• elopro
    I am staying on 650 f what you think ???? for me is good maybe y ou know best temp for thisvape tell me best experience
  • Namekian
    Do you like it? I was about to order one. :)
  • Baron23
    So, we are indeed talking about the New Vape Flower Pot, Shower Head version, right?

    I use the shower cap on all draws and have been running my coil at 625 F and liking it. Was up at 640 but I seem to get the same performance, with less heat, at 625. I could probably decrease this a bit further.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the degree of heat transfer, and hence accuracy of controller set point as some kind of reflection actual heater head temp, will depend a bit on how tight your coil is on the FP.

    I'm a fan of my friend Mutten's approach which is to tighten the coils up. I do this on my Liger, D-nail Halo, and to a degree with the FP.

    So, there are enough vairances in there that when I say I'm at 625 and you are at 650, we may indeed have the same temp (unknown really) of air going through our herb.

    I do know some with sensitive lungs are running down in the 525-550 range but I'm not a sipper, I more like the Louisville Slugger over the head type draws.


    - it works great. IMO, the shower cap is a necessary accessory.
  • Namekian
    Man I'm glad you own a FP, perfect person to ask how does it compare to a Grasshopper hit through glass? Sorry I'm such a hopperhead its just the most extracted, dense hit I've ever taken and I'm hoping the FP can match or surpass it. :)
  • Baron23
    Yes, the FP will give you bong hit type vapor. I mean it, if you want thick, you can get real thick and not a sign of combustion. Matter of fact, since there is no conduction, the AVB looks is a bit lighter in brown tone (still completed extracted). More like Volcano or Mighty AVB, perhaps.

    You can dump probably .25 g in there but I find it runs VERY well with about .1 g. I get two huge clouds and then a clean up, but your YMMV given coil fitting, quality and type of herb, etc.

    I have loved my GH until recently it seems to have cooled off a bit. Probably stuff under the oven screen but I would void the warranty if I pulled it out, yeah? But for a year and a half, it was excellent.

    But yes, the FP can generate the most clouds I have experienced. EVO is a very close second and has some advantages (I don't need to set up what is basically an enail rig to use it) but FP is a killer.

    That is the only caveat I have on the FP. One must realize you aren't going to grab it off the shelf in the cabinet and just hit it like a Mighty or GH. You do have to set up a rig. Many folks leave their rigs set up, but I can't...well, don't want to. I put all of my vape stuff away after use, but that may not apply to you.

    Love New Vape products and the Flower Pot, Shower Head version, is a flower eating machine.

    As Bud, @VapeCritic, what he thinks about NV FP.

    Note, the only issue that they had was the Ti expanding in the joint of your glass and getting stuck. When it cools down, it comes free. I ALWAYS use a drop down or adapter with my FP to keep that expansion and heat off of my glass. NV has solved this with the new Pan Head and Shovel Head (Edwyn must be a Harley fan) two piece bases. I ordered the new bowl/bases and mine will arrive any day now. But Edwyn has posted some vids (on FC but perhaps they are on his site??

    Actually, you can get them here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCByFe89qfRkbxy9WuBKDHQw

    In a couple of them he demos the new revision and how it doesn't stick. Hasn't been a big issue for me, I just pick up the drop down with the bowl stuck in there to empty, but it will be nice to have it not stick.

    Hope this is helpful to you.
  • Namekian
    Man, thats just what I wanted to hear. I'm going to go through Bud's link a little later and grab one. Thanks for showing me the new bowl, like the panhead. :)
  • Baron23

    Yeah, I ordered the Pan Head...functionally the same as shovel, but I like the looks better.

    You MUST get the Ti Shower Cap carb cap...I just think it makes the experience. This one:

  • Namekian
    Yeah I just watched a review by Vapefiend and it looks like using the cap gives much denser hits, thanks again. :)
  • Zow237
    I loveeeeee my fp. Just got off work and about to turn it on. I have The Og and lime going 750-800 with no carb cap for tasty big hits and finish everything with the cap. I need to upgrade to the 20mm sh or wrap around. I will have a sh soooon
  • katdaddy
  • welshman
    I just got one of these as a happy birthday to myself present and it really is amazing, it gets clouds from so little material right the way to extracting the equivalent of a mighty bowl in like 5 draws :O and then if it was at all necessary drop a dab in with it and get fully out of it. Ive been hitting it around 550 but i guess this could all vary on enail controller as im uk so may have had a different one in the starter kit.
  • RustyNoodle
    I would like to reopen this topic I have been using the FlowerPot WeedEater. I am new to Vaping and I have never caught so much what am I doing wrong? So I started at about 625 ish up and down and now happy with 520. What are other people doing that are using that WeedEater Set-up?
  • spider
    I would also love yo here about the weedeaeter as well, I'll be buying mine next month, would love to here bout the temps, ect ✌, just wanted to say nevermind on this question, found answer
  • shortcutlacie
    I am not so sure about guiding you with the best temperature for Flower Pot Shower Head. Looking forward for seeing the suggestions of others.
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