafty, down to 25-30min runtime though-~5min per 'bar'. You could probably get more than that if you 'baby' it, know how to do it...more on that later.
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    Bumpin this threadminimeMAGA

    I enjoyed reading @Cl4ud3 disassemble a dude's argument :cool:
  • Cl4ud3
    I "try" not to get as involved now but for some reason false advertising pushes a button with me. Apart from the manufacturers making fake accounts to promote their goods we also used to get the "I've tried every vape and this beats a Crafty" line quite often. That line alone is a huge red flag for me because nobody has tried every vape and these vapes couldn't touch a Crafty.
  • EconMan
    for some reason false advertising pushes a button with meCl4ud3

    I don't know you well, but *occasionally* your indignance comes out and I think it is fabulous! :party:
  • Baron23

    Yeah, Econ....Claude is the MAN!! :up:

    I do not have, nor have I used, a Crafty.

    I do have a Mighty and love it and do not see anything out of date or obsolete about it

    I have found that for me and for portables, I prefer hybrid heating like the Mughty over pure convection which is often finicky. Desktops are a different story.

    I prefer the hybrid scheme so much I top my Mighty loads w a liquid pad to add a bit of conduction.

    And while I don’t have @“vapecritic” ‘s incredible tolerance, I have never been a micro doser. LOL
  • Dr green thumb
    The crafty is potent vape but at best you only get 30-40 minutes on a full charge (new version) the charging takes a couple hours and it does not have pass through charging. App required for temperature control.

    The mighty and plenty just make more sense.
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