• BobaTheFett
    time to bring out the firefly2 for an update!
  • Kakarot
    It is a amazing update... FF2 is at the top of the list now... I have had the damn thing about 9 months and could never get it to work right, it is now awesome. :)
  • BobaTheFett
    Haha I've been lucky and had good luck with my firefly2 I love it glad they finally put the app back to iOS and had some sort of an update
  • Dimitri
    First time i realy enjoy my FF2, very good upgrape...finaly..i buy it in april 2016 !!! I not sell it anymore : )
  • EasyToSlip
    This is an excellent update. Both the FF2 app and the firmware update are significant changes. Much more flexible temperature settings. FW update changed the way it heats up and calibrates everything.
    Previously the FF2 was very inconsistent for me. Every now and then I would have great sessions with the FF2 – great taste, great effects. But usually it was disappointing.
    It seems that this update addresses my issues directly and will probably improve the FF2 experience for everyone.

    I will have to put the Ghost down for a bit and test this out to be sure.

    FF2 owners on this forum should do this update, try it out, and report results here. I really feel like this could be a game changer.

    Thanks @BobaTheFett for the heads up.
  • jayhof
    I just updated my iPhone's ios and I found the new Firefly app today. It's funny I was looking for an update yesterday and I didn’t see it in the app store. I don't know if the new Firefly app is available if you don't have ios 11. I will have to try it a bit later today. The new app looks way better too.
  • Aj85
    My special edition jet black firefly has worked faultlessly since I brought it 3 weeks ago.

    The rumours of the jet black edition being newer and better, as they’re from a newer production run, seem to be true!

    The jet black firefly was only released a couple of months ago and my firmware version was 3.0 and has now updated to version 3.26. All original models seem to be around firmware version 1.9.

    The only problem I had was not being able to use the app on iOS and unreliable LED behaviour.

    All that is sorted now, it even heats to any temp in three seconds, instead of five now.

    Being able to change the heat setting on the unit itself is also great and works very well.

    As well as working flawlessly the completely black metal flake finish (the whole unit is jet black not just the lid) looks extremely sharp and sleek. Much better looking than the originals IMO

    Here’s what the new IOS app features look like

    And this how to change the temperature settings on device itself this was originally posted on the FC forum by member NYC_Frank.


    All the best,

  • Cl4ud3
    It's actually a very very good update and imo what should have been in place a year and a half ago. i wonder if it was Apple that caused them to pull their fingers out and get a decent app out >:O

    So this hasn't changed my opinion on the device and all its faults but the firmware and app control are now a very big plus, still no idea where my temperatures are but with the slider I do get a better ability to play with it.
  • Dreamlike
    So I guess the next question is what temperature settings are people using post-update?
  • Jack-vic
    It already was amazing!
    Now its bloody briliant!! :-)

  • Biz
    I, too, am enjoying this update.

    I was fine with the simplification of heat settings into a few categories as I come from a Solo and generally would not play with 10 degree increments. Sometimes too much choice can make unhappy.

    The ability to change temperature without the app, however, is just fantastic. Goodbye app now!

    I am glad that some people here finally appreciate their FF2. This and my omnivong are the dream team. I've actually lost all interest in the Ghost MV1 a long time ago and now need to catch up with the latest. The Ghost interested me for a few days but now I wouldn't even want one for some strange reason.
  • Joey
    And the thingy got to work...
    Tears of joy and exhaustion.
  • HocusPocus
    The preset temperatures are listed different than the ones you got from FC Forum. They are listed via the Firefly site as: 1 tap(320), 2 taps(340), 3 taps(360), 4 taps(380), 5 taps(400),
    6 taps(420), 7 taps(500). Thank you for your insight and input.
  • Aj85
    thank you for the correction. I thought 250f was a bit too low. Lol I didn’t actually realise at first because I use mine in Celsius mode. Lol

    All the best,

  • Seantagon
    do you find you have to stir the bowl or can you tap it a few times like Bud showed in review?
  • Kakarot
    Yeah you can tap it on your palm, but be sure to pack loose. If you pack it tight you will have to stir.
  • VapeCritic
    Nice, glad u guys are diggin the update!

    Now I gotta do it and chex it out
  • Seantagon
    Could be time for a chill re review perhaps? @VapeCritic
  • nitrobacon
    I am digging the FF2 update as well. The FF2 was my first dry herb vape, I soon after bought a sticky brick JR and then the Ghost mv1. I liked the firefly2 initially and it got me into vaping, the flavor was amazing. I felt like the good hits were few and far between and that led me to look into other vapes.

    I let a co worker borrow the FF2 after I received my ghost as I wasn't planning on using it and he was interested in checking it out. Just so happens that the day I gave it to him the app stopped working so he only used it on the medium high setting. He seemed to really enjoy it. About a week after he returned it the new update came out and I gave it a go.

    Wow big improvement on getting some big rips. I was pulling big rips from the get go and after a stir they kept coming. The ABV looked even and efficiently spent. I don't know if its just mine but I feel like I hear a noise similar to the mv1 when its on. Overall just seems to have a little more power. Its a great one to have for sneaking some day time tokes! Glad to have it back for sure.
  • Seantagon
    eBay always has the ff2 new for $250. I wonder if it's legit.
  • Robbie
    Hey guys long time no chat... I've been strictly on the dab rig game... but I saw this post and it got me to pull the ff2 off the shelf and test it again. I must say... it's way better. I've got it at 500f @100% and it rips dabs pretty nice. I get a pretty full satisfied rip off literally 1/3 or 1/4 of what I would typically melt on my quartz.
  • Joey
    Ok, the thing is back in rotation! Well I mean...enter the rotation, since it just left the drawer.
    Still can't believe it...
    Now we can really put the unit to a test: go outside, really try the "on demand" puffs, teh ease of use, the stealth, the body/mind fx...
    The IOS App make the FF2 work, that only is a vape miracle. Now the experience need to be increase for a few weeks to know what it really worth.
    Let's see.
  • EasyToSlip
    The update continues to work well.
    The FF2 is way more consistent. At least three or four big hits (potent and clouds) each bowl.
    Much better than before.

    The iOS app still needs some work as it does not deal with the iPhone X screen very well. Another update is needed to make it look better on the iPhone X.
  • Aj85
    it’s terrible on the iPad Pro aswell. It can’t be resized or the orientation changed, or used in multitasking modes. There’s also another bug that means the firefly can’t be registered through the app but it asks you to register it every time you connect.

    Works well on the iPhone SE though.

    All the best,

  • Seantagon
    Ive been thinking about getting a FF2 but only 3-4 draws per bowl? Seems lower than the 10 hits described by the manufacture lol.
  • EasyToSlip
    I noticed the register bug too.
    Eventually, I was able to Register from the phone by using the app in landscape mode.

    App is still rough around the edges...
  • Aj85
    it can’t be put into landscape mode on iPhoneSE or iPad Pro lol

    Yes, it definitely needs an update already!

    All the best,

  • EasyToSlip
    I am talking about three monster hits that no one would complain about.
    1st draw is warm up. Tasty but not big. Then 3 huge rips. then stir. Then two more huge rips. Then 3 or more OK draws. Then burnt popcorn taste.

    Your mileage may vary. The great hits are usually 20 second draws for me. Slow and steady. Other people may take shorter puffs and get 20 "draws" per bowl.

    Prior to this update I was not recommending the FF2 to other people. It was too finicky and too difficult for many people to use. Now I do recommend it. It will work for anyone.
  • Seantagon
    Cool thanks for the info, I have the MV1 now and its very inconsistent. If they release the app soon I will have to return it and get a firefly2
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