• Bud
    Hey guys this is the VAPMAN, some of you are familiar with it but most of you are probably not - it's a very unique butane torch-powered vape with an optional add-on (the Station) that let's you heat up your unit at home without the lighter.

    So it can actually be a combo portable and desktop vape, pretty cool stuff.

    Made in Switzerland (shipped from there too), small company, but extremely well-made products.

    They sent me all this stuff for free a while ago but they didn't pay me to review it and I don't have an affiliate link with them.

    You can buy one on https://vapman.com

    Stay up!

  • Cl4ud3
    Nice, what's next ? >:)
  • duff
    Love, love, love these less mainstream and non-chinese manufactured reviews.
    Keep it up @VapeCritic.
    Can't wait for Tubo and Milaana!
  • Temple ov truth
    Ditto please temple ov truth,rave on
  • Other Side
    I had the opportunity to work with these guys a while back. They mentioned they were looking to get one of these in your hands and I told them it was a great idea to do so.

    I have one myself and I love it. Such a unique design to be able to go from a torch to a desktop experience.

    Super efficient and crafted with care. The Vapman has been around over ten years but is still one of the most underrated vapes IMO.

    I own a couple. I like to load one with herb and the other with trates. Alternating dunks in the station. Mmmmmmmmmm
  • Erikson
    Love this thing. Interesting look and materials and it seems to function amazingly.
  • bener
    That’s very cool! Thanks for the review, Bud.

    Would you say that very complex flavor delivery is what the Vapman’s special talent?

    I agree with @duff and am also looking forward to your reviews of the Milaana and Tubo. I would like to get one of these crafted Vapes to enjoy.
  • Heroin Batman
    Great video thanks

    Glad you got the music back too
  • Rockytdogg
    Excellent review as usual, Bud...
  • Bud
    Thanks guys!!

    what's next ? >:)Cl4ud3

    Good question I'll get back to you shortly :-!

    Love, love, love these less mainstream and non-chinese manufactured reviewsduff

    My reviews aren't manufactured in china!!! LOL yea man, I usually have more to say with vapes like this one than some others.

    I like to load one with herb and the other with trates. Alternating dunks in the stationOther Side

    Oh shit i didn't even think of that!!!

    Would you say that very complex flavor delivery is what the Vapman’s special talent?bener

    Yes definitely, tasting all the subtle flavors of your bud and getting results from tiny amounts

    Glad you got the music backHeroin Batman

    Hehehe (Y)
  • Other Side
    Just watched the video. Nice job!

    The Vapman takes a little technique with the torch but not too difficult after you get the hand of it. The station is like auto pilot and it's my favorite way to use the Vapman.

    You are right when you say it's uncommon to find a conduction vape that is efficient but there are a few.

    I just love the wood choices and craftsmanship. And folks from the US need not worry about the shipping time from Switzerland. I got mine in less than a week if I recall correctly.

    Good to see you making time to review some of the niche, less known vapes. This one has been around over 10 years actually but as you said it's not wildly popular in the vaporizer world but that's not based on value or performance. Most people who have them love them. I think the marketing is a tough spend for companies like this so its super cool you are helping them gain some much needed exposure!

    Oh and I'll put my two cents in on the next review. I'm sure you have a lot of choices but I'd like to hear your full thoughts on the Ed's Woodscents, RBT Milaana (dedicated review) and Tubo. All one man shows but hand crafted beauties and worthy of the exposure you provide IMO. Ryan will also be getting a Splinter ready for you soon since Zion is wrapping up. If you like the Milaana you are going to love the Splinter since it's the Zion heater but offers regulated power from the mod box of your choice.

    If you want something for wax I think the SAI from Humboldt Vape Technology or the Divine Crossing (formerly Divine Tribe) are some pretty awesome products with great service.

    Keep supporting the small guys!
  • Biz
    Ah, I almost forgot I wanted one. I've seen these a long time ago.

    Will pick one up when I am over there in a few weeks time. Or maybe I will be impatient...
  • Baron23
    Nice review, Bud. Thanks
  • Biz
    Turns out I was impatient....

    Meanwhile I spent more on fancy jet lighters than these vapes cost.... ouch
  • JoelandStuff
    I'm in the market for an entry-level butane vape and I've narrowed my search down to either the basic Vapman or Dynavap's TI Woody.
    Ideally, I would want a unit that would effectively use .05 or .1 of a gram and retain maximum efficiency. I'd also prefer the device to be fast and easy to use while vaping through my herbs in the span of only four or five draws with as few heat up cycles as possible.
    I don't really care about water filtration since I find vapor fairly smooth and adding a glass pipe to the mix seems to be a messy redundancy. I'm also not looking to chase huge clouds, just flavor and potency.
    By the way, I do occasionally enjoy using concentrates. So that's another factor.
  • Other Side
    I have them both and like them both. You really can't go wrong with either.

