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    I. Think twice before posting. Everyone deserves to be spoken to with respect, even people you don't agree with. Do not harass, insult or threaten anyone, and be especially nice to newbies. Do not post anything that will instigate an argument or extend one that already exists. Do not post hateful content or anything that is racist, vulgar or obscene. Please refrain from political comments or discussions, these almost always lead to contention. Please also keep swearing to an absolute minimum.

    II. Phrase things you say as opinions. Even with all my experience there are very few things I would consider factual in the vaporizing world. Refrain from making statements as if they are facts, you're asking for trouble, stick to phrasing things as opinions and keep your tone neutral to get the best responses from others.

    III. Avoid posting your opinions of products you don't own. Asking questions about products you don't own is absolutely OK and is encouraged, we want you to learn everything you need to know here. Do not post things like "I hear xyz vape sucks", "my friend has abc vape and says it blows", or "there's no way abc vape tastes better than xyz vape".

    IV. Keep threads on topic. If you have something to say about a particular product please keep your comments about it contained to the threads about that product. Keep comments and questions about abc vape inside the threads for abc vape. Do not post comments or questions about abc vape on the threads for xyz vape. If you want to comment about how abc and xyz vapes compare, please post your comments about it in one thread and do not post various comments across multiple threads for both abc and xyz vapes. This goes for complaints as well, please do not post the same complaint across multiple threads.

    V. This isn't the place to bash vape companies. Believe me, we're all well aware that no company is perfect, and some are of course better than others, but if you have a personal gripe with a company you should contact them directly to work out your issue. If your desired outcome is not achieved, you can post about your experience, but do not post things like "xyz company sucks", "don't buy from xyz", or "xyz is a scam". You can say you don't like a particular company if you didn't have a good experience but please leave it at that. Do not post comments about companies you haven't personally dealt with unless it's a question.

    VI. Do not post the contents of emails, private messages or conversations on the public forum. There are a few exceptions to this rule but not many, one would be posting a response from a manufacturer if you emailed them a general question, that is OK. Do not post your personal email chains or message history with any companies you've had issues with.

    VII. Thread titles are occasionally tweaked by mods. If you notice that the title of your thread has been changed or adjusted this was done by me or a moderator to make it more readable and/or more descriptive of the content inside. None of your posted content will be changed without a note from a moderator.

    VIII. Promotional posts are moderated on a case by case basis. If you're a vape company having a limited time sale, it is usually cool to post your sale details, but that's really the extent of what's allowed. Do not create posts with the sole purpose of linking to a store or a different website, these types of comments will usually be deleted.

    IX. Do not discuss any illegal activity or the use of hard drugs. Do not ask to buy any type of drugs on this forum, and do not offer to sell any either.

    X. Moderators reserve the right to enforce these rules at their discretion. VapeLife mods are instructed to give one warning first (for petty crimes) and to notify me of repeat offenders. Mods have the authority to ban users that are not following protocol. Do not push back or question a mod's action on the public forum. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by a moderator please send me a PM (@VapeCritic) and describe your situation, then I will evaluate and take action if necessary. The mods on here rarely make mistakes so if they say something to you about your behavior you should listen.

    That's all for now! ;-)

    NOTE: To report a post that you think breaks the rules please click the FLAG icon at the bottom of the comment.

    If you have any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact one of the forum moderators below.

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    THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH FOR HANGIN OUT HERE! :strong: :strong: :strong:
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