• VapeCritic
    These guys reached out to me recently and I just placed an order for one of these bad boys, if it's cool I'll try out one of the desktop models too, this one's the Venus Apollo portable unit in natural oak: https://venusvaporizers.com/products/venus-apollo

    Does anybody on here have one of these?

  • Kuzko
    Sweet! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts, looks interesting for sure.
  • Baron23
    Nope, but I participated in a long thread on another board when he was developing it and shipping the initial units. People did a lot of mods to it but that was some time ago and perhaps he has incorporated them into his basic design.

    Can't remember the details but its powered by a halogen lamp...as is the Herbalizer, I believe. Looks very nice, yeah? The guy is from somewhere in Scandinavia, I believe.
  • GhostMV1User
    I just watched there video for the Venus, which looks like the top of the line desktop.

    That thing was frigging cool. If they have any kind of sale this holiday, I might grab me one of those.

    And, I just emailed them to find out if they will be having any holiday sales, will let you know the response.
  • MAbud
    Build quality and styling looks sweet. Look forward to your thoughts
  • Cl4ud3
    I know someone with one who loves it, says the vapour quality is up there with the good ones.
  • Other Side
    Yessir! There are things I like and some things I don't.

    First the good..

    Nice tasty vapor. Really nice. Great density and full bodied at the highest temp level. Halogen heat method is unique (think portable Herbie). Interesting mix of wood and tech (right up my alley). Its really nice and feels solid Works on 18650's (button top).

    Now the not so good.

    Glass sucks. Like really bad. Cheap and thin. I have gone through at least five glass tubes with careful handling. Replacements are expensive and shipping from Finland on top of that. Probably the worst thing about this vape. Beyond that it's kinda finicky to start up with the touch pattern and it takes a good 2 minutes plus to heat up. I have an OG version which means you can burn yourself pretty easy with the exposed chamber. This has been addressed in the 2nd version but no experience there. The vapor can also be pretty hot and harsh so I normally only use this through water. This also addressed in the second version with a cooling tube but again no experience there. As mentioned the company is in Finland so replacement parts and/or service for the vape requires expensive shipping and long wait.

    I know my bad list is a bit longer than the good but this is still one of my favorite vapes in a rather large collection. If they fixed the glass situation and I had a V2 improvements it might even be a daily driver......
  • GhostMV1User
    With vape do you have? The portable or one of the desktops?
  • Other Side
    I have the portable Apollo. Just like the one VC had pictured.
  • Temple ov truth
    Looks really beautiful.temple ov truth,rave on
  • Rockytdogg

    It does... and it certainly reminds me of something I used regularly from 1987?-2017....:
    OG Dugout
    Oh, it’s seen a half dozen homemade lids and the original brass sinked bat is still no doubt somewhere near an idyllic pool along a trout stream near the base of Mount Agamenticus in southern Maine (lost 18 years ago right before I got married)... I don’t think I have the heart (or lungs) to ever give it away... (it’s still even packed with weed like I just walked away... hopefully for good!)
  • Dazza78
    I was playing with an induction vape on weekend great with concentrates sucked with herb
  • Jack-vic
    Interesting vapes, hope to see a review of the desktop version aswell.

  • VapeCritic
    Fresh out the oven!

    Bigger than i thought but no problem with that lol

  • MAbud
    Looks good! Any initial thought?
  • Kakarot
    It looks kick-ass I am intrigued
  • VapeCritic
    Just vaped first session with this, it’s got a great look and feel, *unique*, cool bowl and vapor path design. Above average bowl size but you can pack different amounts. I got lots of vapor that was tasty and strong, the vapor just started to feel a bit warm halfway through, i’m gonna try it out on some different temps next. It’s actually touch-sensitive through the wood on the front, you swipe up and down to change temps, kinda cool.
  • MAbud
    Wow. That’s pretty wild. Look forward to some dial in thoughts
  • MAbud
    @VapeCritic how’s it going so far?
  • VapeCritic
    Goin good it's a very interesting vape, that halogen bulb heating element is really different.

    The potency of the vapor is excellent BUT unless there is a method I have not discovered yet it does seem that stirring is required after every hit or two to keep AVB even.

    Some more testing required! :-!
  • Other Side
    I typically boost a few times at the end of a session. This avoids having to stir and gets the ABV very dark (nearly conduction dark).
  • VapeCritic
    Cooooool you have one?? what temp you like? how much you load? how fine you grind? LOL :-!
  • Other Side
    Yep I have one. Typically only run it through water as it can be a bit harsh if not.

    I have tried all kinds of grinds and haven't noticed a huge difference. Normally medium grind is what I use. I fill the chamber pretty full as I'm not much of a microdoser.

    I normally start on level 5 and use the boost here and there during the session (especially at the end).

    This is not a daily driver for me but I do like it enough where I'm using it a couple times per month out of a pretty large collection of vapes.
  • VapeCritic
    For most of you who didn't catch me showing this on my live stream, I unsurprisingly broke my Apollo stem recently :-} and decided to just try taking the whole vape apart instead of replacing it lol. Ran into some snags though and I still don't have it fully apart, lots of glued parts! Oh yea broke my bulb too :-} Cool vape though which is why I wanted to see inside 8-)

  • Baron23
    Cool vape though which is why I wanted to see inside 8-)VapeCritic

    hahaha...not cool enough to keep it in one piece and keep using it! hahaha (jk)

    Remind me to not let you and a screw driver near any of my high tech equipment. LOL
  • VapeCritic
    LOL once i turn into curious george i'm dangerous!
  • Magicman
    Now Mister Vape Critic needs to put it back together and make it work. (Stuffing the chassis with herb and lighting it does not count.)
  • Vapeur Rogue

    Signs of life, for all three of villekille's models - some pre-orders.
  • VapeCritic


    Just ordered a replacement glass stem, now I can put mine back together :ok:

    Good lookin out :cool:
  • shl

    Do you already have the 50W version? If not, you want that. And the cooling unit. I think villekille did a quiet perfect job on getting the max out of halogen bulbs. 40seconds heat uptime and the first hit is massive. Using boost makes handling the moment before combustion quite good, but needs some training. It's quite powerful :)
  • gnk
    I think Bud has the V2 with 50W bulb!

    Mine is the first one, I still like it. I get bored with the cooler

    so I'm using a shameful hack with tubing as o-ring and wpa as a mouthpiece

    I also have the longer stem...

    V1 has no protection around the chamber, here's mine
    ugly, but handful to switch between the other chamber, as I'm using it like a claw. It also helps a bit to avoid air coming to the chamber. Most frustrating is it is difficult to stir while hot. Without stirring it leads to uneven ABV:

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