    Both are pretty efficient but the Vapman gets the edge with small loads IMO. You really can't get much more than .05 really and the Vapcap can take a bit more. If you are looking for clouds you can get better than Vape Critic's video. You just have to leave it on the station a bit longer or keep on the torch. But you also risk combustion if you get stupid on the torch. It doesn't give you he click feedback that the Vapcap provides.

    If you want to use a pipe for cooling I'd recommend a 14mm Sherlock like this.....


    The Vapman will work with no adapter and the VapCap will work with a $1 Fat Mouthpiece.

    For home desktop experience the Vapman works with the Station and the VapCap works with the Ed's Woodscents.

    Like I said, you really can't go wrong with either. It really comes down to which form factor you prefer.
  • Jack Jackson
    The Vapman is awesome. Smoothest draw of any vape I've tried. Always an impressive hit. Great flavour.
  • Deleted User
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  • game 7
    Is there a friend out there who can tell me how the VapMan would stack up against the ENano & EVO
    I own the great Herbie but in general I don't like plugins . I am however rethinking and was hoping to add one more. Can anyone rate the EVO , VapMan & E Nano for me? the more , the merrier.
  • Other Side

    Stack up now?

    Flavor? Efficiency? Ease of use? Design? Something else?

    What are you looking for that the Herbie doesn't have and what do you have in the portable arena?
  • game 7
    I have the fabulous Milaana , Mighty , GH, IQ, FF2 & FW4. Currently into wood I guess and wanted a
    wooden tabletop that comes close to the Herbie.Any suggestions ?
  • Aj85
    you said you dont like plug in units and want a wooden home unit. If the idea of a butane torch powered vape doesn’t put you off, take a look at the Stickybrick Hydrobrick maxx as a wooden desktop vape.

    It has great full convection glass and wood flavour, and instant vapor production. The Maxx comes with a whip and connectors, the dry 18mm mouthpiece, built in 18mm male connector for water use, storage jar and cork for material, built in stir stick compartment, a torch, screens, two corks for the carb, led lighted tweezers, and a stainless tool. It comes loaded with everything you need to have a truly portable desktop unit, and it’s easy to hook up to a waterpipe. Built in storage and a hideaway cap also conceal everything nicely inside the Maxx when not in use.

    If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out Buds review video.

    All the best,

  • game 7
    Hey Aj, Thanks for the reply. A place for everything and everything in its place, love the concept. I'm
    not a real fan of butane, the sound & the 2 handed machinations of it all. I forgot about the EVO,I didn't
    realize it's $600. I'd rather buy an Enano and a Splinter for that much. The VapMan caught my eye for the least amt.of torch usage and its micro dose pan.The Enano & VM seem to have passionate owners
    so there must be something to each one & I have to figure that one out. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, much appreciated .
  • Philly
    you can get an evo for cheaper. Just get the station and some cheap China glass.
  • Aj85
    I do really love my cloud Evo I don’t know anyone that owns one and doesn’t like it. Definitely look around for the cloud Evo hopefully you can find it cheaper somewhere else.. Also Black Friday will be with us soon so you never know.

    All the best,

  • game 7
    Aj, you are apsotivly, posolutely correct I've never met an Evo spoken of in vain, but there lies the conundrum . VM & ENano do almost as good in the complaint dept. Any other votes out there?
  • Cl4ud3
    I can help narrow down a bit maybe.

    Desktop only but cheaper = ENano

    Portable with butane but more costly with the station = VapMan

    So ask yourself
    Do you want the ability to take a hit quickly or wait for log heatup ?
    Do you want any form of true portability?
  • Biz
    The Vapman is a great device. Well thought out design, terrific material choice, put together with lasting quality in mind, and very effective and efficient at its purpose.

    I very much enjoy the ceremony of loading, putting it together, jet flame heating, and drawing. I would choose the FF2 if I go down to the beach, but indoors it is the VM always.

    Slow down, embrace simplicity, play with fire.
  • game 7
    Cl4ud3 , excellent breakdown. I like the hit & run scenario better and the greater portability would also be a plus. But how do they both compare in overall entertainment ?
  • Cl4ud3
    Well I do enjoy my VapMan, Haven't tried the nano but I have another log.

    You could easily get both but not the VapMan station, that could still work out cheaper than one.

    Me I like having a mix, I don't use the log as often as I should because of the cable and heat-up. I always love using it but that act of having to switch it on if I fancy using it later sometimes puts me off.

    There is also something about the ritual of the VapMan loading and heating etc that is therapeutic in itself, and a butane for the collection is always a good idea.
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