• Baron23
    Just don't keep it upside down after a draw. The heat will rise toward the electronics which is no bueno.

    As for stirring, I run an ELB until it wisps, then pop the cap, give it one stir, get one more hit usually, then dump it.

    And, IMO, that AVB didn't necessarily look bad. Dark yes, but I get dark AVB out of my EVO also and that just looks like full extraction to me.

  • SouthboundPachyderm
    I never stir my Evo, I just scoop 2 scoops loosley in the elb (about half full) get 2 huge hits, maybe a wispy third, and reload. Love the evo!!... and yes a hydrotube for the win
  • RollingStoned
    I’m surprised you guys don’t stir. I run mine about 2:45, and I pack about half the elb. I stir after every hit and have found that’s the only way to get all the herb dark brown evenly. If I don’t stir occasionally I notice I have a lot of light flakes of herb in my load. You must use a hydratube to get the full experience, that’s how it was designed. I get about 5-6 hits per elb
  • Bad Dog
    Thanks for the tips :grin: that first load was dark my camera doesn’t do it justice and the specs of not quite vaped throws off the picture, much of it was nearly black but I think my biggest problem was grossly over packing it. I very much enjoy playing with a new toy but today I feel like Cinderella because my time with it is limited, got to send it and some masks back to my buddy. So I’ve thrown off all rationing today and vape like it’s the good old days...... dam it was only a few months ago but it feels like forever, might vape a g today before all is said and done. I’m edging the temp up but continuing to stir
  • Bad Dog
    This is pretty much what I call perfect avb, dark but not black, very instant coffee looking
  • Baron23
    Yep, good description "instant coffee looking"

    Some suggest packing 1/2 way, me...I'm not sure but I guess I'm somewhere like that. I use a NV Pax scoop and put in .15 - .2 and that works.

    Too much and it seems like performance drops off and it would indeed require a good bit of stirring, I should think.

    Glad its working well for you...I adore mine. If it broke today, I would have another one on order before the sun went down.
  • Bad Dog
    With two hefty scoops and tapping till it fall’s into place, I think a little more then half full. I like the taste best 1-1:30 and clouds at 1:30-2, at the hotter temp it’s a little faster then the Ditanium set the same on the dial. I don’t find it is as quick to produce vapour or as thick of vapour as my Weedeater set to 660. Definitely a premium device and I’d be happy to add it to my collection.
  • Karec
    I use my EVO at 12.00, half to 2/3 packed max, my AVB dont look like that (imo its nasty looking :lol: :rofl: :lol: ), its not so dark and evenly vaped, i dont stir never found the need for that since the AVB looks the same after finishing it, contrary to my TM that i found stirring mandatory...
    I dont own a HT, never did, the price for those are nuts imo (not if they were unbreakable but they aren't...), i only got the small one like the Hydra and the Lynx but i mainly use a water piece like @Bad Dog own, dry without water, but i dont use it upside down im just afraid of breaking the bamboo or the water piece, on top of that i share @Baron23 concerns about the electronics and heat... they dont go along... so i use a whip between them, actually i really like it since i can see the vapor produced.
    With this quarantine i m not usingg as much the EVO like before, with a young kid at home it way easier to pack the TM or the Mighty and go for a walk but the EVO is still my N1 go to.
    Pax scoop looks like it was design for the ELB use.
  • Cuckfumbustion
    There is quite a bit of temperature range between 12 and 2:45 to fiddle with.
    Enough to what level of compounds reach their own 'boiling point'. :sparkle:

    I usually stir once. But it is possible to strip all the surface goodness and then roast the mass even further. I use a proper pipe reamer to break the bits off the ELB, If I'm vaping near 2:45 and having it near the consistency of INSTANT coffee. As opposed to dark coffee grounds.

    Never intentionally at 3:00. That's the danger zone for both of my EVOs.
    All it takes is the weakest crumb to combust. And packing at 3/4 is danger zone as well can push your luck.

    One of my EVOs is more forgiving than the other. FWIW. And then there is that fine line can be met where it at the cusp of scorching.
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